Slike strani

pares his plan of operation, 178; conflict
of statement between Halleck and, 184;
moves his army, 187; arranges for pon-
tons, 190; writes to Cullum, 197; dêter-
mines to fight Lee at Fredericksburg, 200;
crosses the Rappahannock, 213; prepares
his order of battle, 215; fights the battle of
Fredericksburg, 216; determines to renew
the battle, 227; finally decides to recross
the Rappahannock, 228; preliminary re-
port of the battle, 234; decides to make a
new movement, 237; is stopped by the
President, 238; writes to the President
and Halleck, 239, 240; makes a movement
to Banks' Ford, 243; is relieved of com-
mand and returns home, 244; causes of
failure of, 245; tenders his resignation,
which is not accepted, 246; takes leave of
the Army of the Potomac, 248; is assigned
to command the department of the Ohio,
261; issues order No. 38, 265; arrests Val-
landigham, 268; submits a statement of
the case to Judge Leavitt, 270; sends away
his prisoner, 273; opinions of, respecting
liberty of speech and the press, 275; pre-
pares a plan for movement on East Ten-
nessee, 278; despatches Ninth Corps to
Jackson, 279; is the guiding mind of the
pursuit of Morgan, 300; advances upon
East Tennessee, 302; reception of, by the
people of East Tennessee, 308, 309; enters
Kingston and Knoxville, 309; receives the
surrender of Cumberland Gap, 310; re-
ceives intelligence of Rosecrans' success,
311; offers his resignation, 312; is ordered
to occupy the Holston Valley, 313: is or-
dered to reenforce Rosecrans, 314; at Car-
ter's Station, 316; prepares a plan to march
to the coast, 319; his differences with Hal-
leck, 321; the wisdom of his plans, 324; con-
fers with Dana and Wilson, 331; fights
Longstreet at Lenoir's, 333; again at Camp-
bell's Station, 335; is besieged at Knoxville,
342; defends himself with great tenacity,
346; beats off Longstreet, and is relieved by
Sherman, 352; is relieved of the command
of the department by Foster, 355; returns to
Providence, 357; is thanked by Congress,
357; is ordered to recruit the Ninth Corps,
365; leaves home for his last campaign, 367;
reviews the Corps at Washington, 368;
proceeds to Warrenton Junction, 369;
reenforces Grant in the Wilderness, 372;
fights at Spottsylvania, 383; moves to the
North Anna, 390; waives his rank in favor
of Meade, 394; in the battle of Cold Har-
bor, 397; crosses the James, 408; attacks
on the 17th and 18th of June, 409; approves
plan for a mine in front of Petersburg, 422;
his language misconstrued by Meade, 425;
submits a plan of attack, 426; opinion of,
respecting colored troops, 428; plan of
attack disapproved, 429; discusses the
matter with Meade, 430; issues his battle
order, 434; urges upon his commanders
the necessity of a prompt advance, 440;
orders in the colored troops, 442; is indig-
nant with Meade, 444; desires aid from
Meade and is refused, 445; is ordered to
withdraw his troops, 447; Meade prefers
charges against, 451; court of inquiry in-
vestigates the action of, 452; protests
against the constitution of the court, 452;


is censured by the court, 453; testimony
of before the court, 455; examination of
the points of the court against, 455; com-
mittee on the conduct of the war exoner-
ates, 461; granted leave of absence, 463;
the resignation of accepted, 463; elected
Governor of Rhode Island, 464; affection
and esteem of the Ninth Corps for, 464; 513,
Burnside, Edgehill, father of A. E., 4.
marries Pamelia Brown, 4.
Burrage, Maj., writes account of siege, 342.
Butler's B. F. Gen., success at the South,
106; failure before Petersburg, 405.
Butterfield, Gen., in command of Fifth
Corps, 210, 215; relieves Couch's Corps, 226.
Byington, killed before Knoxville, 492.
Byrd, Col., in command of cavalry in East
Tennessee, 312.

Cairo, the Ninth Corps at, 280, return to,

Camden, battle of, 81.
Cameron, Col. kill at Bull Run, 17.
Cameron, Col. at siege of Knoxville, 473.


Campbell, J. A., peace commissioner, 473.
Campbell's Station, battle of, 335; Long-
street defeated at, 337.
Carey, E. M., Maj. of 12th Ohio, com-
mended by Cox, 161.
Carey, S., Aide de camp, 518.
Casey, James S., commissary of musters,

Carolina City, occupied by Parke, 71.
Carpenter, Capt. commands rebel bat-
tery at Antietam, 136.
Carpenter, Capt., killed, 493.
Carruth, Lieut. Col., in command of 35th
Mass., 145, commands brigade, 523.
Carter, S. P. Gen., raids into East Ten-
nessee, 292.
Caskie, Capt., commands rebel battery at
Antietam, 136.
Cedar Creek, Gen. Sheridan's brilliant
exploit at, 479.

Cedar Mountain, Gen. Reno joined
McDowell at, 107.
Cemetery Hill, enemy fortifies, 412,
attack upon, ordered by Meade, 427; attack
upon, ordered by Burnside, 435.
Centreville, Army of Potomac under
McDowell at, 15; Army of Potomac under
Pope at, 110, 111.

S., assistant quartermas-
ter, 519.
Chandler, C. L., Lieut., fell at the North
Anna, 392.
Chantilly, battle of, 114.
Chapin, Col., commands brigade in East
Tennessee, 333.

Chaplains, character and services of, 502.
Chaplin, J. C., Lieut. in command of
gunboat, 22n.; at Elizabeth City, 49.
Chattanooga, Rosecrans in possession
of, 311; scarcity of supplies at, 323; Grant
at, 328.

Chickamauga, Rosecrans, defeated at,


Chief of Cavalry, 516.
Chiefs of artillery, 517, 525.
Chipman, Major of 59th Mass., killed, 493.
Christ, B. C. Col., commands brigade in 9th

[blocks in formation]

Colhoun, E. R., Lieut. in command of
gunboat, 28 n.
Collingwood, Lieut. 29th Mass., killed,


Colored Troops, Burnside's opinion of,
366; joined the 9th Corps, 367; duty of
guarding trains committed to, 375; in 18th
corps, 406; rejoined the Corps, 419; ex-
pected to assault Petersburg, 427; Meade's
opinion of, 429; Grant's opinion of, 430,
431: at the assault in the crater, 442, 444;
reorganized, 467; at Pegram farm, 468; at
Hatcher's run, 470; at Bermuda Hun-
dred, 471.

Commissaries of musters, 520.
Commissaries of subsistence, 519.
Committee on Conduct of War, testi-
mony before, 185, 432; investigates mine
affair, 460; opinion of, relating to mine,

Comstock, Lieut., engineer in Army of
Potomac, 191; makes mistake in posting
troops, 379.
Confederacy Southern, not recognized,
159; bisected, 304; proved a shell, 323; in
the gripe of Grant, 419; Sherman demon-
strates weakness of, 475.
Congress frigate, burned, 53.
Congress, passes law organizing corps,

104; thanks Burnside and his troops, 357.
Conine, J. W. Lieut., Aide to Cox, 162, 518.
Connecticut 8th infantry, in N. C. ex-
pedition, 22; in battle of Roanoke Island,
42; in battle of Newbern, 61; volunteers
to cross Rappahanock, 212; in Roster, 527.

Connecticut 10th infantry, in N. C. ex-
pedition, 21; at battle of Roanoke Island,
42; officers of, killed, 46; in Roster, 533.
Connecticut 11th infantry, in N. C. ex-
pedition, 22; at Hatteras Inlet, 36; at New-
bern, 56, 58, 60, 61: at Antietam, 142; in
Roster, 527.
Connecticut 15th, in Roster, 527.
Connecticut 16th, in Roster, 527.
Connecticut 21st, in Roster, 527.
nessee, 811.
Conway, T. W., Chaplain of 9th New
York, 83.

Cook, Capt. commands battery in Ninth
Corps, 124, 171, 526.

Cooke's Life of Jackson, referred to, 230.
Corps Commanders, 513.
Couch, D. N., at West Point, 6.
Couch, Gen, commands division in Army
of Potomac, 119, 121; commands corps in
Army of Potomac at the battle of Freder-
icksburg, 223, 226.
Couillard, Joshua Capt., commands gnn-
boat, 22 n.

Court of Inquiry ordered to investigate
the mine affair, 451; testimony before, 454;
finding and opinion of, 453; decision of,
unsupported by testimony, 454.

Cox, J. D. GEN., commands division in 9th
Corps, 122, 520; at the battle of South
Mountain, 124; commands corps, 132, 513;
sketch of, 160; retires from command, and
moves division west, 160; promoted, 162;
on duty in Ohio, 488; resigns his commis-
sion, 489; is elected Governor of Ohio, 489.
Crawford Gen, in command of a divis-
ion near Petersburg, 411, 412.
Crenshaw Capt., commands rebel battery
at Fredericksburg, 219.
Crittenden, Thos. L., despatch from, 311;
in command of first division, Ninth Corps,
382, 521; his division at the North Anna,
392; his division at Cold Harbor, 397; re-
tires from the command, 401
Crittenden W. L., at West Point, 6.
Croatan Sound, obstructed by enemy,
35; Union fleet in, 36; barricade removed
from, 47.
Crocker, Frederic, Capt., in command of
gunboat, 22 n.

Crook, Gen., commands brigade at An-
tietam, 135, 522; attacks bridge, 143; crosses
the creek, 146; commands division, 520.
Croome, Lieut., killed at South Mountain,
124; commended by Cox, 161.
Cullum, G. W. Gen., Burnside writes to,
178, 197.
Cumberland frigate, sunk in Hampton
Roads, 58.
Cumberland Gap, occupied tempora-
rily, 31; enemy's garrison at left without
orders, 306; attacked and summoned, 309;
surrendered to Burnside, 310.
Cummings Col., in command of rebel
brigade at Antietam, 143.
Curtin, Col. commands 45th Pennsylvania,
283, 529; in command of brigade 390, 523; at
the battle of Cold Harbor, 397; gallant ex-
ploit of, in front of Petersburg, 409, 410;
promoted to brevet Brigadier General,
474; supports Griffin's attack on Peters-
burg, 483; commands division, 522,

[blocks in formation]

DeCourcy, Col., meets raiders and defeats
them, 291; invests Cumberland Gap, 305.
De Montiel, Lieut. Col, bravery, death,
and sketch of, 46.

De Wolf, Jas. F. Capt., assistant commis-
sary, 21, 519.

Dearborn O. M., ordnance officer, 516.
259; its great importance, 360.
Burnside assumes command of, 32; boun-
daries of limited by conquest, 76; Burn-
side relinquishes, 94; Foster in command
of, 95; good feeling in, 97.
Department of the Cumberland, the,
Rosecrans in command of, 311; Rosecrans
relieved from command, 328; Thomas ap-
pointed to command, 328.
Burnside in command of, 261; Wright re-
lieved from, 261; constitution of, 261; civil
affairs of assuming prominence, 265; trea-
son not to be permitted in, 271.
Dewey, Capt. of the 20th Michigan, killed,
Dickenson, Capt. in command of battery
in Ninth Corps, 171, 532; killed at Freder
icksburg, 223.

Dismal Swamp Canal, to be occupied, 34.
Division commanders, 520
Doherty, Maj. of the 57th Massachusetts,

killed, 493.
Doubleday Gen., in command of divis-
ion at South Mountain, 126; in command
of division at Fredericksburg, 218; holds
Stuart in check at Fredericksburg, 220.
Douty, Jacob, Lt., heroic conduct of, 436.
Downey, Master's mate in command of
gunboat, 22 n.

[blocks in formation]

Fairchild, H. S., Col., commands 89th
New York at Camden, 80; commands a
brigade at South Mountain, 125, 522.
Fairfax Court House. movement up-
on, 15; retreat of Pope to, 113.
Falmouth, army at, 200; description of,


Farquhar, Capt., testimony of, before
Court of Inquiry, 455.
Fearing, George R., Lieut., aide de camp,
21, 517; daring reconnaisance of, 65.
Fearns, Charles W.. Adjutant, killed in
front of Knoxville, 340.

Fenton, W M., Col., commands brigade,
Ferrero, Edward, Col., commands the 51st
New York, 42; commands brigade, 84, 522;
gallantry of his brigade at Groveton, 118;
gallantry of his brigade at South Mountain,
125; promoted to Brigadier General, 144n;
gallant attack of his brigade at Freder
Icksburg, 223; commands the trenches be-
fore Jackson, 286; occupies Jackson, 286;
fails of confirmation. 318; afterwards ob-
tains confirmation, 318; commands divis-

ion in the Ninth Corps, 332, 521; at Lenoirs
and Campbell's station, 333,335; his opinion
of the battle of Campbell's station,337; com-
mands at fort Sanders, 343, 350; commands
colored division of the Ninth Corps, 367;
commands the trains of the army, 375; ar-
rives at Petersburg, 420; is not allowed by
Meade to lead the attack on the mine, 429;
is ordered to move his division after Gen.
Willcox's, 435; sends his command into
the fight, 442; is censured by court of in-
quiry, 453; denies the declaration of the
court, 458; produces affidavits in contra-
diction of the court, 458; at the Pegram
farm, 469; at Hatcher's run, 470; is de-
tached from the Ninth Corps, 471; in com-
mand at Bermuda Hundred, 471; is brevet-
ted Major General, 471.
Fifth Corps in Maryland, 119; in Virginia,
160; at Fredericksburg, 210; Butterfield
commands, 210; Warren commands, 376.
See Warren.
THE, 1.

First Corps in Maryland, 119; in Virginia,
160; at Fredericksburg, 220. See Reynolds,
J. J.

FIRST RHODE ISLAND, Burnside in com-
mand of, 13; at Washington, 14; at the
battle of Bull Run, 15; returns home, 19; is
thanked by the General Assemby, 19; pri-
vate soldiers of, become officers, 505.
Fisher, fort, captured, 475.
Fitch, A. H., Maj, member of military
commission, 269.

Fitch, E. B., Capt., Quartermaster on Cox's
Staff, 162, 519.

Fitch, Lieut. Commander, in command of
fleet on the Ohio, 296; prevents Morgan's
escape, 297; admirable conduct of, 300.
Flagler, D. W., ordnance officer, 21, 516;
assists Parke at Fort Macon, 72; com-
mands battery at Fort Macon, 73.
Flusser, Charles W., Lieut., in command

of gunboat, 22n; a promising officer, 54;
commands expedition to Norfolk Canal, 84.
Floyd, J. B., Burnside embarassed by, 9.
Foote, Flag Officer, success of, at Fort
Henry, 49.

Forrest, Gen., rebel, attacks our troops
at Marysville, 339.

Foster, Col., enters Knoxville, 309; moves
against Sam. Jones, 313; at Carter's, 316;
at Blue Springs, 325.
Foster, John G., Gen., at West Point, 6;
in command of brigade at Annapolis, 21;
lands troops at Roanoke, 39; opens the
battle of Roanoke Island, 40; receives the
surrender of Roanoke, 45; opens the battle
of Newbern, 57; advances upon Fort
Thompson, 61; commands expedition to
Washington, 78; commands expedition to
Columbia, 79; in command of department
of North Carolina, 94; sketch of, 94; in
command of department of the Ohio, 355;
general order of, 356.
Foster, John L., Capt., captain of gun-
boat, 22n.

Fourth Corps in Maryland, 119.
Franklin, Charles L., Lieut., intrepidity
of, 38.

Franklin, W. B., Gen., in command of
Corps in Virginia, 107; joins Pope, 113;

at Crampton's Gap, 121; at Antietam, 139;
in command of left grand division, 187,
210; opinion of, respecting pontons, 196:
lays bridges across the Rappahannock,
222; crosses the Rappahannock, 214; is or-
dered to attack, 215; is sluggish in temper-
ament, 217; treats his orders contemptu-
ously, 221; loses his opportunity, 231;
settles into obscurity, 231.
Frazer, Capt. of 21st Mass., captured, but
captures his guard in turn, 65; killed, 493.
Frazer, Gen., rebel commander at Cumber-
land Gap, 309; surrenders Cumberland Gap
to Burnside, 310.
Frederick, Md., occupied by Lee, 119; by
Burnside, 120.
Fredericksburg, description of, 203.
Fremont, J. C., Gen., in command in
Virginia, 102.

French, Chas. A., Master, commands gun-
boat, 23n

French, W. H, Capt, a staff officer, 262n.,
520; a private in 1st R. I., 505.
French, W H., Gen., commands a division
at Antietam, 139; at Fredericksburg, 226.
Fricker, J., Lieut., in command of Signal
Corps, 49.

Gadsden, Charles A., Lieut., killed at the
battle of Camden, 83.
Galpin, killed at Knoxville, 493.
Garrard, Col., is attacked at Rogersville,
330; under Willcox, 354.
Georgia Regiments at Antietam, 143;
in the attack on Fort Sanders, 351.
Getty, Gen., commands division in the
Ninth Corps, 163, 171, 211, 521; sends 89th
New York across the Rappahannock, 213;
at the battle of Fredericksburg, 224; Getty's
division separated from the Ninth Corps,
253; men of, inscribe their tents with the
initials, 9th A. C.' 253n
Gibbon. Gen., makes a brilliant advance
at South Mountain, 127; commands divis-
ion in the army of the Potomac, 210; at the
battle of Fredericksburg, 220.
Gibson. Capt., commands battery at Anti-
etam. 140.
Giddings, John E., in command of gun-
boat, 23n.
Gilbert, Col., commands brigade in 23d
corps, 313.
Gillmore, Q. A., Gen., captures Fort
Pulaski, 74; commands in Kentucky, 262;
is relieved, 264; fails in attacking Peters-
burg, 405.
Gilmour, Major, mortally wounded on
the Tolopotomoy, 492.
Gittings, Capt., commands battery in
siege of Knoxville, 343.
Goddard, R. H. I., distinguishes himself
and is brevetted, 495; a private in the 1st
R. 1., 505; assistant Inspector General, 515.
Goddard, Wm. Maj., A. D. C, 533.
Goldsborough, L. M., Flag Officer,
commands the naval forces in the North
Carolina expedition, 22; sails trom Hatte-
ras Inlet, 36; attacks rebel batteries at Ro-
anoke Island, 37; issues, with Burnside, a
proclamation, 51; leaves the waters of
North Carolina, 54; receives the thanks of
Congress, 75.
Goodrich, E. R., Capt, commissary of

subsistence, 21, 519; promoted to Lieuten-
ant Colonel, 304; a member of military com-
mission, 269.
Goodwin, J. H., Jr., Lieut., killed at the
battle of Roanoke Island, 45.
Gordon, Gen., commands rebel attack on
Fort Stedman, 476.

Goss, Lieut. of the 21st Mass., killed, 493.
Gould, Col., of the 59th Massachusetts,

killed, 493; commands brigade, 524.
Gowen, Geo. W., Capt., killed while in
command of 48th Pennsylvania, 495; A. D.
C., 517.

Graham, Col., in East Tennessee, 354;
fights the enemy at Walker's Ford, 355.
Granger, Gen., commands a corps in East
Tennessee, 352.
Grant, U. S., Gen., besieging Vicksburg,
needs re-enforcement, 279; Ninth Corps
sent to, 280; Gen. Pemberton surrenders
to, 281; thanks the Ninth Corps in general
orders, 287; assumes command of the mili-
tary division of the Mississippi, 327; is
anxious in regard to East Tennessee, 330;
is relieved of his anxiety by Burnside, 332;
despatches to Burnside from, 343; attacks
and defeats Bragg, 347; military genius of,
commended, 353; appointed Lieutenant
General, 351; makes his headquarters with
the army of the Potomac, 354; opens the
campaign of 1864 by crossing the Rapidan,
371; commends Burnside's march, 373,
turns Lee's position in the Wilderness,
376; attacks Lee at Spottsylvania, 378; ad-
vances to the North Anna, 389; intention
of, to beat Lee North of the James, 390;
attacks at the North Anna, 391; retires
from the North Anna and crosses the Pa-
munkey, 394; fights the battle of Cold Har-
bor, 397; retires from Cold Harbor and
crosses the James, 401; considerations re-
specting the movements of, 401; puts his
army in front of Petersburg, 408; fixes his
grasp on Lee and his army, 419; impatient
for attack, 422; disapproves of the use of
colored troops to lead the attack of July
30, 431; believes if they had led, it would
have been a success, 431n; at the headquar
ters of Ninth Corps on the 30th of July,
437; refuses to order court martial to try
Burnside, 451; examined before court of
inquiry, 454; remarkable statement of, 460;
despatches the 6th Corps to Washington,
463; endeavors to extend his lines on the
left, 469; permits peace commissioners to
pass through the lines, 473; allows desert-
ers to come in with arms, 476; compli-
ments Hartranft, 479; prepares to strike
the final blow, 481; strikes the blow, 482;
Lee surrenders to, 486.
Graves, C. L., Master, in command of
gun-boat, 23n.
Graves, Frank, Col., mortally wounded in
the Wilderness, 375.
Graves, G. W., Master, in command of
gun-boat, 23n.
Gregg, Gen.. engages the enemy on the
30th of July, 450.
Griffin. Charles, Gen, at West Point, 6;
loses battery at Bull Run, 17; commands
division in the Army of the Potomac, 210;



at the battle of Fredericksburg, 226; at-
tacks at Poplar Spring Church, 467.
Griffin, S. G., Lieut. Col., leads expedi-
tion to Elizabeth City, 80; at the battle of
Camden, 80; Col., commands the 6th New
Hampshire, 144; makes reconnaisance,
281; commands brigade in Mississippi, 283,
522; commands in trenches before Jackson,
285; gains an advantage in the Wilderness,
373; saves Hancock from defeat, 384; wins
his star, 384; at Cold Harbor, 398; brilliant
exploit of, 409; attacks the enemy on the
30th of July, 439; decides with Gen. Hart-
ranft to withdraw the troops from the
crater, 449; examined before court of in-
quiry, 456; attacks at Poplar Spring
Church, 467; holds the left of the Ninth
Corps, 471; attacks Petersburg, 482, com-
mands division, 484, 522; wins his brevet,


Hall, H. Seymour, Lieut. Col., wounded at
the mine, 445.

H a 11, Theron E, asst. quartermaster, 519.
Halleck, H. W., Gen general in chief,
101; visits McClellan, 102, 104; orders with-
drawal from Peninsula, 105; is not on
friendly terms with McClellan, 118; disap-
proves the evacuation of Harper's Ferry,
122; becomes impatient with McClellan,
168; visits Burnside at Warrenton, 183;
makes untrue assertions respecting Burn-
side's plan, 184; testimony of, before Com-
mittee on Conduct of War, 185; Wood-
bury's statement respecting, in regard to
pontons, 191, 194, 195; despatch to Burn-
side respecting Woodbury, 199; letter of
Burnside to, 234; correspondence of Burn-
side with, 239; orders Ninth Corps to
Grant, 279; unwittingly causes false secu-
rity to the people of Kentucky, 292; orders
Morgan's imprisonment, 299; orders the
occupation of the upper Holston, 312;
suggests the re-enforcement of Rosecrans,
315; correspondence with Burnside, 318;
curtness of, 320; unacquaintance of, with
practical warfare, 321; indecision of, 321;
is relieved by Grant, to the satisfaction of
Hamblin, Col., brigade of, re-enforces
all, 364.
Hamilton's Crossing, enemy's line
Parke, 485.
at, to be attacked, 212; Franklin ordered
Hampton Roads, North Carolina Ex-
to seize, 215; the key to rebel position, 229.
pedition in, 22; rebel steamer Merrimac
in, 53; Mr. Lincoln receives Peace Commis-
sioners at, 473.
Hancock, W. S., Gen., commands a divis-
ion in Army of the Potomac, 210; in the
battle of Fredericksburg, 226; in the battle
of the Wilderness, 373; saved by Col. Grif-
fin, 384; to move and fight the enemy
wherever he might find him, 389; move-
ment of interfered with by Ewell, 389; at
Milford Station, 390; assisted by Potter at
the North Anna, 392; at Cold Harbor, 397;
in front of Petersburg, 406; makes a feigned
attack at Deep Bottom, 434; orders to, on
the day of the mine's explosion, 434,

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