The Public Lands, Količina 1

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Stran 21 - It seems to me to be our true policy that the public lands shall cease, as soon as practicable, to be a source of revenue...
Stran 10 - The future inhabitants of the Atlantic and Mississippi States will be our sons. We leave them in distinct but bordering establishments. We think we see their happiness in their union, and we wish it.
Stran 12 - When we shall be full on this side, we may lay off a range of States on the western bank from the head to the mouth, and so, range after range, advancing compactly as we multiply.
Stran 60 - States and those who have declared their intention to become such, under regulations prescribed by law, and according to the local customs or rules of miners in the several mining districts, so far as the same are applicable and not inconsistent with the laws of the United States.
Stran 22 - The effects of an extension of bank credits and over issues of bank paper have been strikingly illustrated in the sales of the public lands. From the returns made by the various registers and receivers in the early part of last summer, it was perceived that the receipts arising from the sales of public lands were increasing to an unprecedented amount.
Stran 23 - Those credits on the books of some of the western banks, usually called deposits, were already greatly beyond their immediate means of payment, and were rapidly increasing. Indeed, each speculation furnished means for another ; for no sooner had one individual or company paid in the notes, than they were immediately lent to another for a like purpose ; and the banks were extending their business and their issues so largely as to alarm considerate men, and render it doubtful whether these bank credits,...
Stran 5 - States shall be and are hereby appropriated toward sinking or discharging the debts for the payment whereof the United States now are or by virtue of this act may be holden, and shall be applied solely to that use until the said debt shall be fully satisfied. To secure to the Government of the United States...
Stran 6 - Purchasers may be contemplated in three classes : moneyed individuals and companies who will buy to sell again ; associations of persons who intend to make settlements themselves; single persons or families, now resident in the western country or who may emigrate thither hereafter.
Stran 79 - US population of 300 million - nearly doubled in 40 years - will need far greater supplies of farm products, timber, water, minerals, fuels, energy, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Present projections tell us that our water use will double in the next 20 years; that we are harvesting our supply of high-grade timber more rapidly than the development of new growth; that too much of our fertile topsoil is being washed away; that our minerals are being exhausted at increasing rates; and that...
Stran 2 - ... these several creditors have a right to expect that funds shall be provided on which they may rely for indemnification ; that Congress still consider vacant territory as an important resource : and that therefore the said states be earnestly pressed, by immediate and liberal cessions, to forward these necessary ends, and to promote the harmony of the union.

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