Conferences on Books and Men

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Smith, Elder & Company, 1900 - 299 strani

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Stran 149 - ... has been dead many times, and learned the secrets of the grave; and has been a diver in deep seas, and keeps their fallen day about her; and trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants; and, as Leda, was the mother of Helen of Troy, and, as...
Stran 51 - t depends Not on the number, but the choice of friends. Books should, not business, entertain the light, And sleep, as undisturbed as death, the night. My house a cottage, more Than palace, and should fitting be For all my use, no luxury. My garden painted o'er With Nature's hand, not Art's ; and pleasures yield, Horace might envy in his Sabine field.
Stran 132 - If kingdom move thee not, let move thee zeal And duty ; zeal and duty are not slow, But on occasion's forelock watchful wait: They themselves rather are occasion best; Zeal of thy father's house, duty to free Thy country from her heathen servitude. So shalt thou best fulfil, best verify The prophets old, who sung thy endless reign ; The happier reign, the sooner it begins : Reign then: what canst thou better do the while?
Stran 282 - I see Baucis and Philemon as perfectly before me as if some ancient painter had drawn them; and all the pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales, their humours, their features, and the very dress, as distinctly as if I had supped with them at the Tabard in Southwark.
Stran 231 - Its semblance in another's case. No voice divine the storm allay'd, No light propitious shone; When, snatch'd from all effectual aid, We perish'd, each alone: . . , But I beneath a rougher sea, And whelm'd in deeper gulfs than he.
Stran 165 - My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof!
Stran 223 - We breakfast commonly between eight and nine; till eleven, we read either the Scripture, or the sermons of some faithful preacher of those holy mysteries; at eleven we attend divine service, which is performed here twice every day; and from twelve to three we separate and amuse ourselves as we please. During that interval I either read in my own apartment, or walk, or ride, or work in the garden.
Stran 41 - Well then ; I now do plainly see, This busy world and I shall ne'er agree ; The very honey of all earthly joy Does of all meats the soonest cloy, And they, methinks, deserve my pity, Who for it can endure the stings, The crowd, and buzz, and murmurings Of this great hive, the city. Ah, yet, ere I descend to th...
Stran 136 - Dancing, bright lady, then began to be, When the first seeds whereof" the world did spring, The fire, air, earth, and water, did agree By Love's persuasion, Nature's mighty king, To leave their first disordered combating, And in a dance such measure to observe, As all the world their motion should preserve.
Stran 227 - The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe And drive the wedge in yonder forest drear, From morn to eve his solitary task. Shaggy, and lean, and shrewd, with pointed ears And tail cropp'd short, half lurcher, and half cur, His dog attends him.

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