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LIST OF ACCREDITED SCHOOLS, 1913–1914 NOTE.—The accrediting of secondary schools is an accrediting of schools rather than subjects. Any recommendations issued by the principals will be provisionally accepted by the University, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Recommendations are to be issued only for the graduates of the regular courses of the school;

(2) Recommendations are to be based exclusively upon the regular work of the school, and not upon private “coaching" or special examination;

(3) “Supplementary” recommendations—for work taken in the high school after the pupil's matriculation in a college or university-are not to be accepted in lieu of matriculation examinations;

(4) The status of every undergraduate student is probationary during his first year of residence in the University, and his final allowance of matriculation credit may depend upon his work during this probationary year;

(5) The scholarship records in the University of California for the first-year students from each of the accredited schools are kept in such a way as to show the scholarship standing of the school, as reflected by its representatives in the University; and this record is made use of in determining the status of the school as a possible candidate for future accrediting

Recommended graduates who wish to postpone their entrance to the University should send their recommendations, with specific request for extension, to the Recorder of the Faculties. Extension may be granted for one year, with the possibility of renewal, upon request. Recommendations become invalid if not presented within twenty months after graduation.

Public Schools
Alameda High School-G. C. Thompson, Ph.D.
Alhambra City High School-Mr. F. V. Routt.
Alturas: Modoc County High School-Mr. Anthony Rose.
Anaheim Union High School - Mr. E. W. Hauck.
Anderson Union High School - Mr. S. F. Batdorf.
Angels Camp: Bret Harte Union High School-Mr. A. J. Newman.
Antioch: Riverview Union High School - Mr. J. B. Ely.
Arcata Union High School-Mr. A. 0. Cooperrider.
Arroyo Grande Union High School-Mr. R. L. Bird.
Auburn: Placer County High School-J. F. Engle, Ph.D.
Azusa: Citrus Union High School-Mr. J. B. Corcoran.
Bakersfield: Kern County High School--B. S. Gowen, Ph.D.

Banning Union High School-Miss E. B. Hield.
Benicia High School-Mr. A. W. Miller.
Berkeley High SchoolMr. C. L. Biedenbach.
Bishop Union High School-Mr. F. E. Howard.
Bostonia: El Cajon Valley Union High School-Mr. W. A. Pratt.
Boulder Creek Union High School-Mr. F. J. Browne.
Brawley Union High School-Mr. W. T. Randall.
Brentwood: Liberty Union High School-Mr. J. I. Martin,
Burbank Union High School-Mr. M. M. Livingston.
Campbell Union High School-Mr. I. W. Snow.
Cedarville: Surprise Valley Union High School-Mr. J. A. Metzler.
Centerville Unior High School-Mr. G. W. Wright.
Ceres High School-Mr. J. P. Ratzell.
Chico High School-Mr. W. M. Mackay.
Chino High School—Mr. E. H. Price.
Claremont High School - Mr. F. F. Palmer.
Clovis Union High School-Mr. C. J. Fenner.
Coalinga Union High School - Osmer Abbott, Ph.D.
College City: Pierce Joint Union High School—Mr. H. H. Sauber.
Colton High School-Mr. G. I. Johnstone.
Colusa High School-Mr. C. L. Searcy.
Compton Union High School-Mr. W. R. Moberly.
Concord: Mount Diablo Union High School-Mr. R. S. Phelps.
Corning Union High School-Mr. C. J. Burrell.
Corona High School-M. V. Staley, Ph.D.
Corina Union High School-Mr. J. J. Morgan.
Crescent City: Del Norte County High School-Mr. P. H. Benson.
Crockett: John Swett Union High School-Miss Lyle Merritt.
Dinuba Union High School-Mr. Charles Carrigan.
Dixon Union High School-Mr. G. L. Unnewehr.
Dos Palos Joint Union High School-Mr. L. D. McKinley.
Downey: Los Nietos Valley Union High School-Mr. A. D. Hoenshel.
El Centro: Central Union High School-Mr. M. R. Kerr.
Elk Grove Union High School-Mr. P. B, Smith.
El Monte Union High School-Mr. E. A. Farrington.
Escondido High School-Mr. G. J. Roberts.
Esparto Union High School--Mrs. H. J. Shute.
Etna Mills: Etna Union High School-Mr. H. Rode.
Eureka City High School - Mr. J. L. Neighbor.
Exeter Union High School-Mr. H. A. Owen.
Fairfield: Armijo Union High School-Mr. Irvin Passmore.
Fallbrook Union High School-Mr. G. M. Sheldon.
Ferndale Union High School-Mr. A. G. Grant.
Fillmore Union High School-Mr. W. Gastrich.
Fort Bragg Union High School-Mr. J. S. Cotton.
Fortuna High School-Mr. P. S. Inskip.
Fowler Union High School-Mr. H. W. Peters.
Fresno High School-Mr. Frederick Liddeke.
Fullerton Union High School-Mr. Delbert Brunton.
Gilroy High School-Mr. E. E. Brownell.
Glendale Union High School-Mr. G. U. Moyse.
Gonzales Union High School-Mr. Duncan Stirling.
Grass Valley High School—Mr. J. S. Hennessy.
Gridley Union High School-Mr. G. V. Bennett.
Hanford Union High School—Mr. H. M. Shafer.

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Yayward Union High School - Mr. F. P. Johnson.
Healdsburg High School-Mr. H. R. Bull.
Hemet Union High School-Mr. H. 0. Hanna.
Hollister: San Benito County High School-Mr. James Davis.
Holtville Union High School-Mr. V. Smith,
Huntington Beach Union High School-Mr. A. E. Paine.
Huntington Park Union High School-Mr. A. F. Wood.
Imperial: Imperial Valley Union High School-Mr. M. B. Hocken berry.
Inglewood Union High School-Mr. G. M. Green.
Ione Union High School-Miss G. M. Jenks.
Kingsburg Joint Union High School-Mr. E. H. Duval.
Lakeport: Clear Lake Union High School-Mr. J. L. Dixon.
Lemoore Union High School-Mr. W. D. Bannister.
Lincoln Union High School-Mr. A. B. Martin.
Lindsay High School-Mr. F. H. Boren.
Livermore Union High School-- Mr. B. H. Painter.
Lodi Union High School-Mr. William Inch.
Lompoc Union High School-Mr. E. L. Mitchel.
Long Beach Polytechnic High School--Mr. David Burcham.
Lordsburg: Bonita Union High School-Mr. Arthur Durward.
Los Angeles : Gardena Agricultural High School-Mr. J. B. Lillard.
Los Angeles High School-Mr. W. H. Housh.
Los Angeles : Hollywood High SchoolW. H. Snyder, Sc.D.
Los Angeles : Manual Arts High School--Mr. A. B. Clayton.
Los Angeles : Polytechnic High School--Mr. W. A. Dunn.
Los Angeles : San Pedro High School-Mr. R. C. Daniels.
Los Baños: West Side Union High School-Mr. R. S. French.
Los Gatos High School-Mr. F. M. Watson.
Madera Union High School-Mr. F. 0. Mower.
Martinez: Alhambra Union High School-Mr. D. 0. Brillhart.
Marysville High School-Mr. J. C. Ray.
Mendocino: Mendocino County High School-Mr. J. N. Keran.
Merced: Merced County High School-Mr. A. W. Meany.
Mill Valley: Tumalpais Union High School-Mr. E. E. Wood.
Modesto High School-Mr. Thomas Downey.
Monrovia City High School-Mr. A. R. Clifton.
Montebello High School --Mr. W. H. Hensey.
Monterey: Monterey County High School-Mr. James McIntosh.
Morgan Hill: Live Oak Union High School--Mr. L. H. Britton.
Mountain View High School-Mr. E. L. Zahn.
Napa High School---Mr. J. S. Denton.
National City High School-Mr. F. F. Martin.
Nevada City High School-Mr. F. E. Tuck.
Newman: Orestimba Union High School-Mr. E. P. Halley.
Nordhoff Union High School--Mr. W. W. Bristol.
Norwalk: Excelsior Union High School - Mr. A. T. Vinacke.
Oakdale Union High School - Mr. P. B. Westerman,
Oakland High School-Mr. C. E. Keyes.
Oakland: John C. Fremont High School-Mr. F. S. Rosseter.
Oakland: Manual Training and Commercial High School-Mr. P. M. Fisher.
Oleander: Washington Union High School-Mr. F. M. Thompson.
Ontario: Chaffey Union High School---Mr. M. E. Hill.
Orange Union High School--Mr. W. M. Fishback.
Orland Joint Union High School-Mr. A. E. Baugh,
Orosi Union High School-Mr. E. F. Blayney.

Oroville Union High School-Mr. J. B. Hughes.
Oxnard Union High School-Mr. Herbert Lee.
Pacific Grove High School-Mr. B. M. Carner.
Palo Alto High School-Mr. J. C. Templeton.
Pasadena High School-Mr. J. 0. Cross.
Paso Robles High School-Mr. H. S. Willett.
Petaluma High School-Mr. W. 0. Smith.
Placerville: El Dorado County High School-Mr. J. A. Daly.
Pomona High School-Mr. H. P. Reynolds.
Porterville Union High School-Mr. B. F. Brous.
Red Bluff Union High School-Mr. P. G. Ward.
Redding: Shasta County High School-Mr. J. 0. Osborn.
Redlands High School-Mr. H. G. Clement.
Redondo Union High School-Mr. C. A. Langworthy.
Redwood City: Sequoia Union High School-Mr. S. P. McCrea.
Reedley Joint Union High School-Mr. G. A. Harkleroad.
Richmond Union High School-Mr. B. X. Tucker.
Riverside Girls' High School-Mr. James Winne.
Riverside Polytechnic High School-Mr. Hugh Law.
Sacramento High School-Mr. H. 0. Williams.
Saint Helena Union High School-Mr. C. H. Meeker.
Salinas High School-Mr. L. E. Kilkenny.
San Andreas: Calaveras County High School-Mr. James Keith.
San Bernardino High School-Mr. L. L. Beeman.
San Diego High School-Mr. Arthur Gould.
San Fernando Union High School-Mrs. E. C. Ingham.
San Francisco: Girls High School-A. W. Scott, M.D.
San Francisco: Lowell High School-Mr. Frank Morton.
San Francisco: Mission High School-Mr. Joseph O'Connor.
San Francisco: Polytechnic High School-Mr. J. E. Addicott.
Sanger Union High School-Mr. J. H. Tener.
San Jose High School-Mr. C. M. Osenbaugh.
San Jacinto High School-Mr. 0. B. Waite.
San Luis Obispo High School-Mr. A. H. Mabley.
San Mateo Union High School-Mr. W. L. Glascock.
San Rafael High School-Mr. G. L. Allen.
Santa Ana High School-Mr. E. H. McMath.
Santa Barbara High School-Mr. A. C. Olney.
Santa Clara High School—Mr. R. J. Wells.
Santa Cruz High School—Mr. G. A. Bond.
Santa Maria Union High School-Mr. N. C. Smith.
Santa Monica High School-Mr. J. E. McKown.
Santa Paula Union High School—Mr. F. K. Jones.
Santa Rosa High School-Mr. DeWitt Montgomery.
Santa Ynez: Santa Ynez Valley Union High School-Mr. J. R. Hanlon.
Sebastopol: Analy Union High School-Mr. J. E. Williamson.
Selma Union High School—Mr. Herman Kraemer.
Sonoma: Sonoma Valley Union High School-Mr. M. H. Rowell.
Sonora: Tuolumne County High School-Mr. W. P. Campbell.
South Pasadena High School-Mr. G. C. Bush.
Stockton High School-Mr. N. H. Garrison.
Susanville: Lassen County High School-Mr. W. R. McDonald.
Sutter Union High School-Mr. S. S. Ray.
Tulare High School-Mr. W. T. Walton.
Tuolumne: Summerville Union High School-Mr. E. B. Reuter.

Turlock Joint Union High School-Mr. W. E. Hester.
Ukiah: Mendocino County High School-Mr. B. A. Lindsay.
Vacaville Union High School - Mr. E. W. Stoddard.
Vallejo High School-Mr. C. H. Nielsen.
Ventura Union High School-Mr. F. A. Wagner.
Visalia High School-Mr. A. M. Simons.
Watsonville High School--Mr. T. S. MacQuiddy.
Whittier Union High School-Mr. 0. C. Albertson.
Williams Union High School-Mr. W. A. Doron.
Willits Union High School-Mr. L. A. Pringle.
Willows: Glenn County High School-Mr. C. C. Childress.
Winters Joint Union High School-Miss L. M. W. Mayne.
Woodland High School-Mr. W. M. Hyman.
Yreka: Siskiyou County High School - Mr. J. P. Rawson.
Total Public Schools-191.

Private Schools
Belmont School-Mr. W. T. Reid.
Berkeley: A-to-Zed School-Miss C. L. Williams.
Berkeley: Berkeley Preparatory School—Mr. J. H. White.
Berkeley : Boone's University School-Mr. Benj. Weed.
Berkeley: Miss Head's School-Miss M. E. Wilson.
Berkeley: The Randolph School-Miss Flora A. Randolph.
Burlingame: St. Matthew's School-Rev. W. A. Brewer.
Hollywood: Immaculate Heart College-Sister M. Redempta.
Irvington: Anderson Academy-Mr. W. W. Anderson.
Lordsburg: Academy of Palmera College-W. I. T. Hoover, Ph.D.
Los Angeles : Girls' Collegiate School-Miss A. K. Parsons.
Los Angeles : Harvard School-Mr. R. B. Gooden.
Los Angeles : Marlborough School-Miss Grace Wiltshire.
Los Angeles : Westlake School for Girls-Miss F. de Laguna.
Oakland: College of the Holy Names High School--Sister M. Bertha.
Oakland: The Horton School Miss Sarah W. Horton.
Palo Alto: Castilleja School-Miss M. I. Lockey.
Palo Alto: Miss Harker's School-Miss 0. Harker.
Palo Alto: Manzanita Hall-Mr. W. A. Shedd.
Piedmont: Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges' School-Miss M. Ransom and Miss E.

San Francisco: Miss Burke's School-Miss K, D. Burke.
San Francisco: California School of Mechanical Arts-Mr. G. A. Merrill.
San Francisco: Cogswell Polytechnical College-Mr. G. B. Miller.
San Francisco: The Hamlin School-Miss Sarah D. Hamlin.
San Francisco: Saint Rose Academy-Sister Mary Rose.
San Francisco: San Francisco University School-K. J. Belling, Ph.D.
San Francisco: Trinity School-Mr. L. H. Roger.
San Jose: College Park Academy-Mr. G. W. Briggs.
San Jose : The Washburn School-Miss M. L. Meyrick.
San Rafael: Dominican College-Sister Mary Louis.
San Rafael: Hitchcock Military Academy—Mr. R. W. Sherer.
San Rafael: Mount Tamalpais Military Academy-Arthur Crosby, D.D.
Santa Rosa : Ursuline College---Sister Angela.
Shorb: Ramona Convent of the Holy Names-Sister M. Marcella.

Total Private Schools-34.
Total Public and Private Schools-225.

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