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DEC 23 1953


The Bulletin herewith presented of the mineral industries of California is the result of a painstaking effort to so compile the statistics of production that they will be of actual use to producers and to those interested in the utilization of the mineral products of our State. In addition to the mere figures of output, we have included descriptions of the uses and characteristics of many of the materials, as well as a brief mention of their occurrences.

The compilation of accurate and dependable figures is an extremely difficult undertaking, and the State Mineralogist takes the opportunity of here expressing his appreciation of the universal co-operation of the producers in making this work possible. The response to our request for early replies this year, especially on account of distributing the report at the Expositions being held here, is particularly pleasing; and has enabled the results to be published earlier than in former years. A fuller appreciation of the value of early responses to the request sent out at the beginning of each year, will result in earlier publication of the data in the future.

It is the evidence herein put forth that should make us realize the magnitude of our latent mineral resources in this State. Though the total value for 1914 reached the sum of, approximately, ninety-five and a half million dollars, it was a decrease of some five million dollars from that of 1913. This is not due to a falling off in any single item, but to the general business depression which pervaded the entire country for the greater part of the year.

For the current year of 1915 there is a noticeably improved tone, particularly in gold mining. Except for the year 1883, the gold yield for 1914 was the largest California has shown since 1864. In addition to this many inquiries are being received relative to this State's resources in the industrial minerals, such as asbestos, chrome, magnesite, manganese and many others.


State Mineralogist.

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