Slike strani

Heber Doust Curtis, Ph.D., Astronomer (LO) (absent on leave, June 10 to October 10, 1914)-A.B. University of Michigan 1892, M.A. ibid. 1893, Ph.D. University of Virginia 1902-Mt. Hamilton. Stuart Daggett, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Railway Economics on the Flood Foundation-A.B. Harvard University 1903, M.A. ibid. 1904, Ph.D. ibid. 1906 -1427 Hawthorne ter: Bkly 7530. Arnold Abraham D'Ancona, A.B., M.D., Lecturer in Forensic Medicine (M)A.B. University of California 1880, M.D. ibid. 1884-739 Shrader st, S F: Park 5967.

John Franklin Daniel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology (absent on leave first half-year, 1914-15)-S.B. University of Chicago 1906, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1909-1421 Hawthorne ter: Bkly 3327.

Elmer Fred Davis, M.S., Instructor in Mineralogy and Geology-B.S. University of California 1910, M.S. ibid. 1912 -2644 Dwight way: Bkly 2588. Josephine Emma Davis, A.B., Instructor

in Nutrition-A.B. Pomona College 1908-2329 Channing way: Bkly 7508. Leon Milehame Davis, B.S., Assistant Professor of Dairy Industry-B.S. Kansas State Agricultural College 1909-University Farm, Davis.

Ludwig Joseph Demeter, M.A., Assistant Professor of German-M.A. Harvard University 1907-1300 Grove st: Bkly


Charles Derleth, Jr., B.S., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the College of Civil Engineering-B.S. College of the City of New York 1894, C.E. Columbia University 1896-2834 Webster st: Bkly 293.

Monroe Emanuel Deutsch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin-A.B. University of California 1902, M.A. ibid. 1903, Ph.D. ibid. 1911-2901 Hillegass av: Bkly 7126.

George Edward Dickie, B.L., Instructor in Military Science and Tactics-B.L. University of California 1906-328 Warwick av, 0: Oakd 6365.

Leonard Eugene Dickson, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics (to December 31, 1914)-B.S. University of Texas 1893, M.A. ibid. 1894.

Stanley Loftus Dod, D.D.S., Instructor in Dental Pathology and Therapeutics (D) -D.D.S. University of California 1909 -Affiliated Colleges, S F.

Walter Harrington Dore, B.S., Assistant Chemist in Fertilizer Control-B.S. University of California 1907-1811 Stuart st: Bkly 2732.

John Edwin Dougherty, B.S.A., Assistant Professor of Poultry HusbandryB.S.A. Cornell University 1911-University Farm, Davis.

Howard Higby Douglass, M.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry-B.S. Michigan Agricultural College 1910, M.S. University of Wisconsin 1912-University Farm, Davis.

Newton Bishop Drury, B.L., Instructor in Oral English-B.L. University of California 1912-1912 Virginia st: Bkly 4606.

Edward Benjamin Durham, E.M., Associate Professor of Mining-E.M. Columbia University 1892-2227 Ward st: Bkly 6259.

Arthur Starr Eakle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mineralogy-B.S. Cornell University 1892, Ph.D. University of Munich 1896-1518 Euclid av: Bkly 5852.

Lucile Eaves, Ph.D., Lecturer in Economics (to June 30, 1914)-A.B. Stanford University 1894, M.S. University of California 1909-2704 Virginia st: Bkly 4695.

George Elliott Ebright, M.D., Instructor in Medicine (M)-M.D. University of California 1899-209 Post st, S F: Sutter 290.

Adolphus James Eddy, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering-B.S. University of California 1910-2630 Fulton st: Bkly 6350.

George Cunningham Edwards, Ph.B., Professor of Mathematics (absent on leave, 1914-15)-Ph.B. University of California 1873-2546 Dana st: Bkly 1613. Sturla Einarsson, Ph.D., Instructor in Practical Astronomy-A.B. University of Minnesota 1905, Ph.D. University of California 1913.

Edward Elliott, Ph.D., Lecturer in International Law and Jurisprudence-A.B. Princeton University 1897, M.A. ibid. 1900, Ph.D. Heidelberg 1902-33 Canyon rd: Bkly 7394.

Ruth Elliott, A.B., Instructor in Physical Education-A.B. Smith College 1912. Thomas Sidney Elston, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics-B.S. University of California 1899, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1906-Eucalyptus path, Claremont Park: Bkly 1093.

Bernard Alfred Etcheverry, B.S., Associate Professor of Irrigation Engineering -B.S. University of California 19022598 Buena Vista way: Bkly 3366. Gustave Faucheux, B.ès L., B.ès Sc., Assistant Professor of French LiteratureB.ès L. Université de Paris 1869, B.ès Sc. ibid. 1870-2908 Regent st: Bkly 6272. Howard Samuel Fawcett, M.S., Associate Professor of Plant Pathology in Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture-B.S. Iowa State College 1905, M.S. University of Florida 1908-Riverside.

Percival Bradshaw Fay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romanic Philology-A.B. Haverford College 1909, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1912.

Harmon Francis Fischer, B.S., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

B.S. University of California 19092930 Benvenue av: Bkly 6196. Isaac Flagg, Ph.D., Professor of Greek, Emeritus-A.B. Harvard College 1864, Ph.D. Göttingen 1871-1200 Shattuck


Martin Charles Flaherty, Ph. B., Associate Professor of Forensics-Ph.B. University of California 1896-518 Sutter st, SF.

Robert Howe Fletcher, Assistant Professor of the History of Art and Perspective and Director of the San Francisco Institute of Art (A)-2429 Channing way: Bkly 8515. Friedrich Carl Hermann Flossfeder, Instructor in Viticulture-University

Farm, Davis. Francis Seeley Foote, Jr., E.M., Associate Professor of Railroad EngineeringE.M. Columbia University 1905-1541 Hawthorne ter: Bkly 8333.

John F. Forbes, C.P.A., Lecturer in Accounting-203 Crocker bldg, S F: Krny


John Nivison Force, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor of Epidemiology-B.S. University of California 1898, M.D. ibid. 1901, M.S. ibid. 1910-2631 Derby st: Bkly 5309.

Alfred Forke, LL.D., Agassiz Professor of Oriental Languages and Literatures. Walter Scott Franklin, M.D., Instructor in Ophthalmology (M)-M.D. Cooper Medical College 1898-135 Stockton st, S F: Krny 632.

Howard Brett Frost, Ph.D., Assistant in Citrus Experiment Station and Instructor in Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture-B.S.A. Cornell University 1908, M.S.A. ibid. 1910, Ph.D. ibid. 1913-Riverside.

John Fryer, LL.D., Professor of Oriental Languages, Emeritus-LL.D. Alfred University 1889-2620 Durant av: Bkly 36.

Nathaniel Lyon Gardner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Botany-B.S. University of Washington 1900, M.S. University of California 1903, Ph.D. ibid. 1906Faculty Club: Local 28 or Bkly 5234. Frederick Parker Gay, A.B., M.D., Professor of Pathology (absent on leave first half-year, 1914-15)-A.B. Harvard University 1897, M.D. Johns Hopkins University 1901-2347 Prospect st: Bkly 1041.

George Inness Gay, C.E., Instructor in Civil Enginering (to June 30, 1914) — B.S. University of Colorado 1909, C.E. ibid. 1912-Faculty Club: Bkly 5234. Charles Mills Gayley, Litt.D., LL.D., Professor of the English Language and Literature (absent on leave, 1914-15)— A.B. University of Michigan 1878, Litt.D. Kenyon College 1900, LL.D. University of Glasgow 1901, University of Michigan 1904-Care, Parr's Bank, Ltd.. 4 Bartholomew lane, London, England.

Clayton R. George, B.S., Instructor in Animal Husbandry (resigned May 1. 1914)-B.S. Ohio State University 1912 -University Farm, Davis. William Frederick Gericke, B.S.A., Instructor in Soil Chemistry-B.S.A. Iowa State College 1912-1710 Grant st. George Ernest Gibson, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry-B.S. Edinburgh Univer sity 1907, Ph.D. Breslau 1911-2612 Dana st.

Barry Gilbert, LL.B., Professor of Law -A.B. Northwestern University 1898, LL.B. ibid. 1901.

Clark Ransom Giles, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry (D)-Affiliated Colleges, S F.

John Washington Gilmore, M.S.A., Pro

fessor of Agronomy-B.S. Cornell University 1898, M.S.A. ibid. 1906-1042 Oxford st: Bkly 8251.

William Girard, B.L., Instructor in French -B.L. University of Neuchatel 18922214 Bancroft way: Bkly 1431. Malcolm Goddard, B.S., D.D.S., Instructor in Comparative Anatomy (D)-Butler bldg, S F: Sutter 73.

#Emilio Goggio, M.A., Instructor in Italian -A.B. Harvard University 1909, M.A. University of Toronto 1910-2362 Ellsworth st.

Thomas Harper Goodspeed, Ph.D., Instructor in Botany-A.B. Brown University 1909, Ph.D. University of California 1912-2617 LeConte av: Bkly 4010. George Putnam Gray, M.S., Instructor in Insecticides and Chemist in Insecticide Laboratory-B.S. Pomona College 1910, M.S. University of California 19112401 Ward st: Bkly 1039.

Franklin Theodore Green, Ph.G., Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Chemical Laboratories, and Dean of the Faculty of the California College of Pharmacy (Ph)-Ph.G. University of California 1882-500 Devisadero st, S F: Park 478.

Jeanne Harouel Greenleaf, B.L., Instruc

tor in French-B.L. University of California 1908-1437 LeRoy av: Bkly 5044.

John William Gregg, B.S., Professor of Landscape Gardening and Floriculture -B.S. Boston University 1904, B.S. Massachusetts Agricultural College 1904 -1550 La Loma av: Bkly 2053. Horace Seth Griswold, C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering-C.E, Cornell University 1908-1539 Hawthorne


John Edwin Gurley, D.D.S., Instructor in Dental Chemistry (D)-D.D.S. University of California 1908-350 Post st, SF: Dgls 2222.

Emil Henry Hagemann, Instructor in Dairying (resigned December 31, 1913) -Graduate Wisconsin Dairy School 1890 University Farm, Davis. Elmer Edgar Hall, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics-B.S. University of Southern California 1893, M.S. University of California 1896, Ph.D., Cornell University 1902-1501 LeRoy av: Bkly 1024.

Harvey Monroe Hall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economic Botany and Assistant Botanist to Agricultural Experiment Station-B.S. University of California 1901, M.S. ibid. 1902, Ph.D. ibid. 1906 -1615 La Loma av: Bkly 4188.

Sidney T. Harding, B.S., Assistant Professor of the Institutions of IrrigationB.S. University of Michigan 1905. Clarence Melvin Haring, D.V.M., Professor of Veterinary Science-D.V.M. New York State Veterinary College 19042630 Hilgard av: Bkly 6237.

Maurice Edward Harrison, J.D., Lecturer in Law-A.B. University of California 1908, J.D. ibid. 1910-2742 Derby st: Bkly 5548.

Richard Calhoun Harrison, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law (H)-A.B. Harvard College 1890, LL.B. ibid. 1893 -Mills bldg, S F: Dgls 799.

Robert Waite Harrison, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law (H)-A.B. Harvard University 1895, LL.B. ibid. 1898-Hum boldt Bank bldg, S F: Sutter 1935.

Walter Morris Hart, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Philology-A.B. Hav erford College 1892, M.A. ibid. 1893, M.A. Harvard University 1901, Ph.D. ibid. 1903-2255 Piedmont av: Bkly 2078.

Richard Warren Harvey, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy-B.S. University of California 1901, M.S. ibid. 1910, M.D. ibid. 1913-2134 Ninth av, 0: Mer 4518.

Mellen Woodman Haskell, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics-A.B. Harvard University 1883, M.A. ibid. 1885, M.A. and Ph.D. Göttingen 1889-2019 Durant av. Henry Rand Hatfield, Ph.D., Professor of Foundation Accounting on the Flood

and Secretary of the College of Commerce-A.B. Northwestern University 1892, Ph.D. University of Chicago 1898 -2633 LeConte av: Bkly 2302.

Fred Montreville Hayes, D.V.M., Assistant Professor of ScienceVeterinary D.V.M. Kansas State Agricultural College 1908-University Farm, Davis. William Charles Hays, B.S., Assistant Professor of Architecture (absent on leave second half-year, 1914-15)-B.S. University of Pennsylvania 1893-Cloyne Court: Bkly 4710.

Louis Theodore Hengstler, Ph.D., Profes-
sor of Law (H)-M.A. University of
California 1892, Ph.D. ibid. 1894-
Crocker bldg, S F: Sutter 666.
William Brodbeck Herms, M.A., Assistant
Professor of Parasitology-B.S. German
Wallace College 1902, M.A. Ohio State
University 1906-1424 LeRoy av: Bkly

† Ernest

Albion Hersam, B.S., Associate Professor of Metallurgy-B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 18912308 LeConte av: Bkly 8437. Paul Llewellyn Hibbard, B.S., Chemist in Fertilizer Control-B.S. University of Nebraska 1892-R. F. D. No. 1, Hayward.

Joel Henry Hildebrand, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry-B.S. University of Pennsylvania 1903, Ph.D. ibid. 1906 -1536 LeRoy av: Bkly 7764. Eugene Woldemar Hilgard, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Agriculture, EmeritusPh.D. Heidelberg 1853, LL.D., University of Mississippi 1884, University of Michigan 1887, Columbia University 1887, University of California 19142728 Bancroft way: Bkly 1392. Carl Leslie Hoag, M.S., Instructor in Physiology (D) (to December 31, 1914)-B.S. University of California 1909, M.S. ibid. 1910-City of Paris bldg, S F: Dgls 2271.

Dennis Robert Hoagland, M.A., Assistant Professor of Agricultural ChemistryA.B. Stanford University 1907, M.A. University of Wisconsin 1913-2417 Le Conte av: Bkly 5650.

Joseph Dupuy Hodgen, D.D.S., Professor of Operative Denstistry (D)-D.D.S. University of California 1887-240 Stockton st, S F: Dgls 3400. Samuel Jackson Holmes, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Zoology-B.S. University of California 1893, M.S. ibid. 1894, Ph.D. University of Chicago 18972420 Ashby av: Bkly 7421.

Ruliff Stephen Holway, A.B., M.S., Asso

ciate Professor of Physical Geography-
A.B. Stanford University 1903, M.S.
University of California 1904-2401 Le
Conte av: Bkly 3163.

William Titus Horne, B.Sc., Associate Professor of Plant Pathology-B.Sc. University of Nebraska 1898-2701 Virginia st: Bkly 4050.

Albert Joshua Houston, B.L., M.D., Instructor in Laryngology, Otology, and Rhinology (M) (absent on leave first half-year, 1914-15)-B.L. University of California 1895, M.D. Cooper Medical College 1898-350 Post st, S F: Dgls 2222.

Charles Samuel Harold Howard, M.A., Instructor in Spanish-A.B. University of California 1895, M.A. ibid. 1899-1118 Laurel st: Bkly 1823.

John Galen Howard, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Professor of Architecture and Director of the School of Architecture-1401 LeRoy av: Bkly 72.

Louis Philippe Howe, M.D., Professor of Anatomy (A)-M.D. University of California 1908-350 Post st, S F: Dgis 2222.

Ira Woods Howerth, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Director of University Extension-A.B. Valparaiso University 1883, A.B. Harvard University 1893, M.A. University of Chicago 1894, Ph.D. ibid. 1898-2401 Prospect st: Bkly 7493.

George Holmes Howison, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Philosophy, EmeritusA.B. Marietta College 1852, M.A. hono ris causa ibid. 1855, LL.D. ibid. 1883, LL.D. University of Michigan 1909, LL.D. University of California 19142631 Piedmont av: Bkly 1393.

George Rucian Hubbell, M.D., Instructor in Radiography (D)-B.S. Napa College 1885, M.D. Cooper Medical College 1890 -350 Post st, S F: Dgls 2222.

William Grandville Hummel, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education -B.S. University of Illinois 1907, M.S. University of California 1912-2618 Cedar st: Bkly 4141.

Samuel Johns Hunkin, M.D., Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery (M) (resigned October 14, 1913)-M.D. University of California 1890-1155 Bush st, S F: Frkn 534.

Thomas Forsyth Hunt, D.Agr., Sc.D., Pro

fessor of Agriculture, Dean of the College of Agriculture, and Director of Agricultural Experiment Station-B.S. University of Illinois 1884, M.S. ibid. 1892, D.Agr. ibid. 1904, Sc.D. Michigan Agricultural College 1907-Glengarry apts: Bkly 7759.

Thomas Francis Hunt, B.S., Assistant Superintendent of Farmers' InstitutesB.S. Massachusetts Agricultural College 1905-2429 Channing way: Bkly 3515. +Thomas Waterman Huntington, A.B., M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, Emeritus (M)-A.B. University of Vermont 1871, M.D. Harvard University 1876-350 Post st, S F: Dgls 2222. Lincoln Hutchinson, M.A., Associate Professor of Commerce on the Flood Foundation and Dean of the Lower Division -Ph.B. University of California 1889, A.B. Harvard University 1893, M.A. ibid. 1898-9 Canyon rd: Bkly 2893. Charles Gilman Hyde, B.S., Professor of Sanitary Engineering-B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 18962579 Buena Vista way: Bkly 870. Ross Carnes Ingrim, Instructor in Shopwork-University Farm, Davis. Frank Irwin, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics-A.B. Harvard University 1890, B.S. ibid. 1892, M.A. ibid. 1894, Ph.D. ibid. 1908-2632 Haste st: Bkly 4048. Adele S. Jaffa, M.D., Lecturer in Dietetics (to June 30, 1914)-2637 Virginia st: Bkly 949.

Myer Edward Jaffa, M.S., Professor of Nutrition-Ph.B. University of California 1877, M.S. ibid. 1896-2637 Virginia st: Bkly 949.

Willis Linn Jepson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Dendrology-Ph.B. University of California 1889, Ph.D. ibid. 1898-2714 Benvenue av.

William Carey Jones, M.A., Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the School of Jurisprudence-A.B. University of California 1875, M.A. ibid. 1879 -2625 Benvenue av: Bkly 1582. Charles Chapel Judson, Assistant Professor of Drawing (A), Assistant Professor of Drawing (absent on leave, 1914-15)— 9 Rue Seribe, Paris, France. Patrick Beveridge Kennedy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Agronomy-B.S.A. University of Toronto 1894, Ph.D. Cornell University 1899-2318 Telegraph av: Bkly 5964.

tolly Jasper Kern, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education-1329 Walnut


William Watt Kerr, M.A., M.B., C.M., Clinical Professor of Medicine (M)M.A. Edinburgh 1877, M.B. and C.M. ibid. 1881-391 Sutter st, S F: Dgls 5124.

Alexander Marsden Kidd, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law-A.B. University of California 1899, LL.B. Harvard University 1903-349 Cherry st, S F: Pac 1636.

Eugene Sterling Kilgore, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Medicine (M)-B.S. University of California 1904, M.D. Harvard University 1909-321 Parnassus av, S F: Park 7331.

Mary Lois Kissell, M.A., Associate Pro-
fessor of Domestic Art (to June 30,
1914)-B.S. Teachers College, Columbia
University 1911, M.A. ibid. 1913.
Frank Louis Kleeberger, B.S., Assistant
Professor of Physical Education-B.S.
University of California 1908-2509
Durant av: Bkly 8584.

Charles Atwood Kofoid, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology-A.B. Oberlin College 1890, M.A. Harvard University 1892, Ph.D. ibid. 1894-2616 Etna st: Bkly 1059. Hermann Kower, C.E., Associate Professor of Drawing-C.E. Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart, 1884-1256 E. Thirty. seventh st, O: Mer 3803.

George H. Kress, B.S., M.D., Professor of Hygiene and Dean of the Faculty of the Los Angeles Department of the College of Medicine (M)-B.S. University of Cincinnati 1896, M.D. ibid. 1899-245 Bradbury bldg, Los Angeles.

Alfred Louis Kroeber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology and Curator of the Anthropological Museum-A.B. Columbia University 1896, M.A. ibid. 1897, Ph.D. ibid. 1901-Affiliated Colleges, S F.

Yoshi Saburo Kuno, M.S., Instructor in Japanese-B.S. University of California 1897, M.S. ibid. 1900-1184 Arch st. Benjamin Putnam Kurtz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English-A.B. University of California 1901, Ph.D. ibid. 1906— 59 Santa Clara av, 0: Oakd 6276. Emmanuel Benjamin Lamare, Instructor in French (to June 30, 1914)-2218 Union st: Bkly 2967.

Alexis Frederick Lange, Ph.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Education and Director of the School of Education -A.B. University of Michigan 1885, M.A. ibid. 1885, Ph.D. ibid. 18922601 LeConte av: Bkly 424.

Herbert Bamford Langille, Assistant Professor of Machine Design and Mechanical Drawing-2211 Union st: Bkly 5955.

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