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Stran 360 - Not of the sunlight, Not of the moonlight, Not of the starlight ! O young Mariner, Down to the haven, Call your companions, Launch your vessel, And crowd your canvas, And, ere it vanishes Over the margin, After it, follow it, Follow The Gleam.
Stran 101 - Is there evil but on earth? or pain in every peopled sphere? Well be grateful for the sounding watchword ' Evolution ' here, Evolution ever climbing after some ideal good, And Reversion ever dragging Evolution in the mud.
Stran 90 - Forward, Forward,' lost within a growing gloom; Lost, or only heard in silence from the silence of a tomb. Half the marvels of my morning, triumphs over time and space, Staled by frequence, shrunk by usage into commonest commonplace ! 'Forward ' rang the voices then, and of the many mine was one. Let us hush this cry of 'Forward ' till ten thousand years have gone.
Stran 103 - There among the glooming alleys Progress halts on palsied feet, Crime and hunger cast our maidens by the thousand on the street. There the Master scrimps his haggard sempstress of her daily bread, There a single sordid attic holds the living and the dead. There the smouldering fire of fever creeps across the rotted floor, And the crowded couch of incest in the warrens of the poor.
Stran 100 - Venus — were we native to that splendour or in Mars, We should see the Globe we groan in, fairest of their evening stars. Could we dream of wars and carnage, craft and madness, lust and spite, Roaring London, raving Paris, in that point of peaceful light? Might we not in glancing heavenward on a star so silver-fair, Yearn, and clasp the hands and murmur, 'Would to God that we were there...
Stran 12 - There crown'd with worship — and these eyes will find The men I knew, and watch the chariot whirl About the goal again, and hunters race The shadowy lion, and the warrior-kings, In height and prowess more than human, strive Again for glory, while the golden lyre Is ever sounding in heroic ears Heroic hymns, and every way the vales Wind, clouded with the grateful incense-fume Of those who mix all odour to the Gods On one far height in one far-shining fire.
Stran 99 - Warless? when her tens are thousands, and her thousands millions, then — All her harvest all too narrow — who can fancy warless men? Warless? war will die out late then. Will it ever? late or soon? Can it, till this outworn earth be dead as yon dead world the moon? Dead the new astronomy calls her...
Stran 356 - Then to the melody, Over a wilderness Gliding, and glancing at Elf of the woodland, Gnome of the cavern, Griffin and Giant, And dancing of Fairies In desolate hollows, And wraiths of the mountain, And rolling of dragons By warble of water, Or cataract music Of falling torrents, Flitted The Gleam.
Stran 105 - Not the Hall to-night, my grandson ! Death and Silence hold their own. Leave the Master in the first dark hour of his last sleep alone. Worthier soul was he than I am, sound and honest, rustic Squire, Kindly landlord, boon companion — youthful jealousy is a liar.
Stran 134 - HELEN'S TOWER, here I stand, Dominant over sea and land Son's love built me, and I hold Mother's love in letter' d gold. Love is in and out of time, I am mortal stone and lime. Would my granite girth were strong As either love, to last as long ! I should wear my crown entire To and thro' the Doomsday fire, And be found of angel eyes In earth's recurring Paradise.

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