Slike strani

Herbert Joshua Samuels, D.D.S., Instruc

tor in Prosthetic Technic (D)-Affili

ated Colleges, SF. Roscoe Frank Sanford, A.B., Assistant

Astronomer on the D. 0. Mills Expedition to Chile (LO)—A.B. University of

Minnesota 1905–Santiago, Chile. {Thomas Frederick Sanford, A.B., Assistant

Professor of English Literature-A.B.
Yale University 1888-1030 Vallejo st,

SP: Prospect 1561.
Wilbur Augustus Sawyer, A.B., M.D.,

Director of the State Hygienic Laboratory-A.B. Harvard University 1902, M.D. ibid. 1906-2243 College av: Bkly

1975. Rudolph Schevill, Ph.D., Professor of

Spanish-AB, Yale University 1896,

Ph.D. Munich 1898. * Hugo Karl Schilling, Ph.D., Professor of

the German Language and Literature (absent on leave first half-year, 191415)—M.A. and Ph.D. Leipzig 1885Care, Knauth, Nachod and Kuehne,

Leipzig, Germany. Valentine Schmidt, Lecturer on the Busi

ness Side of Pharmacy (Ph)--1845 Polk st, SF: Frkn 3200.

Lionel Samuel Schmitt, B.S., M.D., In.

structor in Dermatology (M)--B.S. and M.D. University of California 1901—

830 Butler bldg, SF: Dgls 1491. Albert Schneider, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

of Pharmacognosy, Economic Pharmaceutical Botany, Histology, and Bacteriology (Ph), Instructor in Materia Med. ica (M)-M.D. Chicago College of Phy. sieians and Surgeons 1887, B.S. University of Illinois 1894, M.S. University of Minnesota 1894, Ph.D. Columbia University 1897—1325 Arch st: Bkly

3576. Richard Frederick Scholz, Ph.D., Assistant Proiessor

of Ancient History--A.B. University of Wisconsin 1902, M.A. ibid. 1903, Ph.D.

ibid. 1910-2739 Dwight way: Bkly 7096. Hermann Leopold Schwarz, Ph.D.,


Saxon Bird Scott, D.D.S., Instructor in

Prosthetic Technic (D) (to June 30, 1914)-D.D.S. University of California

1910—291 Geary st, SF: Dgls 4271. Henry Washington Seawell, Instructor in

Water Coloring and Pen and Ink Draw.

ing-236 Cole st, SF: Pac 1737. Charles Louis Seeger, Jr., A.B., Professor of

Music-A.B. Harvard University 1908-1614 La Loma av: Bkly 824. Joachim Henry Senger, Ph.D., Professor

of German, Emeritus-A.B. University of California 1882, Ph.D. ibid. 1888

1321 Bay View pl: Вkly 404. William Albert Setchell, Ph.D., Professor

of Botany (absent on leave second half-
year, 1914-15) --A.B. Yale College 1887,
M.A. Harvard University 1888, Ph.D.
ibid. 1890——Faculty Club: Local 28 or

Bkly 5234.
James Graham Sharp, D.D.S., M.D., Pro.

fessor of the Principles and Practice of
Surgery (D)-D.D.S. University of
California 1892, M.D. ibid. 1894-But-

ler bldg, SF: Dgls 3912. Leslie Theodore Sharp, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Soil Chemistry and Bacter. iology-B.S. University of California

1911—2406 College av.
William Fuller Sharp, D.D.S., D.M.D.,

Professor of Clinical Prosthodontia (D)
-D.D.S. University of California 1890,
D.M.D. Harvard University 1891-350

Post st, SF: Dgls 2222.
iCharles Frederick Shaw, B.S.A., Professor

of Soil Technology-B.S.A. Cornell University 1906—1509 Spruce st: Bkly

6541. Robert Sibley, B.S., Professor of Mechani

cal Engineering-B.S. University of California 1903--2629 LeConte av:

Bkly 1715. *Haydn Mozart Simmons, Ph.G., M.D., As

sociate Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy and Lecturer on Toxicology (Ph)--Ph.G. University of California 1895, M.D. ibid. 1901-1331 Broderick

st, SF: Flmr 1790. Caroline Bates Singleton, A.B., Instructor

in French-A.B. Wellesley College 1906 -2401 LeConte av.

structor in German-Ph.D. Freiberg.

2240 Telegraph av: Bkly 1249. Raymond Marchant Scott, B.S., Instructor

in Physical Education-B.S. University of California 1912-1108 Laurel

st: Bkly 6204.

Paul Ainsley Sinsheimer, B.L., Lecturer

in Economics on the Flood Foundation (to December 31, 1914)-BL University of California 1901—833 Market st, SF: Sutter 2260.

Frederick Slate, B.S., Professor of Physics

-B.S. Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute

1871—2231 College av: Bkls 838. Josiah Morris Slemons, A.B., M.D., Pro

fessor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (M) --A.B. Johns Hopkins University 1897, M.D. ibid. 1901—3404 Clay st, SF:

Flmr 1578. Alfred Smith, M.A., Instructor in Soil

Technology--A.B. Wittenberg College 1907. M.A. ibid. 1910—2311 Bowditch

st: Bkly 7037. *Clayton Orville Smith, M.A., Instructor in

Plant Pathology-B.S. Middlebury Col. lege 1899, M.A. Cornell University 1902

---Whittier. Elizabeth Hight Smith, M.S., Instructor in

Plant Pathology-A.B. Smith College 1900, M.S. Massachusetts Agricultural

College 1905-23 Hilgard av. † Philip Edward Smith, Ph.D., Instructor in

Anatomy--B.S. Pomona College 1908,
M.S.A. Cornell University 1910, Ph.D.

ibid. 1912-1918 Haste st: Bkly 8695. †Ralph Elliot Smith, B.S., Professor of

Plant Pathology-B.S. Massachusetts
Agricultural College and Boston Univer:

sity 1894—1625 Euclid av. George Arnold Smithson, Ph.D., Instructor

in English Philology-B.L. University of California 1903, M.L. ibid. 1904, Ph.D. ibid. 1908-2319 College av:

Bkly 2212. Alfred Solomon,


Instructor in French-A.B. Occidental College 1900, A.B. University of California 1902, M.A. ibid. 1903--2628 Durant av: Bkly

1688. Forrest Eugene Spencer, A.B., Instructor

in Spanish (to June 30, 1914)--B.L. University of California 1911, A.B. ibid.

1913—610 Page st, SF: Mrkt 827. John Aloysius Stanton, Professor of Draw.

ing and Painting and Dean of the Faculty of the California School of

Design (A)-409 Melville av, Palo Alto. Lucy Ward Stebbins, A.B., Assistant ProRalph Hawley Taylor, B.S., Instructor in

fessor of Social Economy and Dean of Women-A.B. Radcliffe College 1902

2731 Durant av: Bkly 7386. Jacob Frederick Steffan, D.D.S., Clinical

Instructor in Operative Dentistry (D)

--Affiliated Colleges, SF.
Henry Morse Stephens, M.A., LL.D.,

Sather Professor of History--A.B. Ox-
ford University 1880, M.A. ibid. 1892,
LL.D. Harvard University 1909—Fac-
ulty Club: Bkly 6468.

Lloyd William Stephenson, Ph.D., Acting

Professor of Palaeontology (from Janu. ary 1 to June 30, 1914)-Ph, B., Scio College 1903, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Uni.

versity 1907-Morrill apts.
Ralph Tallant Stevens, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Landscape Gardening-
B.S. Michigan Agricultural College 1905

-Berkeley Inn: Bkly 6370.
Guy Robertson Stewart, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Agricultural Chemistry-
B.S. University of California 1906-

Euclid apts: Bkly 7492.
Mattie Evangeline Stover, M.S., Instructor

in Nutrition-B.S. Utah Agricultural
College 1901, B.S. University of Cali-
fornia 1905, M.S. ibid. 1913-2918

Benvenue av: Bkly 4000.
* George Malcolm Stratton, Ph.D., Professor

of Psychology on the Mills Foundation
-A.B. University of California 1888,
M.A. Yale University 1890, M.A. and
Ph.D. Leipzig 1896-55 Canyon rd:

Bkly 5354.
Edward Griffith Stricklen, Instructor in

Music--470 Thirty-eighth st, 0: Pied

1537. 1 Arnold Valentine Stubenrauch, M.S.A.,

Professor of Pomology--B.S. University of California 1899, M.S.A. Cornell Uni.

versity 1901. † Allen Holman Suggett, D.D.S., Professor

of Orthodontics (D)-D.D.S. University of California 1893--Butler bldg, SF:

Krny 1428. † Francis Bartody Sumner, Ph.D., Biologist

in the Scripps Institution for Biological Research-B.S. University of Minnesota 1894, Ph.D. Columbia University 1901

--2736 Hillegass av: Bkly 7189. James Sutton, Ph.B., Recorder of the Fac

ulties and Secretary of the Academic Senate Ph.B. University of California

1888-2301 Prospect st: Bkly 2068. ^ John Swett, M.A., LL.D., Honorary Lec.

turer in Education (died August 13, 1913)--M.A. Dartmouth College 1866,

LL.D. University of California 1913. * Arthur Gould Tasheira, A.B., LL.B., Lec

turer in Law (absent on leave, 1914. 15) --A.B. University of California 1900, LL.B. Harvard University 1903

-635 Walsworth av, 0: Pied 2734.
i Edward Robeson Taylor, M.D., Professor

of Law and Dean of the Faculty of
Hastings College of the Law (H)-
M.D. University of California 1865--
Underwood bldg, SF: Sutter 928.

Pomology-B.S. University of California

1910—University Farm, Davis.
† Walter Jennings Taylor, D.V.M., Assistant

Professor of Veterinary Science
D.V.M. Cornell University 1906-Im-

perial Valley Station, El Centro. † Frederick John Teggart, A.B.. Associate

Professor of Pacific Coast History and
Curator of the Bancroft Library-A.B.
Stanford University 1894–2621 Rose

st: Bkly 2470. * Wallace Irving Terry, B.S., M.D., Profes.

sor of Surgery (M)-B.S. Unirersity of California 1890, M.D. ibid. 1892--240

Stockton st, SF: Dgls 3400. fWinfield Scott Thomas, A.B., Assistant

Professor of Education and Examiner of Schools—A.B. Johns Hopkins UniFersity 1889-2337 Eunice st: Bkly

1998. John Irwin Thompson, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Animal Husbandry-B.S.
Iowa State College 1910_University

Farm, Davis.
Eleanor D. Toaz, Lecturer in Domestic

Art Education (to June 30, 1914)

Treehaven apts: Bkly 5564. Richard Chace Tolman, Ph.D., Assistant

Professor of Chemistry—B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1903, Ph.D. ibid. 1910_264142 Channing

way. Reuben Simpkin Tour, M.S., Assistant Pro

fessor of Gas Engineering-B.S. Uni." versity of Michigan 1910, M.S. ibid.

1914-2236 Summer st: Bkly 5175. Gordon Haines True, B.S., Professor of

Animal Husbandry-B.S. University of
Wisconsin 1894—University Farin,

Davis. 4 Richard Hawley Tucker, C.E., Astronomer

(LO)-C.E. Lehigh University 1879-

Mt. Hamilton
John Burnside Tufts, D.D.S., Professor of

Dental Pathology and Therapeutics (D)
-D.D.S. Tufts College Dental School

1894-135 Stockton st, S F: Dgls 2271. Leslie Morton Turner, D.ès L., Assistant

Professor of French-B.L. University of California 1903, D.ès L. Université

de Paris 1913–67 Santa Clara av, 0. Edwin Cooper Van Dyke, B.S., M.D., In

structor in Entomology-B.S. Univer. sity of California 1893, M.D. Cooper Medical College 1895—1478A California st, SF.

Hubert Everett Van Norman, B.S., Pro

fessor of Dairy Management, ViceDirector of Agricultural Experiment Station, and Dean of University Farm School-B.S. Michigan Agricultural Col

lege 1897—University Farm, Davis. † John James Van Nostrand, M.A., Instruc

tor in History (to June 30, 1914)A.B. University of Chicago 1905, M.A. Stanford University 1911-2737 Dwight

way: Bkly 322, Frank Van Sloun, Assistant Professor of

Drawing and Painting (A)---1617 Cali.

fornia st, SF: Frkn 8268. *Charles August von Hoffman, M.D., Pro

fessor of Gynecology, Emeritus (M)M.D. Leipzig 1875-2669 California st,

SF: Flmr 3308. #Charles Don von Neumayer, Assistant Pro

fessor of Public Speaking--2836 Gar

ber st: Bkly 2980. Oliver Miles Washburn, A.B., Assistant

Professor of Classical Archaeology-
A.B. Hillsdale College 1894—30 Arden

rd: Bkly 2221. * Thomas Talbot Waterman, A.B., Assistant

Professor of Anthropology---A.B. University of California 1907-2804 Cherry

st: Bkly 6145. Herbert John Webber, Ph.D., Professor of

Plant Pathology, Director of the Citrus
Experiment Station, and Dean of the
Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture
---B.S. University of Nebraska 1889,
M.A. ibid. 1890, Ph.D. Washington Uni-

versity 1900-Riverside. Hermann J. Weber, Ph.D., Associate Pro

fessor of German--Ph.D. Harvard Uni. versity 1906-1811 La Loma av: Bkly

7494. *Chauncey Wetmore Wells, A.B., Associate

Professor of English Composition-A.B.
Yale University 1896-2243 Piedmont

way: Bkly 5543. † William Theodore Wenzell, Ph.M., M.D.,

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus (Ph), (died July 31, 1913)-Ph.M. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 1855, M.D. La Crosse Medical College 1864, M.D.

Medical College of the Pacific 1876. *Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Ph.D., LL.D.,

Litt.D., President of the University and President ex officio of the Senate-A.B. Brown University 1875, M.A. ibid. 1878, Ph.D. Heidelberg 1885, LL.D., Princeton University 1896, Brown Uni. versity 1900, Harvard University 1900,

Yale University 1901, Johns Hopkins University 1902, University of Wisconsin 1904, Dartmouth College 1905, Co. lumbia University 1906, Litt.D. University of Athens 1912— President's House,

University Grounds. 7 Carlos Greenleaf White, J.D., Lecturer in Law-B.L. University

of California 1904, J.D. ibid. 1906-469 Sixty-fifth

st, 0: Pied 3146. * Ralph Archibald White, B.S., Instructor:

in Civil Engineering-B.S. University of

California 1911--1841 Marin av. Albert Wurts Whitney, A.B., Associate

Professor of Mathematics and Insurance (resigned August 30, 1913)--A.B. Bel

oit College 1891. Edward James Wickson, M.A., Professor

of Horticulture (absent on leave, 191415)-A.B. Hamilton College 1869, M.A. ibid. 1872—2723 Bancroft way: Bkly

3891. *Harley Rupert Wiley, A.B., LL.B., Lec

turer on Pharmacal Jurisprudence (Ph) --A.B. Christian College 1877, LL.B. University of California 1897--Berkeley

National Bank bldg: Bkly 5886. îWilliam Patten Willard, M.D., Instructor

in Urology (M)--M.D. University of California 1899-177 Post st, S F: Dgls

5726. *Ralph Elmer Wilson, Ph.D., Assistant As

tronomer in charge of the D. 0. Mills Expedition to Chile (LO)-A.B. Carle. ton College 1906, Ph.D. University of Virginia 1910—Santiago, Chile.

Clement Tehle Wiskocil, B.S., C.E., In

structor in Civil Engineering-B.S. University of Wisconsin 1912, C.E. ibid.

1913-1586 LeRoy av. † Fritz Wilhelm Woll, Ph.D., Professor of

Animal Nutrition-Ph.D. University of
Wisconsin 1904--University Farm,

Baldwin Munger Woods, Ph.D., Instructor

in Theoretical Mechanics- E.E. Unirer. sity of Texas 1908, M.S. University of California 1909, Ph.D. ibid. 1912—2032

Durant av: Bkly 8600. Charles William Woodworth, M.S., Profes

sor of Entomology-B.S. University of Illinois 1885, M.S. ibid. 1886--2237

Carlton st: Bkly 2154. Harry Noble Wright, Ph.D., Instructor in

Mathematics-B.S. Earlham College 1904, M.S. University of California 1911, Ph.D. ibid. 1913—2409 Dwight

way: Bkly 6107. William Hammond Wright, B.S., Astron:

omer (LO)--B.S. University of Cali

fornia 1893-Mt. Hamilton. Rosalind Wulzen, Ph.D., Instructor in

Physiology-B.S. University of California 1904, M.S. ibid. 1910, Ph.D. ibid.

1914-2447 Carlton st: Bkly 6531. John Wurts, LL.M., M.A., Professor of

Law (exchange Professor from Yale University) --LL.B. Yale University 1884, LL.M. ibid. 1889, M.A. ibid.

1897. Willson Joseph Wythe, B.S., Assistant

Professor of Drawing-B.S. University of California 1895-15 Hill rd, 0: Pied 5791.


HISTORY The establishment of the University of California came as a resultant of three movements-one originating in private initiative, one in State action, and one in Federal action.

In 1853 Rev. Henry Durant, a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Yale College, class of 1827, landed in San Francisco. He came with the purpose of founding a university fully formed in his mind. In that same year, under the auspices of the Presbytery of San Francisco and of the Congregational Association of California, Mr. Durant opened the "Contra Costa Academy” in Oakland. The name was shortly afterwards changed to “College School,'' in order to signify that the undertaking was only preparatory to the projected college. Such an institution was incorporated in 1855 under the name of the “College of California.” A suitable site had already been secured in Oakland. Rev. Samuel H. Willey a graduate of Dartmouth College, class of 1845, who had come to California in 1849, and had constantly agitated the subject of founding a college, was appointed vice-president; no president was selected. In 1859 three professors—Henry Durant, Martin Kellogg, and I. H. Braytontogether with three instructors, were chosen as the faculty of the college, and in 1860 instruction was formally begun with a freshman class of eight students. Classes were graduated from 1864 to 1869, inclusive.

In 1856 a tract of one hundred and sixty acres, five miles north of Oakland, was selected as the permanent home of the college; in 1860 this spot was formally dedicated to the purposes of education; and in 1866, on the suggestion of a member of the board of trustees, Frederick Billings, the name of Berkeley was given to the townsite.

The Constitutional Convention of 1849 inserted in the fundamental law a provision that the legislature should encourage the promotion of the intellectual, scientific and moral improvement of the people. To accomplish this end the constitution placed at the disposal of the legislature: (1) the five hundred thousand acres of land, which had been granted by Congress for the purposes of internal improvement, and devoted by the constitution of California to the cause of common school education; (2) all escheated estates; (3) the sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections of land, granted by Congress, and constituting one-eighteenth portion of all the soil of the State. The constitution directed that these benefactions

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