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Academic Council:

The President of the University and the professors, lecturers, and instructors in the colleges of Letters, Sciences, and Engineering.

Alumni Directory:

Mr. Sutton, Mr. A. H. Allen, Mr. Simp


Association of American Universities: Professors Stratton, Slate, Leuschner, Gayley, Barrows, Schilling, Gay.


Professors C. A. Noble, Leuschner, Lin-
forth, Minor, Burnett, Pinger, Al-
varez, the Recorder (secretary).

Editorial Committee:
Professors Stratton, 1Merriam, Bolton,
Kofoid, Noyes, Kroeber, Leuschner,
Lipman, Daggett, Mr. A. H. Allen

Faculty Research Lectureship:

Professors Stratton, Bolton, Leuschner.


Professors Lawson, Clapp, Schevill, Adams, Stephens, Richardson, Gay, Librarian Rowell, Associate Librarian Leupp.


Applications for Admission :

Professors Washburn, Thomas, the Recorder (secretary).

Applications for Admission to the Lick Ob


President Wheeler, Director Campbell, Professors Haskell, Slate, Leusch



Professors Putnam, Crawford.

Barbara Weinstock Lecture:

Professors Gayley, Reed.

Bennett Prize:

Professors Reed, Brown, Mr. Blanch-

Board of Freshman Advisors:
For Men: Professors Washburn,



Professors Senger, Kower, J. T. Allen.
Music and Drama:

Professors Armes,

O'Neill, Setchell,

Barrows, Noyes,


Professors Merrill,

Derleth, Haskell, Plehn, Lawson.

Summer Session:

Professors Richardson, Leuschner, Bolton, Armes, Dean of the Summer Session (chairman).

University Council:

President Wheeler, Dr. Campbell, Pro-
fessors Moffitt, Maxwell (secretary),
Sharp, Millberry, Green, Nish,
Fletcher, Stanton, Lawson, Jones,
Rieber, Hatfield, Derleth, Cory,
Hunt, G. N. Lewis, Leuschner,
Barrows, Haskell, E. P. Lewis,

University Extension:

Professors Howerth, Jones, Edwards,
Rieber, Babcock, Washburn, Kofoid,
Sibley, Derleth, Leupp.

University Welfare:

Professors Senger, Hilgard, Jones, Mer-
rill, Christy, Rieber.

varez, Hatfield, Herms, Holway, E.
P. Lewis, Price, Pinger, T. H.
Reed, Richardson, Wells, Booth,
Gardner, Burke, Daniel, Foote, Hyde,
Kofoid, Minor, Parker, Pope, Put-
nam, Woods. Hildebrand, Lynch,
Dr. Elston, Mr. Neuhaus, Mr. Eddy,
Mr. W. G. Reed, Mr. MacMinn, Mr.
White, Mr. Drury.

For Women: Professors Stebbins, Peix


Bonnheim Prizes:

Professors McMurray, Morris, Hart. Bryce Historical Essay:

Professors Stephens, Bolton, and a third to be selected by them.

Carnot Debate:

Professor Flaherty.


1. Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Commerce, Agri. culture, School of ArchitectureProfessors Barrows, Hatfield, Hunt. MeMurray, Maxwell, Raymond, Louderback, J. G. Howard, Dr. Deutsch, the Recorder (secretary).

2. Mechanics

Professors Cory, LeConte, Sibley.

3. Mining

Professors Christy, Hersam, Louderback.

4. Civil Engineering-

Professors Derleth, Etcheverry, Foote.

5. Chemistry

Professors O'Neill, G. N. Lewis, Biddle.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Lower Division, colleges of Letters,
Social Sciences, Natural Sciences.
Agriculture, and Commerce: Dean
of the Lower Division, Professors
Babcock, Stebbins, Peixotto, Pas-
chall, Hatfield, Bray, Lynch.

Subject A:
Professors Paschall, Kissell, H. E. Cory,
W. Brown, Dr. Elston, Dr. Irwin.

Subject B:
Professors Kofoid, Richardson, Hart,
Setchell, Bray, Noyes, Adams, Lip-
man, Louderback, McDonald, Bol-
ton, Dr. Irwin, Dr. C. I. Lewis, Dr.

Teachers' Certificates:

Professors Richardson, E. P. Lewis, Rugh, Wells, Edwards. Undergraduate Scholarships:

Professors Price, Edwards, Daniel. Rusk, Stebbins, Washburn (consulting member ex officio).

University Meetings:

Mr. Torrey, Professor H. E. Cory. University Representation:

Professors Gayley, Bradley, Clapp, Howison, Edwards.

[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

Ayres, A. H., Asst. in Botany

1627 Walnut st

Babcock, E. B., Prof. of Genetics

100 AH-M W F, 11-12

1540 La Loma av

Bkly 4519

Bachmann, H., Astronomical Instrument

Maker (LO)

Mt. Hamilton

†Bacon, L., Instr. in English

19 N-Tu Th, 2-3; S, 9-11
2247 Piedmont av-

Bkly 6398

†Bailey, S. E., Asst. in Physiology (D)
Affiliated Colleges, S F

Baird, H. S. Instr. in Dairy Industry
University Farm, Davis

Baldwin, W. I., Asst. in Orthopedics (M)
Affiliated Colleges, S F

†Ballentine, J. A., Asst. Prof. of Law (H) 585 Monadnock bldg, S F- Krny 621 Barlow, W. J., Prof. of Medicine, Dean of the Faculty of Los Angeles Dept. of the College of Medicine 616 Security bldg, Los Angeles

Barnes, J. W., Stenographer in Secretary's Office

2406 Dana st

Bkly 7713

Barnier, L., Asst. in Romanic Languages 1319 Octavia st, S F- Flmr 1684 Barovetto, G., Field Asst. in Viticulture University Farm, Davis

Barrett, J. T., Prof. of Plant Pathology Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside Barrows, A. L., Research Asst. in Zoology on the Scripps Foundation 1430 Arch stBkly 7065

[blocks in formation]

211 BHL-daily, 11-12 2547 Channing way

Bkly 4638

[blocks in formation]

2249 College av

Bkly 7436

Bell, G. W., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)

Kohl bldg, S F

Sutter 666

Belton, H. L., Instr. in Shopwork
University Farm, Davis

Benedict, H. H., Asst. Accountant in

Comptroller's office

2039 Shattuck av

Bennett, C. B., Instr. in


204 PL-M Tu W Th, 2-3
Physiology Lab-

Bkly 4929

Local 29

Bennett, Miss S., Senior Asst. in the


2530 Chilton way

Bkly 7499

Bergmann, C. A., Asst. in Astronomy

Mount Hamilton


Bernstein, B. A., Instr. in Mathematics 14B N-M F, 9; Tu, 10

2131 Haste st

Berry, Mrs. E. S., Stenographer and Clerk in Comptroller's Office 1532 Milvia st

Bkly 6274

Bertrom, Miss E. C.. Stenographer in

Dept. Agriculture

2224 Dana st

Bkly 6656

Biddle, H. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry
264 Chem-M W F, 2-3
University Cottage No. 1-

Bkly 4764

[blocks in formation]
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