The Edinburgh Magazine, Or, Literary Miscellany, Količina 3

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J. Sibbald, Parliament-Square, 1786
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Stran 109 - Proud prelate, I understand you are backward in complying with your agreement : but I would have you know, that I, who made you what you are, can unmake you ; and if you do not forthwith fulfil your engagement, by God I will immediately unfrock you. Yours, as you demean yourself, Elizabeth.
Stran 298 - Oft in danger, yet alive, We are come to thirty-five; Long may better years arrive, Better years than thirty-five. Could philosophers contrive Life to stop at thirty-five, Time his hours should never drive O'er the bounds of thirty-five. High to soar, and deep to dive, Nature gives at thirty-five. Ladies, stock and tend your hive, Trifle not at thirty-five; For howe'er we boast and strive, Life declines from thirty-five...
Stran 297 - Johnson therefore set away the bottle, and went to the bookseller, recommending the performance, and desiring some immediate relief; which when he brought back to the writer, he called the woman of the house directly to partake of punch, and pass their time in merriment.
Stran 350 - Indians rushed among them, and forced them into the water, where four of them were killed ; their lieutenant was wounded, but fortunately escaped, and was taken up by the pinnace.
Stran 442 - Anno 1695, on a Monday, about nine or ten at night, all being gone to bed, except the maid with the child, the maid being in the kitchen, and having raked up the fire, took a candle in one hand, and the child in the other arm, and turning about saw...
Stran 214 - As it leaves Anacreon's lip; Void of care, and free from dread, From his fingers...
Stran 370 - O happy age ! when hope's unclouded ray , Lights their green path, and prompts their simple mirth, Ere yet they feel the thorns that lurking lay* To wound the wretched pilgrims of the earth, Making them rue the hour that gave them birth, And threw them on a world so full of pain. Where prosperous folly treads on patient worth, And to deaf pride, misfortune pleads in vain ! Ah ! — for their future fate how many fears Oppress my heart and fill mine eyes with tears.
Stran 214 - He told me that the character of Sober in the Idler, was by himself intended as his own portrait; and that he had his own outset into life in his eye when he wrote the eastern story of Gelaleddin. Of the allegorical papers in the Rambler...
Stran 349 - Serjeant's musket, and endeavoured to wrench it from him, but was prevented by the lieutenant's making a blow at him. Captain Cook...
Stran 350 - ... him. The Indians got him under again, but in deeper water ; he was, however, able to get his head up once more, and being almost spent in...

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