Slike strani

446; President of court of inquiry, 451,
452; movement of, to Hatcher's run, 469.
Hanover Town, troops crossed l'amun-
key at, 395.

Hardie, Gen., aide to Burnside, 215.
Harland, Edward, Col., commands brig-
ade at Antietam, 148, 522; at Fredericks-
burg. 225; commands division, 521.
Harley, Capt. of 58th Mass., killed, 493
Harper's Ferry, captured by Jackson,


Harriman, Samuel, Col., commands brig-
ade, 472, 524; receives Peace Commission-
ers, 473; repulses attack on Fort Stedman,
478; in assault on Petersburg, 483.
Harriman, Walter, Col., commands brig-
ade, 524.

[blocks in formation]

Henshaw, Capt. commands battery in East
Tennessee, 333; at Knoxville, 343 n.
Heth, Henry, at West Point with Burn-
side, 6.

Hicks, Brevet Major, aff davit of, exoner-
ating Ferrero, 458.

Hill, A. P, at West Point with Burnside,
6; Gen, marches his light division from
Harper's Ferry, 146; timely arrival of, in
aid of Lee, 149; at Fredericksburg, 219;
line of pierced by Meade, 220; makes a
charge upon our troops at Weldon rail-
road, 465; killed in front of Petersburg, 484.
Hill, B. C. Gen., in command of rebel
forces at Roanoke Island. 35
Hill, D H. Gen., at South Mountain, 121;
at Antietam, 186; at Fredericksburg, 219.
Hinks Gen.commands a colored division,
in eighteenth corps, 406.
History, necessarily imperfect, 490; un-
written, 491.
Hobson Gen.. pursues Morgan, 294, 296;
commended 299.
Hodges, Lieut. Col., of 59th Mass., killed

Harris, Capt,, writes account of march,
307; distinguishes himself and is brevetted,
495; ordnance oflicer, 516.
Harris, Charles, Master's Mate, killed off
Roanoke, 38.
Harris, Dr., notice of, 498; medical direc-
tor, 516.
Harrison's Landing. Army of the
Potomac at, 92.
Hartranft, J. F., Col. of 51st Pennsylva-
nia makes reconnaissance. 78; leads attack
on Antietam bridge, 145; has the advance
in march to Campbell's, 335; at the battle
of Campbell's station, 336; at Knoxville,
343; makes a gallant assault, 346; in the
battle of the Wilderness, 374; re-enforces
Christ, 376; at Spottsylvania. 385; wins his
promotion, 386n; wins additional distinc-
tion, 398; brigade of, repulsed in front of
Petersburg, 410; great loss of brigade, 411;
attack of, on the 18th of June, 1864, 412;
skillful conduct of, in the crater, 449; ex-
amined before court of inquiry, 454; in
command of division, 472, 22; supports
Gen. Humphreys in movement upon
Vaughan road. 473; posted in reserve in the
rear of line, 476; repulses attack of enemy
upon fort Stedman, 478; remarkable with Cox, 162, 516.
promptitude and skill of, 479; wins his bre-Hood Gen.. commands rebel division at
vet, 479; in attack on Fetersburg, 482, 483;
assigned to duty in Kentucky, 488; mus-
tered out and elected Auditor General of
Penn., 489; commands brigade, 522.
Hartsuff, twenty-third army corps organ-
ized under command of, 278; succeeds
Willcox in command in Kentucky, 291;
marches upon East Tennessee, 305; re-en-
forces Col. Foster in East Tennessee, 313.
Hascall, Gen., commands a division in
East Tennessee, 313; at Knoxville, 343; at
fort Sanders, 351.
Haskell, fort, attacked, 477; enemy re-
pulsed from, 478.

Holmes, W W., Dr., medical director

Hastings, Capt. of the 36th Massachu-
setts, killed, 493.
Hatch, Gen. in command of division at
South Mountain, and wounded, 126.
Hatteras Cape, the dread of mariners,
HATTERAS INLET, 20; storm in, 24; descrip-
tion of, 25.
Hatteras Island, Gen. Williams in com-
mand of, 32.
Hawkins, R. C., Col, in command of 9th
New York, 36; commands brigade at battle
of Camden, 81; charges the enemy and is

Holmes. Capt. and Lieut., 20th Mass.,
killed, 493.

Antietam, 136.

Hooker, Joseph Gen., fights Ewell at
Bristow. 169; in the battle of Chantilly,
113; at South Mountain, 126; cresses An-
tietam Creek, 135; fights Jackson, 137; is
wounded, 139; commands grand division
in Army of the Potomac, 187; opinion of
respecting failure of pontens, 196; held
in reserve at Fredericksburg, 214; crosses
Rappahannock 227; in command of Army
of the Potomac. 244; defeated at Chancel-
lorsville, 246; superseded by Meade, 282;
reenforces Rosecrans, 327; commands de-
partment of the East, 488
Hopkins, A. Lieut.. commands gunboat,
55 n.

Hoskins, Col. commands brigade in East
Tennessee, 318. 325.
Hotchkiss, W. J., master's mate, com-
mands gunboat, 23 n.

Howard, Col., commands marine artil-
lery, 22, 533; at battle of Camden $1.
Howard Fort, occupied by Ninth Corps,
Howard, O. O. Gen, commands division
at Fredericksburg, 216; commands corps
in East Tennessee, 352.

Howe Chas., Aide de Camp, 518.
Howe, Gen. commands a division at Fred-
ericksburg, 210, 222.

How Lieut. 36th Mass., killed, 493.
Humphrey, W. Col, in command of 2d
Mich. in Mississippi, 284, 531; guards rear,
and repels enemy near Campbell's, 335; at
the siege of Knoxville, 343 n.; at Spottsyl-
vania, 385; commands brigade, 442, 522;
brevetted Brigadier General, 474.
Humphreys, Gen., commands division,
210, 226; moves towards Hatcher's run,


Hunt, W. Capt., commands gunboat 22 n.
Hunter, David Col., commands division
at Bull Run, 15, 16.
Hunter, R. M. T, a peace commissioner,

Hunting, Chaplain, notice of, 504.
Hutchins, R. A. Capt., wounded, 495; a
brave and good officer, 495; A. A. G., 514.
Hutton, Chas. G. Capt., arrests Vallan-
digham, 268, A. D. C., 518.
Illinois, company of dragoons, in

ter, 531

Illinois 112th, in East Tennessee, 340.
Indiana, 3d cavalry, in Roster, 531.
Indiana, 71st infantry, in Roster, 531
Indiana, invaded by Morgan, 295.
Indiana troops in East Tennessee, 317 n.,
343 n.

Ingalls, Rufus Gen., in command of
Quartermaster's department, 211.
Irwin Col., commands brigade at Antie-
tam, 140.

Ives, Robert H. jun., Lieut., Aide de
Camp to Gen. Rodman, 148; sketch of, 152.
Ives, Thomas P. Capt., in command of gun-
boat 22 n.; in command of Picket, 23; dis-
tinguished service of, 68; sketch of, 494.
Jackson, Miss., attacked and occupied, 286.
Jackson, T. J. Gen., at West Point, 6;
commanding a brigade at Bull Run, 16;
sobriquet of Stonewall' given to, 17;
discomfits Banks, 89; seems ubiquitous,
106; marches upon Manassas Junction,
109; retreats to Centreville, 110; fights at
Sudley Springs, 111; attacks and carries
Harper's Ferry, 121; commands the rebel
left at Antietan, 136; near Chester's Gap,
169; commands the rebel right at Freder-
icksburg, 219; is attacked by Meade, 220;
threatens to attack Franklin, 222; rapture
of battle of, 230.

Kautz, Gen., attacks Petersburg, 405.
Ros-Kearny, Philip, Gen., at second Bull
Run, 111; killed at Chantilly, 113.
Kelton, Capt. 21st Mass., killed, 493.
Kent, Jacob F., assistant Inspector Gene-
ral, 515.

Johnson Capt. of the 58th Massachu-
setts killed, 493.
Johnson Gen., captured at Spottsylva-
nia, 383.

James Chaplain, notice of, 505.
James River, opened to Drury's Bluff,
88; the army crosses, 408.
Jealousy, freedom from in North

lina, 96; prevalence of in the Army of the
Potomac, 102.
Jeffers, W. N., Lieut., commands gun-
boat, 22 n.

Jenkins Gen., commands rebel brigade
at Antietam, 143

Johnson Andrew, condemns Vallandig-
ham's action, 270 n.; accepts Burnside's
resignation, 463.
Johnson, Bushrod Gen., supports rebel
attack on Fort Stedman, 476.

Johnston, Joseph E. Gen., at battle of
Bull Run, 15; in command in Mississippi,
281; retires to Jackson, 282.
Jones, J. R. Gen., commands rebel divis-
ion at Antietam, 136.
Jones, Sam. Gen., threatens Burnside's
left, in East Tennessee, 313.
Judah, Gen. pursues Morgan, 294; fights
Morgan at Chester, 297.
Judd, H. B. Capt., in command in New
Mexico, 7.

Judge, Frank Serg't, heroic conduct of,
at Fort Sanders, 348.
Judges Advocate, 520.
Kanawha Division of Ninth Corps,
123; at South Mountain, 124; at Antietam,
141; leaves the Corps for W. Virginia,

Kentucky divided into districts, 264;
Ninth Corps operates in, 263, 277; effect of
general order No. 38 in, 266; tempting to
rebels, 277; Ninth Corps leaves, 279, re-
turns to, 287; troops of, in Ohio,297; Corps
leaves for E. Tennessee, 317.
Kentucky, 1st, 11th, 12th and 14th cav-
alry, in East Tennessee, 339, 340; 32d in-
fantry in E. Tennessee, 354.
Keyes, E. D., at West Point, 6; in com-
mand of corps, 106.

King, Gen., in command of a division in
McDowell's Corps. 105; at Bull Run, 111;
Kingsbury, H. W, Col., skirmishers of,
at Antietam, 142, 143; killed, 145.
Kingston, Tenn., our troops occupy,
Grant wishes to concentrate at, 331; fight
near, 346.
Kinston, Branch retreats to, 62, 85.
Kittoctan Mountains, a defence for Lee,
119; Lee crosses, 121.
Knight, George C., Capt. 1st Mich. Sharp-
shooters, killed, 413.
Knoxville, Tenn., operations against,
contemplated, 31, 86; occupied, 307; Col.
Foster enters, 309; Burnside welcomed at,
309; troops concentrated at, 316; Burnside
desirous of holding, 324; Parke in com-
mand of, 332; description of, 342; besieged
by Longstreet, 342; the siege of, raised, 352;
Sherman at, 352; Burnside leaves, 357;
threatened by Longstreet again, 358.

Konkle's battery at Knoxville, 343n.
Lacy House described, 205; Sumner's
headquarters at, 216, 226.

Lake, J. C., Major, wounded in crater, 445.
Lake, James, Master's Mate, commands
gun-boat, 22n.

Lane's brigade broken by Meade, 220.
Larned, Daniel R., obligations to,

a member of staff and private secretary,
261n, 514.
Latham, commands rebel battery at Fred-
ericksburg, 219.

Lawton, commands rebel brigade at Anti-Loring Chas. G., assistant quartermaster
etam, 136, 151.

in N.C. Expedition, 21; promoted to Lieut.
Col., inspector general, 104, 515; selects
position for troops at Campbell's station,
335, 326; with Ferrero near the mine, 442;
deposes respecting Ferrero, 458; testimo-
ny of before committee, 460; distinguishes
himself and is brevetted, 495.
Los Vegas, Burnside fights with Indians
near, 7.

Leasure, Col., commands division, 382;
commands brigade, 523.

Leavitt, H. H. Hon, Judge of District
Court in Ohio, 270; decides against grant-
ing habeas corpus for Vallandigham, 272.
Ledlie, J. H., Gen., commands brigade at
the North Anna, 392, 523; commands divis-
ion, 401, 521, selected to lead attack on Pe-
tersburg, 433; ordered to Cemetery Hill,
434; sends his troops forward, 437; does not
go himself, 438; is censured by Court of In-
quiry, 453; testimony respecting, 457; de-
fends himself, 458; is relieved, 404.
Lee, Robert E., Gen., in command of rebel
army of Northern Virginia, defeats Mc-
Clellan, 92; advances northward, 103;
moves against Pope, 106; intent upon get-
ting near Washington, 113; invades Mary-
land, 119; is not cordially received, 120,
retires towards Antietam Creek, 121; at
Antietam, 133; retires across the Potomac,
157; is not highly successful in Maryland,
158; moves to Fredericksburg, 189; his po-
sition in rear of Fredericksburg, 201, 208;
prepares to defend, 219; declines to attack,
232; is defeated at Gettysburg, 282; moves
from the Rappahannock, 291; sends Long-
street west, 314; attacks Grant in the Wil-
derness, 372; is turned, 376; is attacked at
Spottsylvania, 378, 384; at the North
Anna, 392; at Cold Harbor, 397; is obsti-
nate, 401; telegraphs to Davis the loss of
Petersburg, 485; surrenders to Grant,


Lemert, Wilson C., commands brigade,

Letterman, Dr., opinion of, respecting
skulkers, 228n.

Lewis, Major, killed, 493.
LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, Burnside not a sup-
porter of, at first, 12; at Fortress Monroe,
88; is well disposed toward McClellan, 118;
congratulates McClellan for Burnside's
victory, 132; issues Emancipation Procla-
mation, 159; writes to McClellan, 165; his
letter noticed, 177, 183, 185; assents to
Burnside's plan, 184; his address to the
army, 233; stops Burnside's movement, 238;
writes to Burnside, 242; interview with
Burnside, 246; commutes sentence against
Vallandigham, 273; telegraphs thanks to
Burnside, 312; orders Burnside to Rose-
crans, 316; issues Proclamation of Thanks-
giving for deliverance of E Tenn, 357;
reviews Ninth Corps, 358; receives Peace
Commissioners, 473; approves Hartranft,
479; assassination of, 487.
Longstreet, Gen., commands corps in
rebel army, 111; re-enforces Hill at South
Mountain, 125; at Antietam, 136; at
Fredericksburg, 198, 219, 256; sent West
by Lee, 314; detached to attack Burn-
side, 328; is drawn away from Bragg,
331; crosses the Tennessee, 332; fights at
Lenoir's, 333; and Campbell's, 336: be-
sieges Knoxville, 342; attacks fort Sanders,
348; raises the siege, 352; retreats, 353; win-
ters in East Tennessee, 358; re-joins Lee,
354; attacks Burnside in the Wilderness,
373; is wounded, 375; commands corps at
Cold Harbor, 398.

Loudon, Ninth Corps and other troops
at, 326; retreat from, 332.
Lydig, Philip M., a member of military
commission, 269; assistant adjutant gen-
eral, 514.

Lynch, W. F. Capt., commands rebel fleet
in Croatan Sound, 37; retreats to Eliza-
beth City, 47.
Macon, fort, to be reduced, 69; description
of, 71; is invested, 72; bombarded, 73; sur-
renders, 74.
Maggi, Col., commands 21st Mass., 41; re-
signs, 60.
Mahone, Gen., attacks our troops at Wel-
don R. R., 465.
Maine gives Burnside a public reception,
Maine, 31st, before Petersburg, 409; in Ros-
ter, 525.
Maine, 32d, before Petersburg, 409; in Ros-
ter, 525.
Maine, 2d battery, in Roster, 525.
Maine, 7th battery, in Roster, 525.
Mallam, Chas, E., assistant adjutant gen-
eral, 514.

Manassas, rebel troops at, 17; evacuated,
69; Jackson at, 109, 110; l'ope at, 111.
Mansfield, J. K. F., Gen., commands
12th Corps at Antietam, 137; is killed, 138;
notice of, 151.
Marshall, E. G., Col., commands provis-
ional brigade, 375, 376; commands brigade
in the crater, 438; is captured, 449; com-
mands brigade, 523.
Marye's Heights fortified by Lee, 202;
stormed, but not carried, 226.
Maryland, the enemy in, 119; Lee's cam-
paign in, fruitless, 158.
Maryland, 2d, in North Corolina, 84; at
second Bull Run, 112; at South Mountain,
125; at Antietam, 144; before l'etersburg.
409; in Roster, 530.
Maryland, 3d, veterans in Roster, 530.
Massachusetts Legislature passes vote
of thanks. 50, gives Burnside a public re-
ception, 365.
Massachusetts, 6th and 8th, at Wash-
ington, 14.
Massachusetts, 17th, arrives at New-
bern, 84; in Roster, 533.
Massachusetts, 19th and 20th, at Fred-
ericksburg, 213.
Massachusetts, 21st, in N. C. expedi-
tion, 21; at the battle of Roanoke Island,
40. 41, 42; at battle of Newbern, 58, 59, 60;
its losses, 65; at battle of Camden, 80, 81;
at second Bull Run, 112; at Antietam. 145;
in Kentucky, 263; the dead of, 493; in Ros-
ter, 525.
Massachusetts, 23d, in N. C. expedi-
tion, 21; at the battle of Roanoke Island,
42; at battle of Newbern, 58; in Roster, 533.

Massachusetts, 24th, in N. C. expedi-McDonald, John E., Dr., sketch of, 500;
tion, 21; at the battle of Roanoke Island,
44; at battle of Newbern, 56, 57, 58; its
losses, 65; goes to Washington, N. C., 78;
in Roster, 533.
Massachusetts, 25th, in N. C expedi-
tion, 21; at battle of Roanoke Island, 40;
at battle of Newbern, 57; in Roster, 533.
Massachusetts, 27th, in N. C. expedi-
tion, 21; at battle of Roanoke Island. 42;
at battle of Newbern, 58; in Roster, 533.
Massachusetts, 28th, in Roster, 526.
Massachusetts. 29th, at fort Sanders,
319, 351; at fort Stedman, 478; the dead
of, 493; in Roster, 526.
Massachusetts, 35th, distinguished at
South Mountain, 125; at Antietam, 145; in
Mississippi, 286; the dead of, 493; in Ros-
ter, 526.
Massachusetts, 36th, in Mississippi,
282n; in Virginia, 386; before l'etersburg,
409; in Roster, 526.
Massachusetts, 56th, in the Wilderness,
375; in the crater, 449; the dead of, 493; in
Roster, 526.
Massachusetts. 57th, before Peters-
burg, 474; at fort Stedman, 477; the dead
of, 493; in Roster. 526.
Massachusetts. 58th, before Peters-
burg, 409; the dead of, 493; in Roster, 526.
Massachusetts. 59th, at fort Stedman,
477; the dead of. 493; in Roster, 526.
Massachusetts, 8th battery,171; in Ros-
ter, 525.
Massachusetts, 11th battery, in Roster,


Massachusetts, 14th battery, in Roster,


Massachusetts Yankees, prejudice
against, overcome, 263.
Mathews, Joseph A., commands brigade,


Mauran, E. C., Gen., arrives at Newbern,


McCalmont, Alfred B., Col., commands
brigade, 524.
McClellan, Geo. B., at West Point, 6;
commands Army of the Potomac, 20; poli-
cy of, inactive, 21; general in chief, 29;
undertakes campaign on the Peninsula, 31;
meets with difficulties, 86, 87; is visited by
Burnside, 90; is defeated, 92; is re-enforced
by Burnside, 94; is not on good terms with
Halleck, 101; is visited by Burnside and
Halleck, 104: leaves Peninsula and goes to
Alexandria, 106; begins campaign in Ma-
ryland. 118; enters Frederick, 121; at South
Mountain. 127; his opinion of Reno, 131;
marches to Antietam creek, 133; fights the
battle of Antietam, 137; impatient, 144;
loses public confidence for his conduct at
Antietam, 157; Stuart raids around, 163; is
ordered to cross the Potomac, 164; Mr. Lin-
coln's letter to, 165; sends his army across
the river, 168; is relieved from command,
169; his slow policy not commended, 176;
his disingenuousness, 177n; partizanship
for, in Army of the Potomac, 245.
McCook, R. S., Lieut., commands battery,
56, 58.

McCrea Lieut., commands flotilla, 205.
McCullom, Capt., killed, 493. [23n.
McDiarmid, Master, commands gunboat,

medical director, 515.

McDowell, commands army at Washing-
ton, 15; is defeated at Bull Run, 17;
marches against Jackson, 102; is joined by
Reno, 107; fights at Bull Run, the second
time, 110.

McFarland, Capt., 58th Mass., killed, 493.
McIntosh, Capt., commands rebel battery
at Fredericksburg, 219.
McKnight, Charles A., Capt., A. D. C.,

McLaughlin, N. B, Col., commands
brigade at Hatcher's run, 470, 524; is bre-
vetted, 474; is captured at fort Stedman,
McLaws, Gen., commands rebel division
at Antietam, 136; at Fredericksburg, 256;
before Knoxville, 340, 351.
McMullen, Capt., commands battery in
the Ninth Corps, 142, 530.
Meade, Geo. G, Gen., opens fight at Anti-
etam, 137; commands corps, 139; com-
mands division at Fredericksburg, 210;
makes slow advance, 218; charges gal-
lantly, 219; is not supported, 220, 221;
opinion of, respecting battle, 229; conver-
sation between, and Lee, 231 n; super-
sedes Hooker, 282; Burnside waives ranks
in favor of, 394; attacks Petersburg, 408;
unfavorable to mine, but finally sanctions
it, 422; is punctilious in regard to rank,
425; disapproves Burnside's plan of attack,
427; does not remember correctly, 431; is
petulant, 437, and indignant, 444; knows
nothing about the enemy, 447; wishes to
try Burnside, 451; his testimony inconsis-
tent, 455; censured by committee, 461.
Medical Directors, 497, 515.
Meigs, Gen, visits Burnside, 183; his opin-
ion respecting pontons, 192n; spoken of by
Hooker, 196.

Meinis, Dr., died at Roanoke Island, 47.
Merrimac comes out from Norfolk, 53.
Michigan, 2d, in Mississippi. 284, 285; in
Virginia, 385, 385; at fort Stedman, 477;
the dead of, 492, in Roster, 531.
Michigan, 3d, in East Tennessee, 40.
Michigan, 7th, at Fredericksburg. 213.
Michigan, 8th, in the Wilderness, 375; in
Roster, 531.
Michigan, 15th, in Roster 531.
Michigan, 17th, distinguished at South
Mountain, 125; the dead of, 493; in Roster,

Michigan, 20th. in Mississippi, 289; at fort
Sanders, 349; before Petersburg, 413; the
dead of, 493; in Roster, 531.
Michigan, 23d, near Loudon, 332.
Michigan, 25th, in Kentucky, 293.
Michigan, 27th. in Mississippi, 282n; in
East Tennessee, 359, the dead of, 493; in
Roster, 531.
Michigan, 11th battery, in East Tennes-
see, 354.
Michigan, 8th cavalry, charges at Ches-
ter, 297.
Michigan, 9th cavalry, charges at Ches-

ter. 297.

Michigan, 1st sharpshooters in Virginia,
413; lose officers, 413; enter Petersburg
and raise the flag on court house, 486; in
Roster, 531.

Middletown, Reno at. 122.

Miles. Col., in command at Harper's Ferry; |
121; surrenders, 122.


Mine, a, projected by Lieut. Col. Pleasants,
421; the construction of. commenced, 422;
account of, by Col. Pleasants, 423; unpro-
vided with proper fuses, 436; exploded,
437; produces an immense crater, 437.
MINE, THE. 418.
Minnesota, frigate, disabled by Merri-
mac, 53.

Minty, Col., commands cavalry in Ten-
nessee. 311.

Mississippi brigade opposes building
bridges at Fredericksburg, 212, 213.
Mississippi, Ninth Corps arrives in, 250,
departs from, 287.
Mississippi, 17th, annihilated in attack
on fort Sanders, 349n; 13th, 17th, 21st, 22d
and 23d attack fort Sanders, 351
Mix, J. H, Colonel of 3d N. Y. cavalry, 84;
is active in his operations, 88, 89.
Monitor punishes Merrimac, 53.
Monroe, John A., chief of artillery, 525.
Moody, Majer, killed, 493.

Moor, Augustus, Col., taken prisoner, 121;
commands brigade, 522.

Moore, Orlando H., Col., defeats Morgan
at Tebbs' Bend, 293

Morehead City to be occupied, 69; occu-
pied, 71.

Morgan crosses the Cumberland, 293; at-
tacks Moore and is repulsed, 293; attacks
Lebanon. 294; crosses the Ohio, 295; is
brought to bay at Chester, 296; is pursued
through southern Ohio, 298; is captured,
299; is imprisoned by Halleck's order. 299.
Morell, Gen., commands division at Anti-
etam, 156; commands on upper Potomac,

Morley, N. B., Capt., commands gunboat,

Morris, John A., quartermaster, 519.
Morris, L. O. Lieut., a staff officer, 65:
commands battery, 73, 533.
Morrison, David Col., commands brig
ade in E. Tennessee, 333, 523; at Knoxville,
343 n.
Morton, Governor of Indiana, 295.
Morton, J. St. C. Maj., displays gallantry
at the North Anna, 392; killed before Pe
tersburg, 415; sketch of, 415; ougineer, 516.
Motley Miss marries Capt. Ives, 494.
Mott Colonel, fights enemy near Kings
ton, 346.

Mott, General, commands brigade at the
North Anna, 392; testifies before Court of
Inquiry, 455.
Mowry, Lieut., deposes respecting Fer-
rero, 459.
Muhlenburg, Lieut, commands battery
in Ninth Corps, 142, 532.
Murray Lieut., commands gunboat, 22 n.;
goes to Edenton, 49.
Nagle, Jas. Col., commands brigade, 84,
171, 223, 522.

Nag's Head, noticed, 34; rebels attempt
to retreat to, 44.
Names, grotesque, of rebel troops, 33.
Navy, co-operates with Burnside, 22; as-
sists in the storm, 26; attacks Roanoke

Island. 37; makes a brilliant fight off Eliza-
beth City, 48; goes to Newbern, 55; bom-
bards Fort Macon, 74.

Neill, E. M. Maj., goes to Washington,
179; assistant adjutant general, 514.
New Hampshire 2d, at Bull Run, 15.
New Hampshire 6th, in N. C. Expedi-
tion. 22; at Hatteras Island, 36; garrisons
Roanoke, 51; a portion of at Elizabeth City,
80; at battle of Camden, 80, 81, at second
Bull Run, 112; at South Mountain, 125; at
Antietam bridge, 144; in Mississippi. 281;
before l'etersburg, 409; in Rester, 525.
New Hampshire 9th, notice of, preface,
V.; before Petersburg, 409; in Roster, 525.
New Hampshire 10th, in Roster, 525.
New Hampshire 11th, is distinguished
at Fredericksburg, 224; before Petersburg,
409; in Roster, 525.
New Hampshire 13th, in Roster. 525.
New Jersey 9th, in N. C. Expedition,
22; two officers of, drowned, 25; men of,
at Roanoke Island, 39, 47; at Newbern. 58;
a portion of, at Elizabeth City, 80; in Rus-
ter, 533

New Jersey 25th, in Roster, 528.
New Jersey 27th in Roster, 528.
New Jersey 3d cavalry, joins Ferrero's
command, 419; in Roster, 529.
Mew Mexico, Burnside iu, 9.
New Orleans, Burnside at, 11; to be
captured and occupied, 31.

New York, Burnside at, 13; Mayor of is-
sues proclamation of congratulation, 50.
New York 7th, at Washington, 14.
New York 9th, at Hatteras Island, 32;
joins in the movement upon Roanoke, 36;
at Roanoke, 42: makes a brilliant charge,
43; garrisons Roanoke, 51; at battle of
Camden, 80, 81; at Antietam, 148; in Ros-
ter, 527; howitzers of, in Roster, 528.
New York 46th, loses its commander,
413; in Roster, 527.

New York 50th, rowed ponton beats
across the Rappahannock, 213.
New York 51st, in N C. Expedition, 22;
charges at Roanoke, 43; men of, plant flag
on N.C. coast, 56; at Newbern, 58; charges
bridge at Antietam, 145; at Fredericks-
burg, 223; in Roster, 527.
New York 53d, in N. C. Expedition, 22;
returns to Annapolis, 36
New York 71st, at Bull Run, 15.
New York 79th, Stevens in command of,
116; in Fort Sanders, 348; in Roster, 527.
New York 8th in N. C. Expedition, 22;

at battle of Camden, 80, 81; crosses the
Rappahannock, 213; in Roster, 527.
New York 103d, re-enforces troops in
North Carolina, 84; in Roster, 527.
New York 100th, in Roster, 528.
New York 1634, at Fredericksburg, 224.
New York 179th, in Rester, 528.
New York 186th, in Roster, 528.
New York 1st artillery, battery D, in
Roster, 528.

New York 2d artillery, battery L, in
Roster, 529.

New York 2d battery, in Roster, 533.
New York 4th battery in Roster, 528.
New York 6th battery, in Roster, 528.
New York 19th battery in Roster, 528.
New York 27th battery in Roster, 528.

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