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BENJ. IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL. D., Litt. D., President of the University,

ex officio President of the Faculty.

GEORGE H. KRESS, B.S., M.D., Dean of the Faculty.


J. P. WIDNEY, A.M., M.D., LL.D., Emeritus Consulting Physician.

E. A. FOLLANSBEE, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Pediatrician.

J. H. UTLEY, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Physician.

JOSEPH KURTZ, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon.
GEORGE W. LASHER, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Surgeon.
WALTER LINDLEY, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Gynecologist.
W. W. BECKETT, M.D., Emeritus Consulting Gynecologist.


GRANVILLE MACGOWAN, M.D., Consulting Genito-Urinary Surgeon.
H. G. BRAINERD, A.B., M.D., Consulting Psychiatrist and Neurologist.

H. BERT ELLIS, A.B., M.D., Consulting Ophthalmologist.

MELVIN L. MOORE, M.D., Consulting Obstetrician.

W. JARVIS BARLOW, A.B., M.D., Consulting Physician.

CARL KURTZ, M.D., Consulting Gynecologist.

STANLEY P. BLACK, M.A., M.D., Consulting Pathologist.

RALPH WILLIAMS, M.D., Consulting Dermatologist.

HILL HASTINGS, M.D., Consulting Otologist.

WALTER BREM, M.D., Consulting Pathologist.

THOS. J. ORBISON, M.D., Consulting Neurologist.

DUDLEY FULTON, M.D., Consulting Physician.

LUTHER M. POWERS, M.D., Consultant on Public Health.


Selwyn Emmett Graves Dispensary, 737 N. Broadway, Los Angeles Chief of the Staff, the Dean

[blocks in formation]


Ralph Williams, M.D.
I. R. Bancroft, M.D.
Frank Tillman, M.D.
0. V. Schroeter, M.D.


Miss Emily Richards
Miss Eleanor Tucker
Miss Eva L. Pease
Mrs. Maude Bessac

Druggist :

P. W. Howard

ATTENDING STAFF AND LECTURERS Los Angeles County Hospital, Mission road and Marengo avenue GENERAL STATEMENT The Los Angeles Medical Department of the University of California is an institution giving instruction to graduates of medicine only. The undergraduate medical work of the University is carried on at Berkeley and at San Francisco.

Chief of the Staff, the Dean Consultants :

Department of Gynecology: Dudley Fulton, Consulting Physician

Kurtz, Carl Dr. Chas. H. Whitman, Consulting

Smith, R. Physician and Surgeon

Department of Orthopedics :
Department of Medicine :

Richardson, W. W.
Speik, F. A,
Godin, Arthur F.

Department of Genito-Urinary Diseases :
Bennett, Chas. L.
Cummings, R. S.

MacGowan, Granville

Peterson, Anders
Granger, A. Stanley
Maish, A. F.

Department of Obstetrics :
Department of Pediatrics :

Lazard, E. M. Stork, Victor E.

Department of Diseases of the Eye : Department of Contagious Diseases :

Kress, George H. Ward, E. D.

Department of Diseases of Ear, Nose, Department of Nervous and Mental

and Throat : Diseases :

Montgomery, C. H. Allen, Chas. L.

Department of Skin Diseases :

Bancroft, Irving

Department of Rectal Diseases :

Kiger, W, H.

Department of Tuberculosis :

Browning, C. 0.

Department of Oral Surgery:

Lockwood, Chas. D.

Department of Pathology:

Brem, Walter V.

Department of Surgery :

Smith, Rae
Moore, E. C.
Zerfing, Chas. E.
McArthur, W. T.
Van Kaathoven, J. J. A.

The Los Angeles Medical Department traces its origin to the institution of a college of medicine by the University of Southern California in 1886. From that date until February of 1909, it remained a medical department of the University of Southern California, but in the latter year its property was transferred to the University of California.

In order not to duplicate the expense of undergraduate teaching, it has been decided to confine the work of the Los Angeles Medical Department to instruction of graduates of medicine only. In this work of graduate instruction, it is the aim of the institution to offer work for all graduates who desire to review past studies, or who wish to pursue courses which would keep them in touch with the recent advances in medicine.

The courses offered come under three major heads:


In these courses, the practitioner attends the Dispensary and Hospital clinies, and, without any obligations on the part of the instructors to give special didactic instruction, follows the clinical work in the Dispensary and Hospital, and obtains therefrom such knowledge and exper. ience as is possible.


In this group of courses, the practitioner will be given a review in all of the major clinical branches, the work being both clinical and didactic; the didactic work, however, being handled largely by the specialists from the standpoint of the general practitioner.


The work under this heading will be both clinical and didactic. The didactic work will go into considerable detail, but the courses which will be offered will be of different types according to the capacity of the student to profit therefrom.

The clinical work will give the student opportunity to work with patients in the Dispensary, and at the bedside, so that he may acquire proper methods of technique, and that experience that will enable him in his particular line of work, to have a greater knowledge and capacity than his fellow in general practice.

The purely clinical courses in the Dispensary can be entered at any time.

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