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Following is the Academic Senate as of date July 1, 1914, together with the Dames of those who were members July 1, 1913-June 30, 1914, but who ceased to be members at any time during that period. Where membership has expired the fact is stated in the list. The titles and other information have been corrected to July 1, 1914, or to the date when membership expired.

Officers of colleges or departments situated elsewhere than in Berkeley are designated by an abbreviation following the title, viz.: (D) College of Dentis. try, (A) San Francisco Institute of Art, (H) Hastings College of the Law, (LO) Lick Observatory, (M) College of Medicine, (Ph) California College of Pharmacy.

The dagger (†) marks the names of members who are married.

Addresses given are in Berkeley unless stated to be elsewhere. The following abbreviations are used: S F, for San Francisco; 0, for Oakland. The word "Local" used with telephone numbers denotes telephones on the University's private exchange; Bkly, Berkeley; Oakd, Oakland; Pied, Piedmont; Mer, Merritt; Mrkt, Market; Dgls, Douglas; Frkn, Franklin; Krny, Kearney; Pac, Pacific.

Raymond Barrington Abbott, M.S., In

structor in Physics-B.S. University of
California 1908, M.S. ibid. 1912—1803

Cedar st: Bkly 2084.
#George Plímpton Adams, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Philosophy--A.B. Harvard
University 1903, M.A. ibid. 1907, Ph.D.
ibid. 1912-Spruce st, north of Regal

rd: Bkly 7012. Richard Laban Adams, M.S., Assistant Pro.

fessor of Agronomy-B.S. Massachusetts Agricultural College 1905, B.S. Boston L'niversity 1905, M.S. University of

California 1910. i Robert Grant Aitken, M.A., Sc.D., Astron

(LO)--A.B. Williams College 1887, MA, ibid. 1892, Sc.D. (Honor. ary) University of the Pacific 1903—

Mt. Hamilton, *Edgar William Alexander, B.S., M.D., In

structor in Ophthalmology (M)—B.S. University of California 1901, M.D. ibid. 1905—Shreve bldg, S F: Dgls

1478. +Helena Nelson Allen, Instructor in Draw.

Herbert Williams Allen, B.S., M.D., In.

structor in Medicine (M)-B.S. Uni. versity of California 1896, M.D. Johns Hopkins University 1900—240 Stockton

st, SF: Dgls 3600. * James Turney Allen, Ph.D., Associate Pro.

fessor of Greek-A.B. Pomona College
1895, M.A. University of California
1896, Ph.D. Yale University 1898-

Mosswood rd: Bkly 1209.
Wade Dinsmore Alter, M.S., Instructor in

Astronomy--B.S. Westminster College
1909, M.S. University of Pittsburgh

1910. Arthur Carl Alvarez, B.S., Assistant Pro.

fessor of Civil Engineering-B.S. Uni.
versity of California 1908-1909

Dwight way: Bkly 5356.
William Dallam Armes, M.L., Associate

Professor of American Literature-
Ph.B. University of California 1882,
M.L. ibid. 1895-Faculty Club: Local

48 or Bkly 5234.
Rachel Leona Ash, B.S., M.D., Instructor

ing (A)--California and Mason sts, SF.

in Pediatrics (M)—B.S. University of California 1896, M.D. ibid. 1899-391 Sutter st, SF: Sutter 417.




Ernest George Atkin, M.A., Instructor in

Romanic Languages (resigned August 30,

1913)-A.B. Cornell University 1904, M.A. Harvard University 1911. Ernest Brown Babcock, M.S., Professor of

Genetics—B.S. University of California 1905, M.S. ibid. 1912—1540 La Loma

av: Bkly 4519. Leonard Bacon, A.B., Instructor in Eng.

lish-A.B. Yale University 1910—2247

Piedmont av: Bkly 6398. *Harry Silversides Baird, B.S., Instructor

in Dairy Industry-B.S. Kansas State Agricultural College 1911-University

Farm, Davis.
†James Arthur Ballentine, A.B., Assistant

Professor of Law (H)-A.B. Yale Uni-
versity 1896—585 Monadnock bldg, S

F: Krny 621.
*W. Jarvis Barlow, A.B., M.D., Dean of

the Faculty of the Los Angeles Depart-
ment of the College of Medicine and
Professor of Clinical Medicine (resigned
June 30, 1914)--A.B. Columbia Uni.
versity 1889, M.D. ibid. 1892-616 Se.

curity bldg, Los Angeles.
^ James Theophilus Barrett, Ph.D., Plant

Pathologist in the Citrus Experiment
Station and Professor of Plant Pathol.
ogy in the Graduate School of Tropical
Agriculture--A.B. University of Illinois
1903, M.A. ibid. 1907, Ph.D. Cornell

University 1910–Riverside.
† Albert Lloyd Barrows, M.S., Instructor in

Zoology-B.S. Pomona College 1906,
M.S. University of California 1912–

1430 Arch st: Bkly 7065.
*David Prescott Barrows, Ph.D., Professor

of Political Science and Dean of the
Faculties—A.B. Pomona College 1894,
M.A. University of California 1895,
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1897—2617

College av: Bkly 6404.
Harry Percy Barrows, B.S., Instructor in

Agricultural Education (resigned Aug.
ust 31, 1914)--B.S. Utah Agricultural

College 1910—2507 Vine st.
i Louis de Fontenay Bartlett, Ph.B., LL.B.,

Lecturer in Dental Jurisprudence (D)

Samuel Hume Beckett, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Irrigation Practice-B.S.
University of California 1909--Univer.

sity Farin, Davis.
*Clair Hadyn Bell, M.L., Instructor in

German-B.L. University of California 1908, M.L. ibid. 1909–2249 College

av: Bkly 7436. *George Lewis Bell, B.L., LL.B., Assistant

Professor of Law (H)-B.L. Univer-
sity of California 1909, LL.B. Harvard
University 1912—215 Underwood bldg,

SF: Sutter 1677.
Golden Woolfolk Bell, B.L., LL.B., Assist-

ant Professor of Law (H)-B.L, Uni.
versity of California 1907, LL.B. Harv.
ard University 1910--Kohl bldg, S

Sutter 666. *Hubert Logan Belton, Instructor in Shop

work--University Farm, Davis. Charles Barrows Bennett, Ph.D., Instruc.

tor in Physiological Chemistry-Ph.B.
Brown University 1906, M.A. and M.S.
ibid. 1910, Ph.D. University of Cali.
fornia 1912— Physiology Laboratory :

Local 29.
Benjamin Abram Bernstein, Ph.D.,

Instructor in Mathematics-A.B. Johns Hopkins University 1905, Ph.D. Univer

sity of California 1913--2131 Haste st. *Henry Chalmers Biddle, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Chemistry-A.B. Mon mouth College 1891, Ph.D. University of Chicago 1900--University Cottage

No. 1: Bkly 4764. *Frederic Theodore Bioletti, M.S., Professor

of Viticulture and Enology--B.S. University of California 1894, M.S. ibid.

1898-Walnut Creek. William Ford Blake, A.B., M.D., Instruc

tor in Ophthalmology (M)-A.B. Stanford University 1895, M.D. Cooper Medical College 1902–240 Stockton st,

SF: Sutter 76. † Frederic Thomas Blanchard, M.A., Instruc

tor in English-B.L. University of California 1904, M.A. Yale University 1908

--2610 Russell st: Bkly 6273. Walter Charles Blasdale, Ph.D., Associate

Professor of Chemistry-B.S. Univer. sity of California 1892, M.S, ibid. 1896, Ph.D. ibid. 1900-2514 College ar:

-Ph.B. University of California 1893, LL.B. ibid. 18964-1700 Claus Spreck

els bldg, SF: Krny 5750. George Lusk Bean, D.D.S., Professor of

Dental Porcelain (D)-D.D.S. Phila-
delphia Dental College 1897-350 Post
st, SF: Dgls 2222.

Bkly 2776.
George Henry Boke, M.A., LL.B, Pro-

fessor of Law (exchange Professor at
Yale University, 1914-15) --Ph.B. Uni-
versity of California 1894, M.A. Harv.
ard University 1900, LL.B. ibid. 1905.

John Siegfried Bolin, A.B., Instructor in

Education-A.B. Stanford University

1912--2805 Fulton st: Bkly 2186. Herbert Eugene Bolton, Ph.D., Professor

of American History-B.L. University of Wisconsin 1895, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1899--1526 Spring st:

Bkly 5764. Moritz J. Bonn, Ph.D., Lecturer in Polit

ical Economy (to December 31, 1914). Leon Oswald Bonnet, Instructor in Viti

culture--Graduate National School of Agriculture, Montpelier, France, 1909–

2407 Fulton st: Bkly 6870. Walter W. Bonns, B.S., Assistant Profes

sor of Pomology-B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1899, B.S. in Agr. Cornell University 1909—428 Den

ton st, Riverside: Pac 1233J. Richard Gauge Boone, Ph.D., Professor of

Education—M.A. (Honorary) De Pauw
University 1884, Ph.D. University of
Ohio 1890—2831 Benvenue av: Bkly


#Edward Booth, Ph.B., Assistant Professor

of Chemistry (absent on leave, 1914-15) -Ph.B. University of California 1877

-1416 Harrison blvd, O: Oakd 3157. George Bowden, A.B., Lecturer in Voice Culture,A,B. Cambridge University

Sussex Hotel, S F. Cornelius Beach Bradley, M.A., Professor

of Rhetoric, Emeritus—A.B. Oberlin College 1868, M.A.

ibid. 1886-2639 Durant av: Bkly 4126. Carlos Bransby, M.A., Litt.D., Assistant

Professor of Spanish-M.A. Lafayette
College 1883, Litt.D. ibid. 1903—2636

Channing way: Bkly 861.
William Crowell Bray, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Chemistry-A.B. Univer: sity of Toronto 1902, Ph.D. Leipzig

1905—2708 Virginia st: Bkly 2259. Louis Isador Breitstein, B.S., M.D., In

structor in Obstetrics (M)-B.S. and M.D. University of California 1903—

240 Stockton st, s F: Dgls 3400. +Charles E. Brooks, Ph.D., Assistant Pro

fessor of Mathematics and InsuranceA.B. Johns Hopkins University 1900,

fHarold Brunn, M.D., Instructor in Sur.

gery (M)-M.D. University of Pennsylvania 1895-Butler bldg, SF: Sutter

531. Thomas Buck, Ph.D., Instructor in Math.

ematics-B.S. University of Maine 1901, Ph.D. University of Chicago 1909

2131 Haste st. John Sedgwick Burd, B.S., Professor of

Agricultural Chemistry-B.S. University of California 1899—— Faculty Club: Local

28 or Bkly 5234. Paul Steere Burgess, M.S., Assistant Pro

fessor of Soil Chemistry and Bacteriol. ogy-B.S. Rhode Island State College 1910, M.S. University of Illinois 1911

-2311 Bowditch st: Bkly 7037. *Charles Eldrid Burke, Ph.D., Instructor

in Chemistry-A.B. McMaster Univer: sity 1907, M.A. ibid. 1909, Ph.D. University of Illinois 1911–1745 Highland

pl: Вkly 7222. Theodore Crété Burnett, M.D., Assistant

Professor of Physiology-M.D. Columbia
University 1887-Hotel Shattuck: Bkly

7300. John Uberto Calkins, Jr., J.D., Lecturer

in Commercial Law-B.L. University of California 1911, J.D. ibid. 1913

1726 Euclid av: Bkly 6706. William Wallace Campbell, Sc.D., LL.D., Charles Gilbert Chinard, B.ès L., L.ès L.,

Director of the Lick Observatory and Astronomer (LO) (absent on leave, June 10 to October 10, 1914)—B.S. University of Michigan 1886, M.S. ibid. 1889, Sc.D. Western University of Pennsylvania 1900, LL.D. University of Wisconsin 1902, Sc.D. University of

Michigan 1905-Mt. Hamilton. †Henry Benjamin Carey, B.S., M.D., Pro

fessor of Botany, Materia Medica, and Physiology (Ph), Instructor in Anat. omy

and Histology, Materia Medica, and Therapeutics (D)-B.S. University of Minnesota 1900, M.D. Northwestern University 1905--12884 Ninth av, SF:

Sunset 1014. † Albert Edward Chandler, B.S., Assistant

Professor of the Institutions of Irrigation (to June 30, 1914)—B.S. Univer. sity of California 1896-2132 Derby st:

Bkly 3483. f Charles Edward Chapman, M.A., Instruc

tor in California History-A.B. Tufts College 1902, LL.B. Harvard University 1905, M.A. University of California 1909-2312 Russell st: Bkly 1017.

Ph.D. ibid. 1904.

Warner Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

of Psychology-A.B. University of California 1904. M.A. ibid. 1905, Ph.D. Columbia University 1908—2553 BenFenue av: Bkly 2038.

Professor of French-B.ès L. Univer. sité de Poitiers 1899, L.ès L. Université de Bordeaux 1902-1706 Oxford st: Bkly 393.

Alice Brown Chittenden, Assistant Profes.

George Elden Colby, M.S., Assistant Pro

fessor of Agricultural Chemistry (to December 31, 1913; absent on leave, first half-year, 1913-14)— Ph.B. University of California 1880, M.S. ibid. 1898

3131 Claremont av: Bkly 3859. † William Edward Colby, LL.B., Lecturer on

the Law of Mines and Water-LL.B. University of California 1898-2901

Channing way: Bkly 1773. George Albert Coleman, M.A., Instructor

in Entomology and Curator of the Agri. cultural Museum-A.B. Stanford Uni. versity 1903, M.A. ibid. 1905--1635

Cedar st: Bkly 5738. Ira Judson Condit, B.S., Instructor in

Citriculture--B.S. Ohio State University

1905-908 Indian Rock av: Bkly 7646. † Jean Valjean Cooke, A.B., M.D., Assistant

Professor of Pathology and Director of the Laboratory of Animal Experimentation (M)-A.B. Yale University 1904, M.D. Johns Hopkins University 1908–

36 Farnsworth lane, SF: Park 5312. Clarence Linus Cory, M.M.E., D.Eng.,

John W. Mackay, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director of the Electric Light and Power System, and Dean of the College of Mechanics-B.M.E. Purdue University 1889, M.M.E. Cornell University 1891, D.Eng. Purdue Uni. versity 1914–2438 Warring st: Bkly

2641. Herbert Ellsworth Cory, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of English-A.B. Brown Uni. versity 1906, Ph.D. Harvard University 1910-2558 Buena Vista way: Bkly

4014. ^ Russell Tracy Crawford, Ph.D., Associate

sor of Drawing (A)--2996 California st, SF: West 4108.

1 Samuel Benedict Christy, Ph.B., Sc.D.,

Professor of Mining and Metallurgy and
Dean of the College of Mining--Ph.B.
University of California 1874, Sc.D.
Columbia University 1902-2234 Pied.

mont av: Bkly 1368.
† Edward Bull Clapp. Ph.D., Professor of

the Greek Language and Literature (absent on leave, 1914-15)—A.B. Illinois College 1875, M.A. ibid. 1878, Ph.D. Yale University 1886-9 Mecklenburg

st, Leicester, England. †Bruce Lawrence Clark, Ph.D., Instructor

in Palaeontology-B.S. Pomona College 1908, M.S. University of California 1909, Ph.D. ibid. 1914–1935 Virginia

st: Bkly 8430. † John Taggart Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Pro.

fessor of Romanic Philology--A.B. Harvard University 1898, M.A.

ibid. 1899, Ph.D. ibid. 1901-2214 Russell st: Bkly 213.

Professor of Practical Astronomy---B.S. University of California 1897, Ph.D. ibid. 1901-2740 Hillegass av: Bkly

4730. Bertram Hanford Crocheron, M.S.A., As.

sistant Professor of Agricultural Exten. sion-B.S.A. Cornell University 1908, M.S.A. ibid. 1909--1809 Euclid av:

Bkly 1615. *Ira Brown Cross, Ph.D., Assistant Pro.

fessor of Economics on the Flood Foun.
dation-A.B. University of Wisconsin
1905, M.A. ibid. 1906, Ph.D. Stanford

University 1909.
William Vere Cruess, B.S., Assistant Pro-

fessor of Zymology-B.S. University of

California 1911-1614 Bonita av. Melvin Earl Cummings, Professor of Mod

eling (A), Instructor in Modeling-3966 Clay st, SF: Pac 1715.

† Warren Thompson Clarke, B.S., Professor

of Agricultural Extension and Superintendent of Farmers' Institutes-B.S. University of California 1903—2317 Le Conte av: Bkly 1930.

Roy Elwood Clausen, Ph.D., Instructor in

Genetics-B.S. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College 1910, B.S. Uni. versity of California 1912, Ph.D. ibid.

1914. Maude Cleveland, M.A., Assistant Profes.

sor of Physical Education and Director of Women's Gymnasium-B.L. Univer. sity of California 1909, M.A. Stanford University 1913—2908 Channing way.

Ernest George Clewe, J.D., Instructor in

Economics (from January 1 to June 30, 1914)--B.S. University of California 1911, J.D. ibid. 1914--2311 Bowditch st: Bkly 7037.

†J. Eliot Coit, Ph.D., Professor of Citricul.

ture-B.S. University of North Carolina 1904, M.S. ibid. 1905, Ph.D. Cornell University 1907–2419 Prince st: Bkly 6569.

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