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Admission, methods of, I, 85.

by examination, I, 85.
College Entrance Examination Board, I,

on credentials from schools and colleges

in the Orient, I, 94.
on credentials from secondary schools out-
side of California, I, 93; XI, 15.

recommendation from accredited
schools, 1, 86.

recommendation from state normal
schools, I, 93; XI, 15.
on teachers' diplomas, I, 93.
Admission requirements for academic col.
Animal husbandry, courses in, II, 12; V,

A, subject, I, 54, 64, 96.

credit not given upon certificate, I, 94.
Absence, excuses for, I, 147.

graduate study in, I, 131.
leave of, I. 126.

leave of, College of Dentistry, XI, 19.
Academic colleges, number of officers in,

I, 191.
regulations of the faculty concerning stu.

dents in, I, 119.
Academic Council, members of, I, 47.

duties of members. I, 44.

standing committees of, XIII, 9.
Academic Senate, alphabetical list, I, 19.

in order of appointment, I, 14.
duties of members, I, 44.
standing committees of, XIII, 9.

time of meeting, I, 5.
Accounting, courses in, II, 88, 90.
courses required in College of Commerce,

I, 105.
Accredited schools in California, admission

from, I, 86.
list of, 1913-14, I, 88.
Accrediting of high schools, I, 42.
Adams fund, I. 46.
Addition of courses, I, 120.
Administration of the University, 1, 43.

Academic Council, I, 44.
Academic Senate, I, 44.
faculties of the several colleges. I, 44.
Regents, 1, 43.

l'niversity Council, I, 44.
Administrative officers, I, 10; XI, 5; XIII,

number of, I, 191.
Administrative offices, office hours of, I. 10.
Admission, conditions and time for, I. 53.
regulations of the faculty concerning, I,

to advanced grades in the College of Den.

tistry on certificates. XI. 17.
to advanced standing in academic col.

leges, I, 91.
to advanced standing in Medical School,

VIII, 28.
to graduate courses, I, 95.
to graduate standing, I, 130.
to Hastings College of the Law, VII, 2.

Angeles Medical Department,
IX, 5.
to Medical School, VIII, 25.
to the California College of Pharmacy,

X, 14.
to the College of Dentistry, XI, 12.
to undergraduate status, I, 53.
with deficiencies, I, 62; XI, 15.

leges, I. 55.
Advanced standing, admission to, I, 94,

in College of Dentistry, XI, 17.

in Medical School, VIII, 28.
Advisory Board of the Hooper Foundation

for Medical Research, VIII, 10.
Aesthetics. (See under English and Phil.

Affiliated Colleges. (See under Law, Art,

Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy.)
Agricultural chemistry, courses in, II, 8.

laboratory, I, 183,
Agricultural education, courses in, II, 9;

V, 11.
Agricultural Experiment Station, I, 184.

publications of, I, 185.
Agricultural laboratory, I, 173.
Agriculture, admission to the college of, I,

57, 59.
curriculum of the college of, 1, 108.
faculty and courses of the college of, II,

for admission, I, 77.
honors in, II, 8.
junior certificate in the college of, I, 100.
library, I, 167.
museum, I, 173.
number of students in the college of, I,

Agronomy, courses in, II. 11: V, 11.
Algebra, for admission, I, 66.

courses in, II. 165.
Alumni Association, Council of, I, 187;

XIII, 11.
in the California College of Pharmacy,

X. 35.
in the College of Dentistry, XI, 36.
Anatomy, courses in. II, 42.

in College of Dentistry, XI, 31.
in Medical School, VIII, 46, 75.
in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI, 5.

summer session courses in, V, 12.
Anglo-Saxon. (See under English.)

Anthropology, courses in, II, 44.

museum, I, 167,
requirements for admission to courses in,

I. 59.
summer session courses in, V, 12.
Apiculture, courses in, II, 17.
Application, importance of early, I, 94.

for examinations, I, 75.
for scholarships and fellowships, I, 155,

159, 160.
Applied art, for admission, I, 77.
Applied science, colleges of, I, 51.
Appointment registry, I, 165.
Appointment Secretary, I, 149.
Arabic, courses in, II, 232.
Archaeology, courses in. (See under An.

thropology, Greek, Latin, and Semitic

collections in classical, I, 168.
Architectural competition, Hearst, I, 41.
Architecture, admission to the course in, I,

57, 59.
courses in, II, 47.
curriculum of the technical course in, I,

degree of Graduate in Architecture, con-

ferred 1914, XII, 33.
junior certificate in technical course in,

I, 101.
school of, I, 51.
Argumentation, courses in, II, 106:
Art. (See under San Francisco Institute

of Art.)
courses in, II, 83.
for admission, I, 76.
certificate of proficiency in, VI, 2.
normal certificate in, VI, 2.

summer session courses in, V, 13, 15.
Art gallery of San Francisco Institute of

Art, VI, 2.
Art Association, VI, 2.
Associated students, executive committee of.

XIII, 11.
membership card, I, 149.
Association of American l'niversities, I,

Astronomical buildings and instruments at

Lick Observatory, III, 2.
Astronomical department at Mount Hamil.

ton. (See under Lick Astronomical

at Berkeley. (See under Students' Ob.

Astronomy, courses in, II, 51; V, 12.
Athletics, regulations concerning, I, 127.
At large, number of students, 1913-14, I,

students, I. 52, 63.
Attendance, regulations concerning. XI, 18.

Authority of instructors, I, 122.
B, subject, I, 54, 64, 97.

credit not given upon certificate, I, 94.
Bachelor's degree, conditions for a grad.

uate student. I, 132.
examinations for, I, 123.
summary of requirements for in units, I,

Bacteriology, and veterinary science labora-

tories, I, 184.
Bacteriology, courses in, II, 195,

in California College of Pharmacy, X, 26.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 33.

in Medical School, VIII, 52, 76.
Bancroft Library, I, 167; II, 136.
Banking, courses in. (See under Econom-

Bar, admission to California, VII, 5.
Basketry, summer session courses in, V, 17.
Bennett prize, I, 154.
Biblical archaeology. (See under Semitic

Biochemistry in Medical School, VIII, 50.
Biological Station at La Jolla, IV.
Biology, Herzstein Research Laboratory in,

I, 13, 132.
courses in. (See under Botany, Physi:

ology, and Zoology.)
Boalt Memorial Hall of Law, I, 41; II, 150.
Board and lodging, I, 148.
Bohemian, courses in, II, 234,
Bonnheim contests, I, 153.
Bonnheim memorial fund, I, 158.
Bonnheim research fellowship in English,

I, 161.
Bookbinding, summer session courses in, V,

Bookkeeping, for admission, I, 82.

courses in, II, 88, 90.
Books, cost of, I, 148.
Botanical collections, I, 171.

garden, I, 175.
laboratories, I, 176.

museum, I, 172,
Botany, courses in. II, 58.

for admission, I, 70.
in the California College of Pharmacy,

X, 20.
summer session courses in, V, 12.
Bryce historical essay prize, I, 153.
Business administration, courses in. (See

under Economics.)
Calendar of academic colleges. I, 5.

California College of Pharmacy, X, 9.
College of Dentistry. XI, 9.
Hastings College of the Law. VII. 1.

Medical School, VIII, 5.
California, College of, I, 37.
California College of Pharmacy, Alumni As.

sociation of, X, 35.

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