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MUSEUM The Museum contains a collection of anatomical, pathological, metal. lurgical and mineralogical specimens, crude drugs and chemicals, artificial dentures of all kinds, both early and modern. It also contains materials used in the manufacture of teeth as well as large casts and mammoth wooden teeth for illustrating procedures in operative dentistry, besides instruments and apparatus used in earlier periods, and specimens prepared by students, indicating the progress and methods of teaching dental technics.

There is also a fine collection of skulls of animals for the study of comparative odontology.

A very large and valuable collection of casts of irregularities has accumulated from the college clinic and from private practice. These exemplify before and after treatment, and also the appliances by which the changes were accomplished.

All members and friends of the profession are invited to contribute books, pamphlets and journals, charts, anatomical physiological and pathological specimens, casts of deformities and irregularities of the teeth and associated parts, or anything that will be useful and instructive. These contributions will be placed in the library and museum, and marked with the names of the donors.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The object of the Association is the promotion of the highest excel. lence in the science and art of dentistry and dental education, the welfare of its members and the interests of its alma mater.

The membership is composed of members of the Faculty and all grad. uates of the College of Dentistry, University of California, who are legal and ethical practitioners.

A series of evening clinics will be held throughout the year, with a yearly day clinic, during the midwinter season. The officers for the year 1913–14 are:

Fred J. Seiferd, President.
Edward J. Howard, Vice-President.
2. Coney, Secretary.
Stanley L. Dod, Treasurer.
Alumni Councilor, M. Thayer Rhodes.
Trustees: Guy S. Millberry, C. E. Post, Louis Graham, M. Goddard,

and J. J. Pflister.


During the year 1913-14 student activities conformed to the policies and traditions of former years, during which time student self-government has been established to a considerable degree.

Matters arising within each class are handled by that class and matters of general importance are given consideration by the student body as a whole.

The hour from 11 to 12 on the first Thursday of each month is reserved for Student Body meetings—all other exercises being suspended.

The Student Affairs Committee, which acts as an executive committee for the student body and as an intermediary between the students and the faculty, has been responsible for a high degree of student honor. The following action in force for some years past was voted on and approved:

“That the Superintendent be requested to make an inspection of each student's equipment in accordance with the requirements as published in the Announcement in order to determine that each student has a complete outfit before he be allowed to take up any practical work."

The student body this year, as in the past, will endeavor to encourage and support the Student Body Loan and Scholarship Fund, which was established during the session of 1908-09, with a twofold object, first, of helping financially those deserving students who through unforseen circumstances might be obliged to leave college for a lack of funds, and, second, when the fund has reached its full amount to award scholarships in cash, to stimulate the students to higher proficiency in their general knowledge. Contributions to the fund may be made payable to the

or president of the student body.



Wm. E. Rideout, President.
Fred. N. Eaton, Vice-President.
Harold A. Boalt, Treasurer.
Henry 0. Eggert, Secretary.


The Regents of the University of California are requested by the Associated Students of the Dental Department of the University of California to administer such funds as may be subscribed for “The Dental Students' Loan and Scholarship Fund.” It is desired by the donors that both principal and interest shall be available for loans to dental students who have completed at least one-third of the dental course. No person shall be privileged to borrow more than $100 in one year. The notes of beneficiaries shall provide for repayment within two years, with proper interest.

When the fund shall reach the sum of $15,000, the income shall be available either for loans or for scholarships for dental students who have completed one-third of the dental course or for research fellowships. Such scholarships or fellowships shall be awarded by a committee consisting of the President of the University, ex officio the Dean, the Professor of Operative Dentistry, and the Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry of the Dental Faculty of the University of California.

Loans shall be awarded by a committee consisting of the President of the Associated Students of the Dental Department and the Dean of the Faculty of the Dental Department.

At the option of the Committee on Scholarships the income of the fund for any one year may be used in whole or in part for the purchase of books for the Library of the College of Dentistry.

If at any time the Dental Department of the University of California should be dissolved, then all the fund or as much of it as may have been subscribed, together with all accrued interest, shall revert to the Regents of the University of California.


Before beginning his work, each student will be required to procure the instruments necessary for his use.

The cost of the instruments for the first year technic work amounts to about forty dollars, and when the student is ready to take up the work in the second year it is necessary for him to purchase a com plete outfit, investing about a hundred and eighty dollars more. outfit includes a dental engine, and is of so practical a nature that the applicant upon graduating can begin practice without much additional expense for instruments.

A separate list of instruments required may be had upon application to the Dean.


de Carvalho, Arthur Alfred

Eaton, Fred Newton

Hongkong, China Snst 2408


3rd yr-1345 Fifth av

3rd yr 350 Frederick st- Park 3510 Eggert, Henry Otto

3rd yr-2 Belmont av— Flanagan, Clarence Aloysius 3rd yr 168 Herman stFolendorf, Ernest Maximilian

1st yr 1205 Fourth avFrates, John Elwood

3rd yr-511 Clayton stGiles, Clark Ransom

3rd yr-515 Cole st

Hayward Park 5111

Corning Park 254 Lodi Snst 614 San Francisco

Park 655 Point, Ore. Park 2735


Hamner, Keith


2nd yr-350 Frederick st

Park 3510

Hancock, Albert Earl




NOTE. All addresses are in San Francisco unless stated to be elsewhere. B, Berkeley: O, Oakland; A, Alameda.

Anderson, Weston Reid

2nd yr 1345 Fifth avBailey, Oscar

1st yr 1216 Third av

Baldwin, Lyle Arthur

1st yr-1248 First av

Barr. Arthur

3rd yr-350 Frederick stBell, Dickson Gabriel

Santa Rosa

Snst 2408

San Diego

Snst 1012

Portland, Ore.

Sust 1141
San Rafael
Park 3510

San Francisco

3rd yr-3678 Eighteenth st

Bender, Theodore Charles

1st yr-1205 Fourth avBettencourt, Frank Cabul

2nd yr 350 Frederick stBingaman, Leslie Romie

Mrkt 5442

Snst 614
Park 3510

1st yr-2424 Fulton st, B
Bisson, Francis, Jr. South Prairie, Wash.
2nd yr-1345 Fifth av-
Boalt, Harold Alger

3rd yr 350 Frederick stBritton, Emmet Nicholson

3rd yr 1432 Fifth avBrownell, Raymond Elmer

3rd yr 2 Belmont avBrownell, Harry Leslie

1st yr-2 Belmont avBusse, Edwin Kenneth

1st yr-15 Devisadero stCampbell, John Lockhart

1st yr 2012 Stuart st, B Carmichael, Harry Graham

Snst 2408
St. Helena
Park 3510
Redwood City

Snst 1375

Park 5111
Park 5111
San Francisco

Mrkt 6859
Pacfic Grove

Mrkt 5848
St. Helena
Park 3510
San Francisco

1st yr 379 Frederick st-
Christianson, Oliver James
2nd yr 350 Frederick st-
Church, Allison Mills

1st yr-333 Caselli av

Cloney, Eugene Showers


1st yr 350 Frederick st- Park 3510 Codoni, Leslie Roy


2nd yr 350 Frederick st- Park 3510 Cooper, Charles Walter

2nd yr 2 Belmont avCriger, Henry Frank

12nd yr 358 Frederick st Cunha, James Alexander

3rd yr 1345 Fifth avDavis, Frank Valentine

2nd yr 1714 Castro st Davis, Joseph Allston

1st yr-1000 Clayton st

Park 5111

Snst 2408
San Francisco

San Francisco


Park 5111

Park 3510

2nd yr 1022 Masonic av Park 5810

Harper, Garland Alvord

1st yr 2 Belmont avHarries, David Thomas

1st yr-350 Frederick stHerd, Felix Dolan

Renton, Wash.


3rd yr-350 Frederick st Park 3510

Hicok, Eldridge Lincoln

3rd yr 1345 Fifth av

Hill, Fayne Lerue

1st yr-1618 Fairview st, B

Colusa Snst 2408 Berkeley

Pied 3670

Hindley, Joseph Nicholas Delemartrae

1st yr-350 Frederick stHitchcock, Harold Mott

1st yr-42 Baker st Hoedt, Fred Otto

2nd yr-253 Fourth avIto, Frank Haruyiki

2nd yr-1706A Post stJacobsen, Lars Jones

3rd yr 102 Clifford st Johnson, Albert N

1st yr-1345 Fifth av-
Jones, Leland Stanford

3rd yr 1345 Fifth av-
Kausen, Harold Charles
1st yr-350 Frederick st-
Kennedy, John Elmer

1st yr-2 Belmont av-
Kimball, Edward Wellington
2nd yr-1333 Fifth av-

Ferndale Park 3510 Salinas

San Mateo

Pac 669
West 2219
San Francisco

Snst 2408
Snst 2408
Park 3510
Elk Grove
Park 5111

Snst 747

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