The parliamentary register; or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of commons, Količina 19

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Stran 38 - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
Stran 435 - After the reading of the order of the day for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee on the bill to explain and amend the bill of 1784, Mr.
Stran 40 - His commission has some polite expressions in it, to wit ; "that his Majesty thought it for the good of his subjects to enter into a treaty of amity and commerce with the United States of America, who had established their independence so justly merited by their courage and constancy;
Stran 381 - So that the liberties of England cannot but subsist so long as this palladium remains sacred and inviolate, not only from all open attacks (which none will be so hardy as to make), but also from all secret machinations which may sap and undermine it, by introducing new and arbitrary methods of trial by justices of the peace, commissioners of the revenue and courts of conscience.
Stran 383 - HOBART (according to order) reported from the Committee of the whole Houfe...
Stran 37 - The humble addrefs of the Houfe of Commons to the King. " Moft Gracious Sovereign, "We, Your Majefty's moft dutiful and loyal fubje&s the Commons of Great Britain, in Parliament aflembled, beg leave to return Your Majefty our humble thanks, for your moft gracious fpeech from the Throne.
Stran 216 - It was fortunate, however, to observe, that notwithstanding all the skill employed by the noble and literary engineer, his mode of defence on paper was open to the same...
Stran 297 - . Monday, 6th Afcrcb, Mr. Lewis brought in the bill for building a bridge acrofs Mr. Lewis. Menai Strait, from Carnarvon (hi re to the Ifle of Anglefea, which was read a firft time, and ordered to be read a fecond time. On the motion being put, " That this bill be read 9 " fecond time upon that day fortnight,
Stran 8 - Members of the House of Commons in certain cases during the recess of Parliament, after giving Fourteen days notice in the London Gazette.
Stran 298 - Exchequer having moved the order of the day for going into a Committee of Supply...

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