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The review courses for general practitioners, and the courses for specialists, will be given three times a year and will cover a period of practically three months, and the work will be so arranged that the practitioner can put in practically the whole day on his work.

All duly licensed practitioners of the state will be eligible to admission to these courses, this work geing construed to be an expression of the general extension work of the University.

Certificates.-Certificates of attendance will be granted only to those who pursue courses covering a period of at least three months, and these certificates will be certificates of attendance only.

Students pursuing all day courses of at least three months, and who give notice of a desire to have a certificate of proficiency, must take an examination at the close of their work, to determine whether such a certificate of their proficiency can be granted.

Fees. The fees will be nominal, but in all didactic work there must be at least three students in the class, and if there be a lesser number, the fees for such work must equal the total of the tuition which would have been received from at least three students.

The facilities for work at Los Angeles are very great, the city itself having an estimated population of between five and six hundred thousand people. No city in the United States has shown the marvelous increase of population as has Los Angeles in the last several decades.

The Graves Memorial Dispensary is located in the buildings of the department on North Broadway, between Ord and Alpine streets, which property extends from North Broadway to Castelar street. The street address of the main building is 737 North Broadway.

These buildings offer commodious and well equipped quarters for clinics which handle a total of about one hundred patients daily.

The Barlow Medical Library, adjacent to the College, has on file all the current American and foreign journals and text-books.

There is in course of construction a modern hospital unit which will add greatly to the facilities of the Dispensary.

At the Los Angeles County Hospital, this department has access to almost one thousand beds for bedside instruction. Daily clinics are held at the County Hospital.

The practitioner can, therefore, spend the hours from 8 to 11 at the County Hospital; the hours from 12 until 3, or later, at the Dispensary; and 4 to 5 at the Barlow Medical Library, which is attached to the institution.

The catalogue of the department covering the requirements for admission fees, courses, etc., may be had by writing to the Dean of the department, Dr. George H. Kress, 245 Bradbury Bldg., Los Angeles, California.









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