Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Količina 6

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The Institute, 1879
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Vols. for 1919- (v.60- ) include the proceedings of the Institute of Metals Division of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers.

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Stran xxii - Treasurer shall be elected, and the term of office shall continue until the adjournment of the meeting at which their successors are elected.
Stran 389 - ... to file in the local Land Office a diagram of the same, so extended, laterally or otherwise, as to conform to the local laws, customs, and rules of miners, and to enter such tract and receive a patent therefor, granting such mine, together with the right to follow such vein or lode, with its dips, angles, and variations, to any depth, although it may enter the land adjoining, which land adjoining shall be sold subject to this condition.
Stran xxiii - All vacancies shall be filled by the appointment of the Council, and any person so appointed shall hold office for the...
Stran xxiv - Institute shall bo entitled to twelve copies, if printed, for his own use, and shall have the right to order any number of copies at the cost of paper and printing, provided said copies are not intended for sale.
Stran 225 - ... mile east of the neck at Dutch Gap, thence in a course a little less northwest to Richmond, where it is exposed in the ferruginous sandstones, the lowest stratum in the valley of Shocko Creek. It can also be noticed upon the top of the tableland stretching beyond the city along the James River within two or three miles west of Richmond, in isolated patches, in Henrico County.
Stran 55 - The size of the opening was taken with a measure (micrometer attached) which had been compared with and adjusted to a standard United States yard. Time was read to one-fifth of a second. The level of the water (drawn from a large reservoir) was determined with Boyden's hooks, micrometer adjustment.
Stran 385 - A patent of the United States for land, whether agricultural or mineral, is something upon which its holder can rely for peace and security in his possessions. In its potency it is ironclad against all mere speculative inferences.
Stran 385 - We are of opinion, therefore, that the term as used in the acts of congress is applicable to any zone or belt of mineralized rock lying within boundaries clearly separating it from the neighboring...
Stran 116 - None of the ingredients, except carbon, in the proportions present, seem to very notably aflect welding by ordinary methods. II. The strength of wrought iron and its welding power by ordinary methods are varied more by the amount of its reduction in rolling than by its ordinary differences in composition. Uniform strength may be promoted by uniform reduction, but only at such increased cost of manufacture that the practice is not likely to obtain. Therefore, the reduced strength of large bars made...
Stran 116 - Phosphorus up to 0.10 per cent does not harm, and probably improves, irons containing silicon not above 0.15, and carbon not above 0.03. None of the ingredients except carbon in the proportions present seem to very notably affect welding by ordinary methods.

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