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CARRIE KNAPP, Supervisor of Drawing in the Public Schools, Ogden, Utah.
CHARLES ATWOOD KOFOID, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology.

DENJAMIN PUTNAM KURTZ, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English.
LOUISE LA GAI, Instructor of Dancing in the Summer Session.

ARTHUR BECKET LAMB, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and
Director of the Chemical Laboratory, Harvard University.

CLARENCE IRVING LEWIS, Ph.D., Instructor in Philosophy on the Mills Foundation.

IVAN MORTIMER LINFORTH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Greek.

CHARLES BERNARD LIPMAN, Ph.D., Professor of Soil Chemistry and Bac


ROYCE REED LONG, A.B., Assistant Professor of Hygiene and Director of
Physical Training, Stanford University.

CARL HOWARD MCCHARLES, M.S., Assistant Professor of Nutrition.
E. SPENCER MACKY, Assistant in Graphic Art in the Summer Session.
GEORGE R. MACMINN, A.B., Instructor in English.

HORACE WILMER MARSH, M.A., Head of Department of Mathematics, Pratt
Institute, Brooklyn, New York.

O. C. MAUTHE, Director of Physical Training, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

ALBERT MANSON MEADS, B.S., M.D., Infirmary Physician.

MARY E. MEREDITH, Assistant in Physical Education in the Summer Session. HELEN L. MIGNON, B.S., Instructor of Industrial Art, San Jose State Normal School.

JAMES FRANCIS MITCHELL, D.V.M., Instructor in Veterinary Science. SYDNEY BANCROFT MITCHELL, M.A., Instructor in Bibliography in the Summer Session.

SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON, Ph.D., Instructor in History in the Summer Session.

MAUD I. MURCHIE, B.S., Director of Household Arts Department, San Jose State Normal School.

PERHAM W. NAHL, Assistant in Drawing.

FRANK FIELDING NALDER, M.A., Instructor in Education in the Summer Session.

KARL EUGEN NEUHAUS, Instructor in Freehand Drawing.

MAURICE BARSTOW NICHOLS, Ph.D., Instructor in Botany, Oakland High


LILA O'NEALE, Assistant in the Department of Household Arts, San Jose
State Normal School.

ROBERT W. PACK, B.S., Associate Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey.
MARY PARMELEE, Instructor of Sewing, Pasadena High School.

ROMILDA PARONI, B.S., M.D., Lecturer in Hygiene and Medical Examiner.
CLARENCE PASCHALL, M.A., Assistant Professor of German.

NELLIE POWERS, Superintendent of Drawing, Public Schools, Spokane, Washington.

BENJAMIN HARRISON PRATT, Assistant in Zoology in the Summer Session. WILLIAM GARDNER REED, M.A., F.R.Met.Soc., Instructor in Climatology. CHESTER LINWOOD ROADHOUSE, D.V.M., Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science.

MARY ESTHER ROBBINS, Recently Head of Simmons College Library School, Boston, Massachusetts.

JOHN CAREW ROLFE, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of Pennsylvania.

LUDWIG ROSENSTEIN, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry.

JOSIAH ROYCE, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., Professor of the History of Philosophy, and Walter Channing Cabot Fellow, Harvard University. CHARLES EDWARD RUGH, M.L., Professor of Education.

ALFRED H. SCHMIDT, M.A., Teacher of German, Warren Easton High School, New Orleans, Louisiana.

DAVID STANLEY SMITH, A.B., Mus.B., Assistant Professor of the Theory of Music, Yale University.

RALPH ELLIOT SMITH, B.S., Professor of Plant Pathology.

GEORGE A. SMITHSON, Ph.D., Instructor in English Philology.

WILLIAM FREEMAN SNOW, M.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Hygiene and Public Health, Stanford University, and Secretary of American Social Hygiene Association.

ELLEN S. STADT MULLER, A.B., M.D., Assistant Medical Examiner.

RALPH TALLANT STEVENS, B.S., Assistant Professor of Landscape Gardening. TRACY I. STORER, M.S., Instructor in Zoology in the Summer Session. EDWARD GRIFFITH STRICKLEN, Assistant in Music.

CATHARINE EDITH STROUSE, Supervisor of Music in Training Department, Kansas State Normal School.

LAURETTA V. SWEESY, Special Lecturer in Music in the Summer Session. RALPH HAWLEY TAYLOR, B.S., Instructor in Pomology.

WALTER A. TENNEY, Director of Manual Training, Oakland Manual Training and Commercial High School.

MERLE THORPE, A.B., Professor of Journalism, and Head of the Department of Publicity, University of Kansas.

REUBEN SIMPKIN TOUR, B.S., Instructor in Gas Engineering.
GORDON HAINES TRUE, B.S., Professor of Animal Husbandry.

CARRIE V. TRUSLOW, First Assistant Supervisor of Music, Los Angeles
Public Schools.

LESLIE MORTON TURNER, D.ès L., Associate of Romance Languages, University of Illinois.

PAUL VANDER EIKE, A.B., Vice-Principal and Head of Science Department, Kern County High School and Junior College, Bakersfield, California.

JOHN JAMES VAN NOSTRAND, M.A., Instructor in Ancient History.
MARY E. VINER, Assistant in Stenography in the Summer Session.
CHARLES DON VON NEUMAYER, Assistant Professor of Public Speaking.
MARY E. VOORHEES, Lecturer in Household Economics in the Summer

OLIVER MILES WASHBURN, A.B., Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology.

HERMANN J. WEBER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of German.

*RALPH ARCHIBALD WHITE, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering.
GEORGE RAY WICKER, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College.
OLIVE B. WILSON, Assistant in Music in the Summer Session.
BERTHA WINN, B.S., Instructor in Education in the Summer Session.
BALDWIN MUNGER WOODS, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.
GLENN WOODS, Supervisor of Music in the Oakland Public Schools.
CHARLES WILLIAM WOODWORTH, M.S., Professor of Entomology.

MARY SCHENCK WOOLMAN, B.S., Acting Professor of Household Economies,
Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts.

HARRY NOBLE WRIGHT, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.

WILLSON JOSEPH WYTHE, B.S., Assistant Professor of Drawing.

HENRY N. YOUNG, B.S., Principal of Monterey County High School, King City, California.

* In the Summer School of Surveying. Camp California, Swanton, California.

COURSES OF INSTRUCTION NOTE.-Figures in parentheses indicate the unit value of the course. All summer session courses, graduate or undergraduate, which are identical, or nearly so, with courses given during the fall or spring sessions, are distinguished by the letter “S,” prefixed to the regular number of the course.

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AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION 1. Agriculture in Elementary Schools. (2) Assistant Professor KERN. 6. Agencies for Country Life Progress. (2) Assistant Professor KERN. 103. High School Farms, Gardens and Community Work. (2)

Assistant Professor HUMMEL. 105. General Science and First-year Agriculture. (2)

Assistant Professor HUMMEL. 107. Agriculture in Secondary Schools. (2)

Assistant Professor HUMMEL. 205. Research on Special Projects. (To be arranged.)

Assistant Professor HUMMEL.

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Professor GREGG. 4. Embellishment of Home and School Grounds. (2)

Professor GREGG and Assistant Professor STEVENS. 200. Research or Graduate Work. (To be arranged.)

Professor GREGG.

PLANT PATHOLOGY 120. Diseases of California Crops. (4)

Professor Smith and Assistant Professor HORNE. 230. Research on Special Problems. (To be arranged.)

POULTRY HUSBANDRY 101. Poultry Husbandry. (2)

Assistant Professor DOUGHERTY.

SOILS AND FERTILIZERS 3. A General Course on Soils and Soil Fertility. (2) Professor LIPMAN. 127. Undergraduate Research. (To be arranged.) Professor LIPMAN. *235. Research Course in Soils. (To be arranged.) Professor LIPUAN.

VETERINARY SCIENCE 101. Veterinary Science. (2) Professor HARING, Assistant Professor



S105, S106, or $107. Systematic Human Anatomy. (314)

Assistant Professor HARVEY. S108. Regional and Topographical Anatomy. (343)

Assistant Professor HARVEY.

ANTHROPOLOGY 50. Introduction to Anthropology. (2)

Professor Boas. 151. Indians of North America. (2)

Professor Boas.

ASTRONOMY Si. Elements of Astronomy. (2) Associate Professor CRAWFORD. S103a. General Astronomy. (1)

Associate Professor CRAWFORD. 113. Teachers' Course. (1)

Associate Professor CRAWFORD.

BOTANY S2. General Botany. (3)

Assistant Professor GARDNER, Mr. AYRES, and Mr. VANDER EIKE. 4. California Flora. (2) Assistant Professor GARDNER and Mr. BRANDT. 5. Algology. (2) Assistant Professor GARDNER and Mr. NICHOLS. 6. Teachers' Course. (2)

Assistant Professor GARDNER.

* Not to be given in 1914.

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