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Swinton, Wm. Mr., writes a critical his-
tory of the Army of the Potomac, 254;
makes very superficial criticisms on Burn-
side and the Ninth Corps. 254; falls into
grave errors, 255; misconceives plan of
battle, 256; malevolence of explained, 257;
makes an incredible statement and is ex-
pelled from the army, 399 n.
Sykes, Gen, commands division in Mary-
land, 119, 132, 133, 134; at Fredericksburg,
210, 226.
Taliaferro, Gen., commands rebel re-
serves at Fredericksburg, 219; Meade at-
tacks, 220.

Tebbs's Bend, Col. Moore's brilliant
fight near, 293.
See East

Tennessee exploits in, 89.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

United States colored troops 27th in-
fantry in crater 445; in Roster. 532.
United States colored troops 28th in-
fantry, in crater, 443; in Roster. 533.
United States colored troops 29th in-
fantry, in crater, 443; in Roster. 533
United States colored troops. 30th in-
fantry, in crater 444; in Roster 533.
United States colored troops, 31st in-
fantry, in Roster, 533.

United States colored troops, 39th in-
fantry, in Roster, 533.

United States colored troops, 43d in-
fantry, in crater 445; in Roster 533.
Upham. Capt. of 58th Mass.. killed 493.
Vallandigham C. L., of Ohio, opposes
the federal government, 268; makes a se
ditious speech and is arrested, 268; is tried
by military commission, 269; sentenced to
imprisonment, 269; applies for writ of
habeas corpus, 270; opposed by District
Attorney Ball, 271; defended by Ĺugh, 272;
the writ refused, 273; sentence commuted
to banishment, 273; sent to rebel lines,
goes out of the country, and at last returns,
272; trial of, causes excitement, 274: con-
demned by public sentiment, 274; has the
permanent stigma of treason upon him,
276; Burnside's statement in case of, 510.
Van Buren, James L. Maj. a member of
military commission to try Vallandigham,
269; sketch of, 495; his fidelity and manli-
ness commended, 496; death of, 495; char-
acter of, 497; aide de camp, 517.

Van Ness W. W., Quartermaster, 519.
Van Vliet, Frederic, aide de camp, 517.
Vermont 17th, before Petersburg, 409; in
Roster, 525.

Vermont 3d, light artillery battery in
Roster, 525.

Vicksburg, operations against, 281; Ninth
Corps in rear of, 281; name of inscribed
upon the flags of the Corps, 288.
Virginia, an admirable region for defence,
402; considerations of campaign in, 403.
Virginia, 1st artillery, in Roster, 532.
Virginia, 1st cavalry, in Roster, 532.
Volunteer Aides de camp, at Fredericks-
burg, 533.

Corps, 358; commands division, 359, 367;
moves Corps to Alexandria, 368; in the Wil-
derness, 373, 374; at the crossing of the Ny,
376; near Spottsylvania C. H., 379, 385; at
the North Anna, 392; crosses the Pamun-
key, 395; at Cold Harbor, 397, 398; crosses
the James, 408; before Petersburg, 410;
makes a gallant fight at the Norfolk R R.,
412, 413; has an interview with Meade, 432;
ordered to attack, 434; in the battle of the
mine, 440; censured by court of inquiry,
453; testimony of, 454; testimony concern-
ing 459; at the Weldon R. R., 465; brev-
etted, 465; at the Pegram farm, 467, 469;
at Hatcher's run, 470; receives Peace Com-
missioners, 473; before Petersburg, 475; at
battle of fort Stedman, 477; at assault on
Petersburg, 482; enters Petersburg and
occupies it, 486; issues farewell order, 488;
commands in Michigan, 488; is mustered
out, 489.
Williams Gen., commands twelfth corps,
119, 138.
Williams, Geo. S. Aide de camp, 518.
Williamson, R. S., in North Carolina,
65; engineer, 516.
Wilson Col. of Grant's staff, visits Burn-
side, 331.

Wilson Gen,, commands cavalry in Vir-
ginia, 397.
Wiltsie killed before Knoxville, 498.
Wisconsin 37th, in Roster, 532.
Wisconsin 38th, in Roster, 532.
Withington, W. H. Col., commands
17th Michigan, 125, 531.
Wolford Col., commands cavalry in Ken-
tucky, 293, 294; attacks Morgan, 298; in
East Tennessee, 318; is defeated at Phila-
delphia, 329.
Woodbury, D. P. Gen., engineer officer
in charge of pontons, 190; has interviews
with Halleck. 191; is not told of the need
of celerity, 192; gives account of ponton
affair not creditable to Halleck, 194; testi-
mony of, 195; oversight of, 196; Halleck
wishes him called to account, 199; ordered
to lay bridges, 211, tries to do so, but fails,
213, succeeds, 214.
Wright Capt., commands battery in Ninth
Corps, 385, 386, 526.
Wright, Chas. J. Lieut. Col., wounded in

the crater, 445.

Von Egloffstein, F. W. Col. of 103d
New York, 84.

Wagner Jacob Lieut., Quartermaster, 519.
Walker Gen., commands rebel division
in Maryland, 121; at Antietam, 136.
Walker, Lindsay Col., commands rebel
artillery at Fredericksburg, 219.
Warren, Gen., commands fifth corps,
376; engages the enemy, 377; at the North
Anna, 391; at Cold Harbor, 397, 407; before
Petersburg, 408; at the battle of the mine,
434, 445; testimony of, 461; at the Weldon
R.R., 465; at the Pegram farm, 467; at Not-
toway C. H., 472; moves to the left, 481.
Way, W. B. Maj., fights Morgan, 298.
Weld, S. M. jr. Col., captured in crater,
449; commands brigade, 524
Welsh, Thomas Gen., commands division
of Ninth Corps in Mississippi, 282, 521;
before Jackson, 283; moves towards Can-
ton, 287; is stricken by disease and dies,
289; character of, 290; commands brigade,


Wheeler, a rebel raider, 277; attempts a
raid upon Rosecrans, 324; is defeated by
Mott, 346.
Whipple Gen., commands division at
Fredericksburg, 210, 216.
White, Julius Gen., commands in Ken-
tucky, 264; moves troops in Kentucky, 292;
at Loudon, 318; at Lenoir's, 332; at Camp-
bell's Station, 336; at Knoxville, 343; be-
fore Petersburg, 433; at the Weldon R. R.,
465; resigned, 465 n.; relieved, 467; com-
mands division, 521.

Wild. E. A. Col., wounded at South Moun-

tain. 125.


Wilderness, battle of the 372.
Willard, Sidney, Maj. 35th Massachu-
setts. killed, 223.

WILLCOX, ORLANDO B., commands brig-
ade at Bull Run, and taken prisoner 17;
commands division in Ninth Corps, 122,
520; at South Mountain, 124, 125; at An-
tietam. 135. 142, 146; commands Ninth
eral, 515.
Corps, 162, 513; sketch of, 171; at Freder-
icksburg, 211, 223. 225; relieved by Sedg-Young,
wick, 249; commands in Kentucky, 262,
278; commands in Indiana, 282 n., 291;
raises troops and goes to East Tennessee,
317; at Blue Springs, 325; commands at
Greeneville, 329; operations of, during the
siege of Knoxville, 354; commands Ninth

Wright, H. G. Gen., relieved by Burn-
side at Cincinnati, 261; succeeds Sedgwick
in command of sixth corps and is attacked,
390; corps of crosses the James, 408; is sent
to Washington, 463; offers to assist Parke
at Fort Stedman, 480; corps of, distin-
guished in attack on Petersburg, 485.
Wright Samuel, assistant adjutant gen.

Capt. of 2d Michigan, killed in cra-
ter, 492.
Young men, the patriotism and self-de-
votion of, 505.

Young man, John C., assistant adjutant
general, 514.
Zoellner, killed before Knoxville 493.



PHILIP M. LYDIG, (p. 514.): With the Corps throughout.


GEORGE TAYLOR: assistant Surgeon, U S. A., Apr. 1, 1856; Surgeon, Aug. 27 1862. Suc-
ceeded Dr. McDonald and continued with the Corps till Mar. 11, 1865.

JAMES HARRIS, (p. 15,): brigade Surgeon, Mar. 27, 1864; medical inspector, June 19, 1964;
division surgeon, Oct. 19, 1864; acting medical director, May 20 1865.


GEORGE F. RAULSTON: Colonel 24th New York dismounted cavalry, Jan. 26, 1864.
NEW YORK. 79th infantry, (p 527); Lieutenant Colonel John More, Feb 17, 1863.


Aquia Creek, Ninth Corps arrives at, 105; | Aspinwall, Lloyd, Col., aide de camp,
evacuated, 117; mentioned by Lincoln as
part of line of communication, 167; men-
tioned by Burnside as base of supplies 180;
occupied, 187; quartermaster's depot at,
198, 205.

Lockwood Samuel. Commander, com-
mands blockading fleet off Beaufort, 72;
bombards fort Macon, 73.
Turner, J. W. Gen.. commands a divis-
ion in battle of the mine, 441.

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