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CHEMISTRY A. Elementary Chemistry. (3) Assistant Professors Lamb and BIDDLE,

Mr. ROSENSTEIN, and Mr. ARGO. S5. Quantitative Analysis-Gravimetric and Volumetric. (3)

Mr. ROSENSTEIN. S8a. Elements of Organic Chemistry. (2) Assistant Professor BIDDLE. 100. Elementary Physical Chemistry for Teachers. (2)

Assistant Professor LAMB. S280. Chemical Research. (To be arranged.)


C-D. Instrumental Drawing. (2)
1. Course for Teachers. (2)
S2A. Descriptive Geometry. (3)
S2B. Advanced Descriptive Geometry.
S9. Freehand Lettering. (1)
$105. Graphostaties. (2)

Mr. BROWER. Assistant Professor WYTHE.

Mr. TENNEY. (3)

Mr. TENNEY. Assistant Professor WYTHE.


ECONOMICS $101. Modern Industrial and Commercial History of Europe. (2)

Professor GRAY. $114c. Corporation Problems. (2)

Professor GRAY. $119. Problems of Poverty. (2)

Professor KELSEY. 161. Social Institutions. (2)

Professor KELSEY. 162. Current Socio-Economic Problems. (2)

Professor WICKER. 163. Labor. (2)

Professor WICKER.

EDUCATION 101. The School Festival. (2)

Assistant Professor BASSETT. 102. Mathematics for the Introductory High Schools. (2)

Miss BROOKMAN. 107. Arithmetic of Investment and Expenditure. (2) Miss BROOKMAN. 122. The Modern Teaching of Secondary Mathematics. (2)

Mr. MARSH. 123. The Teaching of Industrial Mathematics. (2)

Mr. MARSH. 109. Social Phases of Education. (2)

Mr. NALDER. 112. Educational Organization and Administration. (2) Mr. NALDER. 114. The Organization of Public School Work for Atypical Children. (1)

Mrs. Hicks. 115. Training Class for Subnormal Children. (2)

Miss WINN and Miss GAMBLE. 118. Mental Deviation as a Social and Economic Problem. (1)


119. The Theory and Practice of Vocational Guidance. (1)

Mr. BLOOMFIELD. 120. German Primary and Secondary Schools. (2) Dr. KARTZKE. 31. The Play School. (To be arranged.)

Mrs. HETHERINGTON, Professor HETHERINGTON, Dr. Beach and STAFF. S127. Moral Education. (2)

Professor Rugh. S223. School Management. (2)

Professor Rugh. 215. Seminar on Special Problems. (To be arranged.) Professor Rugh.


Sia. Narration. (2)

Mr. BLANCHARD. Sls. Exposition. (2)

Mr. BRUCE. 1E. The Newspaper. (2)

Professor THORPE. 15. Editorial Theory and Practice. (2)

Professor THORPE. S2A. From the Beginnings to the Elizabethan Period. (2)

Assistant Professor KURTZ. S2B. From the Age of Elizabeth to the End of the Eighteenth Century. (2)

Mr. MACMINN. S2c. Main Types of Elizabethan Drama. (2)

Mr. MAC MINN. S3c. Reading and Dramatic Interpretation. (2)

Assistant Professor VON NEUMAYER. S7d. Public Speaking. (2) Assistant Professor Von NEUMAYER. S1066. Advanced Narration. (2)

Mr. BLANCHARD. S109A. Lectures on Poetry. (2)

Assistant Professor KURTZ. Silla. Old English. (2)

Dr. SMITHSON. sulld. Middle English: Chaucer. (2)

Dr. SMITHSON. S112A. The English Language in English History. (2)

Assistant Professor BROOKE. 150. Rousseau and Romanticism. (2)

Professor BABBITT. 151. English and French Literary Criticism, 1550-1800. (2)

Professor BABBITT. s117a. Shakespeare. (2)

Assistant Professor BROOKE. 154. The Teaching of Literature. (2) Assistant Professor BASSETT, 246. Seminar in the Elizabethan Lyric. (2)

Assistant Professor Kurtz.


Sla. General Physical Geography: the Lands and the Planetary Relations of the Earth. (2)

Mr. REED. SlB. General Physical Geography: the Atmosphere and the Ocean. (2)


A. The Elements of German. (Double course.) (4)

Mr. BELL. B. Advanced Elementary German. (Double course.) (4) Mr. SCHMIDT. 3. Intermediate German. (2)

Mr. SCHMIDT. $105(1). Introduction to Recent Literature. (2)

Assistant Professor PASCHALL. *105(2). Introduction to Recent Literature. (2) *105(3). Classics of the Eighteenth Century. (2) S106(1). Conversation and Composition. (Double course.) (4)

Assistant Professor PASCHALL. *106(2). Conversation and Composition. 107. Selected Chapters from Modern German Literature. (2)

Dr. KARTZKE. 108. Middle High German. (2)

Associate Professor WEBER. 109(1). The German Drama of the Nineteenth Century. (2)

Associate Professor WEBER. *109(2). The German Drama of the Present Day. (2) 112. The “Novelle'' in German Literature of the Nineteenth Century. (1)

Associate Professor WEBER.

GRAPHIC ART A. Freehand Drawing and Perspective. (1) Mr. Nahl and Mr. MACKY. S6A. Elementary Design and Historic Ornament. (1)

Mr. NEUHAUS and Miss JUDY. S114A. Antique. (2)

Mr. MACKY. S115AB. Figure Drawing and Composition. (2)

Mr. NAHL. S116A. Painting of Still Life. (1) Mr. NEUHAUS and Miss JUDY. S118A. Advanced Design. (1)

Mr. NEUHAUS and Miss JUDY. 120. Landscape Drawing. (1) Mr. NEUHAUS and Mr. FLETCHER. 121. Teachers' Course. (1)

Miss POWERS and Miss KNAPP. 9. History of Art. (1)


A. Greek for Beginners. (Double course.) (4)

Assistant Professor LINFORTH. S40. An Introduction to Greek Art. (2)

Assistant Professor WASHBURN.

HISTORY 101. Foundations of Civilization. (2) 102. The Early Empires. (2) *103. The Eastern Question. (2)


Dr. Morison.

Not to be given in 1914.

104. The History of New England, 1600–1913. (2) Dr. MORISON. 105. Expansion of the United States. (2)

Professor BARKER. 206. The Annexation of Texas and the Mexican War. (2)

Professor BARKER.

HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS 1. Foods. (Elementary Cookery.) (2) Miss CLARK and Miss BARCLAY. 2. Foods. (General Cookery.) (No credit.)

Miss V'OORHEES. 3. Foods. (2)

Miss CLARK and Miss ALLINGHAM. 4. Dietetics. (2)

Miss CARPENTER. 5. Organization and Administration. (2)

Miss CLARK. 6. Elementary Sewing. (2)

Miss MURCHIE and Miss MIGNON. 7. Advanced Sewing. (2)

Miss PARMELEE and Miss () 'NEALE. 8. Tailoring. (2)

Miss PARMELEE. 9. Millinery. (2)

Miss ('VEALE. 10. Economies of Textile Purchase. (2)

Mrs. WOOLMAN. 11. Problems of Industrial Education. (2)

Mrs. WOOLMAN. 107. Laboratory Course in Food Chemistry.

Assistant Professor McCHARLES.

LATIN 11. Cicero's Essay on Friendship. (2)

Dr. DEUTSCH. 12. Roman Life and Society in the Days of the Early Empire. (1)

Professor ROLFE. 102. Roman Satirists, (2)

Professor ROLFE. S177. Life of Caesar. (2)

Dr. DEUTSCH. S193. Virgil from the Monuments. (1)

Assistant Professor WASHBURX. 201. Seminar in Classical Archaeology. (1)

Assistant Professor WASHBURN.

LAW 19. ('ommercial Law. (2)

Dr. CALKINS. Sill. The Law of Property, 1. (Double course.) (4)

Professor BOKE. S203. Administrative Law. (2)

Professor HENRY. S243. The Law of Bankruptcy. (2)

Professor HENRY.

LIBRARY METHODS ('redit not to exceed six units may be granted for the entire course. 1. ('ataloguing and Classification, Including Shelf-listing. 30 periods. 2. Reference Work. 10 periods. 3. Book Buying and Selection of Books. 8 periods. 4. Loan Systems. 2 periods.

5. Binding and Repair of Books. 2 periods.
6. Library Buildings and Equipment. 3 periods.
7. California Library Law and Conditions. 2 periods.

MANUAL ARTS 1. Primary Hand Work. (2)

Miss DERBY. 2. Elementary Hand Work. (2)

Miss DERBY. 3. Elementary Bookbinding. (2)

Miss BRADT. 4. The Metal Crafts. (2)

Mr. BOYLE. 5. Advanced Metal Crafts. (2)

Mr. BOYLE. 6. Bookbinding. (2)

Miss BRADT. 7. Basketry. (2)

Miss BARNHISEL. 8. Textiles. (2)

Miss BARNHISEL. 10. Woodworking. (2)

Mr. JENSEN. 11. Joinery and Tool Sequence. (2)

Mr. JENSEN. 12. Furniture Making. (2)

Mr. JENSEN. 13. Advanced Cabinet Making. (2)

Mr. Cox and Mr. HERRICK. 14. Wood-turning. (2)

Mr. Cox. 15. Pattern-making. (2)

Mr. Cox. 16. Machine Shop Practice. (2)

Mr. GEORGE. 17. Equipment and Courses of Study. (2) For principals, supervisors,

and special teachers. (a) Mechanic Arts.

Mr. JENSEN. (b) Household Economics.



A, Graphic Algebra. (2)
B. Solid Geometry. (2)
C. Plane Trigonometry. (2)
D. Plane Analytic Geometry. (2)
F. Advanced Algebra. (2)
S3. Differential Calculus. (2-3)
104. Integral Calculus. (2-3)
106. Projective Geometry. (2)
$110a. Differential Equations. (2)
211. Selected Topics in Modern Mathematics.


Professor EMCH.

Dr. Woods. Dr. WRIGHT.

Dr. Woods. Professor EMCH.

Professor HASKELL. (To be arranged.)

Professor HASKELL.

MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sla. Elements of Steam Engineering. (1)

Mr. TOUR. S1B. Elements of Electrical Engineering. (1)

Assistant Professor FISCHER. 2. Internal Combustion Engines. (1)

Mr. Tour. 3. Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering. (1)

Assistant Professor FISCHER.

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