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VIRGINIA. 1st cavalry: One company, Captain D. Deland. Joined the Corps September, 1862; transferred to West Virginia, October, 1862. 1st artillery: Companies B and D.

WISCONSIN. 37th infantry: Colonel Samuel Harriman. See above. Lieutenant Colonel Anson O. Doolittle, Apr. 2, 1864; resigned Sept. 7. 1864. Lieutenant Colonel William J. Kershaw, Sept. 27, 1864; resigned Oct. 18, 1864. Lieutenant Colonel John Green, Dec. 15, 1864. Joined the Corps, April, 1864.

38th infantry: Colonel James Bintliff, Mar. 8, 1864; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Apr. 2, 1865. Joined the Corps, April, 1864.

UNITED STATES. 4th infantry: First Lieutenant Robert P. McKibbin, Aug. 1, 1862. First Lieutenant George M. Randall, Nov. 6, 1862. the Corps, from April, 1864, to July, 1864.


10th infantry: With the Corps, from April, 1864, to July, 1864. 2d artillery, battery D: First Lieutenant Edward B. Williston, Sept. 27, 1861.

2d artillery, battery E: Captain Samuel N. Benjamin. See above. Lieutenant James S. Dudley, May 23, 1863. With the Corps throughout.

2d artillery, battery M: First Lieutenant Carle A. Woodruff, July 24, 1862.

2d artillery, battery B and L: First Lieutenant John McGilvery, May 6, 1864.

3d artillery, battery C: Captain Dunbar R. Ransom, Nov. 1, 1861.

3d artillery, battery G: First Lieutenant Edmund Pendleton, Oct. 26, 1861; dismissed Oct. 14, 1864.

3d artillery, battery L and M: Captain John Edwards, Jr. See above. 4th artillery battery: Captain Joseph C. Clark, Jr., May 14, 1861.

4th artillery, battery E: First Lieutenant George Dickenson, Nov. 29, 1861; killed at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1864. Battery C added; Captain Marcus P. Miller, May 11, 1864.

5th artillery, battery A: First Lieutenant Charles P. Muhlenburg, May 14,


5th artillery, battery L: First Lieutenant Wallace F. Randolph, Mar. 1,


The Artillery Brigade was under the command of Captain JAMES M. ROBERTSON, May 14, 1861; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Mar. 13, 1865. UNITED STATES COLORED TROOPS. 19th infantry: Colonel Henry G. Thomas. See above.

23d infantry: Colonel Cleveland J. Campbell; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Mar. 13, 1865.

27th infantry: Colonel A. M. Blackman; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Oct. 27, 1864.

28th infantry: Colonel Charles S. Russeli; died at Cincinnati, Nov. 2, 1866. See above.

29th infantry: Lieutenant Colonel Bross; killed in the Crater, July 30, 1864.

30th infantry: Colonel Delavan Bates. See above. Lieutenant Colonel H. A. Oakman; brevet Colonel, Mar. 13, 1865.

31st infantry: Colonel Henry C. Ward; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Nov. 9, 1865.

39th infantry: Colonel C. J. Wright; brevet Brigadier General Vols, 43d infantry: Colonel L. B. Yeoman; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Mar. 13, 1865.

Troops in North Carolina, under the command of General Burnside, not enumerated above:

MASSACHUSETTS. 17th infantry: Colonel Thomas J. C. Amory, Sept. 2, 1861; brevet Brigadier General Vols.; died Oct. 7, 1864.

23d infantry: Colonel John Kurtz, Oct. 23, 1861.


24th infantry: Colonel Thomas G. Stevenson. Colonel Francis A. Osborn, Aug. 31, 1861; brevet Brigadier General Vols., Mar. 13, 1865.

25th infantry: Colonel Edwin Upton, Sept. 9, 1861.

27th infantry: Colonel Horace C. Lee, Sept. 3, 1861.

RHODE ISLAND. Battery F. 1st light artillery: Captain James Belger, Oct. 17, 1861.

See above.

5th battalion infantry: Major John Wright, Dec. 16, 1861.

CONNECTICUT. 10th infantry: Colonel Charles L. Russell, Oct. 24, 1861; killed at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8, 1862. Colonel Albert W. Drake, Feb. 8, 1862; died June 5, 1862. Colonel Ira W. Pettibone, June 5, 1862.

NEW YORK. 3d battery of light artillery: Captain Thaddeus P. Mott, Nov. 2, 1861.

3d cavalry: Colonel James H. Van Alen, Aug. 28, 1861. Colonel Simon H. Mix, April 8, 1862.

Marine Artillery: Colonel William A. Howard, Sept. 1, 1861.

Rocket battalion of volunteer artillery: Major Thomas M. Lyon, Dec. 7,


NEW JERSEY. 9th infantry: Colonel Joseph W. Allen; drowned Jan. 15, 1862. Lieutenant Colonel James Wilson.

UNITED STATES. 1st artillery, Company C. Captain L. (). Morris, Apr. 21, 1861.


LLOYD ASPINWALL: Colonel by special order, Dec. 11, 1862.

WILLIAM GODDARD; Major 1st Rhode Island, June 27, 1861; Major by special order, Dec. 11, 1862.

ULRIC DAHLGREN: Captain, A. D. C., May 29, 1862.

BROCK CUTTING: Captain by special order, Dec. 11, 1862.

NOTE.-The division and brigade staffs changed so often as to make it impossible to give them with accuracy.


Adams Col., in fight near Marysville, 339.
Adams Fort, Burnside at, 7.




Aides de camp, 517.
Albermarle Sound controlled by our
fleet, 47, 63.

Alexandria occupied by Willcox, 172;
McClellan at, 106; Ninth Corps at, 369;
Ninth Corps return to, 487.

Allen Col. J. W., of the 9th New Jersey,
notice of, 25.

Amory Col. T. J. C., of the 17th Massa-
chusetts, 84.

Anderson W. P., Ass't Adj't Gen., 514.
Andrews, Lieut., reconnoitres Ashby's
harbor, 39.


Annapolis, Md., arrival of First Rhode
Island at, 14; North Carolina expedition
rendezvous at, 21, departs from, 23; Ninth
Corps rendezvous at, 367, departs from, 368.
Annapolis Junction, First Rhode Island

marches to, 14.

Archer's brigade broken by Meade at
Fredericksburg, 220.

Armies of the United States, Scott Gene-
ral in Chief of, 20; McClellan in command
of, 29; Halleck in command of, 101; Grant
in command of, 364.
Army of Northern Virginia under Lee, 91;
at Frederick, 119; at Antietam, 134; cros-
ses the Potomac, 157; at Fredericksburg,
201; at Chancellorsville, 291; fights Grant
in the Wilderness, 372; at Spottsylvania,
377; at the North Anna, 391: upon the
Chickahominy, 397; defending Petersburg,
418; surrenders to Grant, 486.
Army of the James in front of Richmond,

Army of the Potomac, McClellan in com-
mand of, 20; operations of on the Penin-
sula, 91; ARMY THE OF THE POTOMAC, 99;
evacuates the Peninsula, 106; at Frederick,
120; at Antietam, 133; crosses the Poto-
mac, 168; Burnside in command of, 170;
moves to Falmouth, 187; fights the battle
of Fredericksburg, 210; morale of, 244;
Hooker in command of, 248; Meade in
command of, 282; fights the battle of Get-
tysburg, 282; Ninth Corps to co-operate
with. 370; moves from the Rapidan, 371;
9th Corps incorporated with, 394; crosses
the James, 408; invests Petersburg, 418;
moves to Hatcher's run, 473; is saved by

[blocks in formation]

Ashby's, harbor troops landed at, 40.
Assistant Adjutants General, 514.
Assistant Inspectors General, 515.
Audenried Capt. Aide to Sherman, 352.
Averill, Gen suggests a plan for a raid,

236; starts on the raid, 237; is recalled, 239.
Avery, Capt. W. B., in command of gun-
boat 22 n; at Tranter's Creek, 90.
Avery, Col., rebel captured at Newbern, 68.
Ayers, R. B., at West Point, 6; a member
of Court of Inquiry, 452
Babbitt, J. Maj., killed at Fredericks-
burg, 224.

Babcock, O. E., Lieut. Col., Engineer at
Knoxville, 347, 514.

Bailey, S. Henry, Capt., killed at S pottsyl-
vania, 386.

Baker, Chas. E. Capt., in command of
gunboat 22 n.

Ball, Chaplain, remark of Stuart to, 503; at
the battle of Camden, 504.
Ball, Flamen, District Attorney in Vallan-
digham case, 271.

Banks, N. P. Gen., is pursued by Jackson,
89; guards trains of the Army of Virginia,


Barber, Col., rebel captured at Spottsyl-
vania, 385.
Barksdale, Gen, commands rebel brig-
ade at Fredericksburg, 212.
Barlow, Gen., magnificent charge of, 397,
attacks at Petersburg, 408.
Barnes, G. C, Lieut. Col., mortally
wounded near Petersburg, 413.
Barnes, Jos. H., commands brigade, 524.
Bartlett, Capt., of the 35th Massachusetts,
killed, 493
Bartlett, W. F. Gen., disabled by wound,
438; taken prisoner in the crater of the
mine, 449; commands brigade, 524.
Bascom, G. M. Capt., Ass't Adj't Gen., 162,

Batchelder, R. N. B., Quartermaster, 519.


Bates, Delavan, Col., wounded in the cra-
ter, 444; commands brigade, 470, 524.
Battle of Bull Run, first, 15; of Roanoke
Island, 40; of Newbern, 57; of Camden,
81; of Bull Run second, 111; of Chantilly,
114; of South Mountain, 124; of Antietam,
137; of Fredericksburg, 215, of Buffington
Island and Chester, 296; of Blue Springs,
225; of Lenoir's, 332; of Campbell Sta-
tion, 335; of Fort Sanders, 347; of the
Wilderness, 372; of Spottsylvania Court
House, 378; of the North Anna, 392; of
Cold Harbor, 397; in front of Petersburg,
409; of the mine, 433; of the Weldon rail-
road, 465; of Poplar Spring Church,
467; of Hatcher's Run, 470; of Fort Sted-
man, 476; of Petersburg, 483.
Bayard, Gen., commands Brigade in
Virginia, 169; at Fredericksburg, 214.
Beach, Francis, commands brigade, 522.
Bean, Capt. of the 59th Mass., killed, 493.
Beaufort, N. C., occupied, 71.
Bedlow, H. Capt., accompanies Mauran

to Newbern, 91.

Bee, Barnard E., at West Point, 6.
Behm, C. F. W. Lieut., in command of
gunboat, 23 n.

Behr, Maj., attacks enemy at Jonesville,

Bell, Lieut. Col.. in command of brigade
at Camden, 81, 82; killed at the battle of
Antietam, 145.
Benjamin, S. N. Lieut., commands bat-
tery at South Mountain, 124; at Antietam,
135; at Knoxville, 343; commands artillery
at Fort Sanders, 348; distinguishes him-
self at Fort Sanders, 350; chief of artillery
Ninth Corps, 385, 517; wounded, 387, 495.
Bennet, Capt. at the battle of Newbern, 56.
Benton, Chaplain, mortally wounded at
Newbern, 65, 504.

Bermuda Hundred, Smith's Corps
brought from, 396; Smith returned to, 405;
Ferrero in command at, 471.
Berry, Matthew, Aide de Camp, 518.
Bethesda Church, Ninth Corps at, 395.
Beuyaurd, Lieut., testimony of before
Court of Inquiry, 456.

Biggs, Herman, quartermaster in North
Carolina expedition, 21; promoted to
Lieut. Col., 104; Q. M., 519.
Billingsly, killed at Knoxville, 493.
Birney, Gen., in command of division at
Fredericksburg, 210, 218, 219.
Bishop, M. R. Miss, married to Burn-
side, 9.

Blackman, Col. brevetted, 474.
Bliss, Z. R. Col., at the battle of Freder
icksburg, 224; at the battle of the mine,
439; censured by court of inquiry, 453; testi-
mony concerning 459; com'ds brigade, 523.
Blood, Capt. of the 20th Mich. killed, 493.
Bolton, Col., captures a part of enemy's
line, 483.
Boomer, E., master's mate, commands
gunboat, 23 n.

Bowen, Nicolas Ass't Adj. Gen., 514.
Bowman, Col. commands brigade in Ninth
Corps, 282, 522; at Jackson, Miss., 283.
Boyle, J. T. Gen., in command in Ken-

tucky, 264.
Brackett, Capt., receives peace commis-
sioners, 473; is wounded, 495; A. D. C., 518.

Bradley, Capt of the 2d Michigan, mor-
tally wounded, 492.

Bragg, battery of in New Mexico, 7; re-
inforced by Longstreet, 314; attacks Rose-
crans, 315; sends Longstreet against Burn-
side, 328, is defeated by Grant, 347.
Branch, L. O. B., Gen., commands rebel
forces at Newbern, 55, 64.
Brenholts, Lieut. Col., wounded before
Jackson, 286.
Brigade Commanders, 522.
Bristow Station, engagement near,

Brockenborough, Capt., commands
rebel battery at Antietam, 136; at Freder-
icksburg, 219.

Brooks, Gen., in command of division at
Fredericksburg, 210, 219, 220.

Bross, Lieut. Col. killed at the battle of
the mine, 443.

Brown, Pamelia Miss, marries Edgehill
Burnside, 4.

Brown, Maj. member of military com-
mission, 269.

Browne, Geo. H. Col., commands 12th
R. I., 279.

Buckley, Capt. at the Battle of Freder
icksburg, 224; in front of Knoxville, 343,
Buckner, Gen. evacuates East Tennessee,

Buffum, Capt. of the 35th Mass, killed, 493.
Buffum, M. P. Lieut. Col., taken prison-
er in the crater, 449.

Bull Run, first battle of, 15; second bat-
tle of 111.

Burnett, H. L., Judge Advocate, 520.
Burns, W. W. Gen., commands division
in the Ninth Corps, 163, 171, 521; crosses the
Potomac, 168; at the battle of Fredericks-
burg, 223, 224.

BURNSIDE, A. E., his birth and education,
5; graduates at West Point, 6; in New
Mexico, 7; rides across the plains, 8; in-
vents carbine, 8; his marriage, 9; resigns,
9; removes to Chicago, 10; visits New
Orleans, 11; in command of the First
Rhode Island, 13; at Washington, 14; at
the battle of Bull Run, 15; appointed
Brigadier General, 21; organizes expedi-
tion to North Carolina, 21; in the storm
at Hatteras, 27; his instructions, 30; at-
tacks Roanoke Island, 39; receives the
thanks of the General Assembly of Rhode
Island, 50; paroles his prisoners, 52;
moves against Newbern, 55; and fights
the battle of Newbern, 57; moves against
Beaufort, 70; promoted to Major Gen-
eral, 75; administers affairs in North
Carolina, 76; receives sword from Rhode
Island, 91; reinforces McClellan, 94; of-
fered the command of the Army of the
Potomac, 102; in command of 9th Corps,
104; waives his rank in favor of Pope, 104;
at Fredericksburg, 105; evacuates Freder-
icksburg, 117; the command of the Army
of the Potomac again offered to, 118; fights
the battle of South Mountain, 124; in com-
mand of the left wing at Antietam, 134; at-
tacks the enemy at bridge, 141; carries the
bridge, 145; advances on Sharpsburg, 148;
crosses the Potomac, 168; in command of
the Army of the Potomac, 170; his feelings
upon assuming the command, 174; pre-

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