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Membership : The President of the University and the

Professors Senger, Kower, J. T. Allen. professors, lecturers, and instructors

Music and Drama: in the colleges of Letters, Sciences,

Professors Armes, O'Neill, Setchell, and Engineering.

Kower. Alumni Directory:

Regulations: Mr. Sutton, Mr. A. H. Allen, Mr. Simp

Professors Merrill. Barrows, Noyes, son.

Derleth, Haskell, Plehn, Lawson.

Association of American Universities :
Professors Stratton, Slate, Leuschner,

Summer Session :
Gayley, Barrows, Schilling, Gay.

Professors Richardson, Leuschner, Bol.

ton, Armes, Dean of the Summer Credentials :

Session (chairman). Professors C. A. Noble, Leuschner, Lin

Unirersity Council : forth, Minor, Burnett, Pinger, Al

President Wheeler, Dr. Campbell, Provarez, the Recorder (secretary).

fessors Moffitt, Maxwell (secretary), Editorial Committee :

Sharp, Millberry, Green,

Nish, Professors Stratton, Merriam, Bolton,

Fletcher, Stanton, Lawson, Jones, Kofoid, Noyes, Kroeber, Leuschner,

Rieber, Hatfield, Derleth, Cory, Lipman, Daggett, Mr. A. H. Allen


N. Lewis, Leuschner,

Barrows, Haskell, E. (secretary).

P. Lewis,

Faculty Research Lectureship:
Professors Stratton, Bolton, Leuschner.

University Extension :

Professors Howerth, Jones, Edwards, Library :

Rieber, Babcock, Washburn, Kofoid, Professors Lawson, Clapp. Schevill,

Sibley, Derleth, Leupp.
Adams, Stephens, Richardson, Gay, Unirersity Velfare :
Librarian Rowell, Associate Librarian

Professors Senger, Hilgard, Jones, Mer.

rill, Christy, Rieber.



Bonnheim Prizes: Professors Washburn, Thomas, the Re.

Professors McMurray, Morris, Hart. corder (secretary).

Bryce Historical Essay: Applications for Admission to the Lick Ob

Professors Stephens, Bolton, and a third servatory :

to be selected by them. President Wheeler, Director Campbell,

Carnot Debate:
Professors Haskell, Slate, Leusch-

Professor Flaherty,
Athletics :


1. Colleges of Letters, Social Barbara Weinstock Lecture :

Sciences, Professors Gayley, Reed.

Natural Sciences, Commerce, igri.

culture, School of ArchitectureBennett Prize : Professors Reed, Brown, Mr. Blanch.

Professors Barrows, Hatfield, Hunt. c. ard.

Murray, Maxwell, Raymond, Louder.

back, J. G. Howard, Dr. Deutsch, Board of Freshman Advisors :

the Recorder (secretary). For Men : Professors Washburn, Al

2. Mechanics
varez, Hatfield, Herms, Holway, E.
P. Lewis. Price, Pinger, T. H.

Professors Cory, LeConte, Sibley.
Reed, Richardson, Wells, Booth,

3. Mining-
Gardner, Burke, Daniel, Foote, Hyde,

Professors Christy, Hersam, LouderKofoid, Minor, Parker, Pope, Put

Woods. Hildebrand, Lynch,
Dr. Elston, Mr. Neuhaus, Mr. Eddy, 4. Civil Engineering-
Mr. W. G. Reed, Mr. Mao Minn, Mr.

Professors Derleth, Etcheverry, Foote.
White, Mr. Drury.
For Women:

Professors Stebbins, Peix- 5. Chemistry otto.

Professors O'Neill, G. N. Lewis, Biddle.


Irving Prize :
Professors Wells, O'Neill, Magee, E. R.

Taylor, Mr. Irving.
Military and Gymnasium:
Professors Edwards, Washburn, Magee,

Nance, Pinger, Setchell. Non-Residents:

Professors McMurray, Kidd. Outside Relations : Professors Washburn, Setchell, Steb

bins, Mr. Eddy, Mrs. Davidson. Rhodes Scholarship:

Professors Stephens, Merrill. Schedule of Exercises : Professors Haskell, Plehn, Crawford,

Booth, Minor, Kower, Teggart. Schools : Professors E. P. Lewis, Noble, Rieber,

Boone, Holway, Allen, Thomas,

Demeter, Biddle, Morris, Hummel. Special Students : Professors Putnam, Sibley, Reed. E. E.

Hall, Lipman, Stebbins, Washburn

(consulting member). Students Affairs : Professors Cory, Rieber, Jones, Setchell, Allen L. Chickering, A.B, 1898, LL.B. 1901,

Commencement and Other Public Celebra.

tions: Professors Richardson, Nance, Allen,

Alvarez, Dr. Elston, Mr. Neuhaus,

Mr. Eddy.
Commencement Speakers :
Professors Gayley, Flaherty, Clapp,

Kidd, Dr. Petersson.
Courses of Instruction :
Professors Barrows, Leuschner, Law-

Disqualified Students :
Dean of the Lower Division, Dean of

the Faculties, the Recorder. Emily Chamberlain Cook Prize in Poetry: Professors Gayley, Jones, Wells, Rich

ardson, Mr. Bacon.
Engineering Dirision :
The heads of departments which give

prescribed courses in the colleges of
Mechanics, Mining, and Civil En-
gineering, together with the several
professors and instructors actually
engaged in giving such prescribed

Entrance Examinations :
Professors Washburn, Reed, Smithson,

Demeter, McDonald, Biddle, Lin

Faculty Elections :
Professors Crawford, Louderback,

Chandler, Stratton,
Frank J. Walton Memorial Loan Fund :
President Wheeler, Professor Wash

burn, Mr. Torrey,
Health :
Professors Reinhardt (or Dr. Sawyer),

Chandler, Griswold, Dr. Paroni.
Higher Degrees :
Professors Leuschner, Barrows, Boone,

Stratton, Jones, Stephens, J. G.
Howard, Merrill, Hart, Scherill,
Slate, Merriam, Kofoid, Jepson,
Derleth, Lipman, Reinhardt, G. N.

Hitchcock Lectures :

Professors Slate, Merriam, Lawson.
Home Economics :
Professors Peixotto, Jaffa (Secretary),

Kissell, Stebbins, Hays, Hyde, Mr.

II onors:
Professor Jones, and the Chairmen of

the Groups

Study-Lists :
Lower Division, colleges of Letters,

Social Sciences, Natural Sciences,
Agriculture, and Commerce: Dean
of the Lower Division, Professors
Babcock, Stebbins, Peixotto, Pas.

chall, Hatfield, Bray, Lynch.
Subject A:
Professors Paschall, Kissell, H. E. Cory,

W. Brown, Dr. Elston, Dr. Irwin.
Subject B :
Professors Kofoid, Richardson, Hart,

Setchell, Bray, Noyes, Adams, Lip
man, Louderback, McDonald. Bol-
ton, Dr. Irwin, Dr. C. I. Lewis, Dr.

Teachers' Certificates :
Professors Richardson, E. P. Lewis.

Rugh. Wells, Edwards.
Undergraduate Scholarships :
Professors Price, Edwards, Daniel.
Rusk, Stebbins, Washburn

(con sulting member ex officio). Unirersity Meetings :

Mr. Torrey, Professor H. E. Cory.
Unirersity Representation :
Professors Gaylev, Bradley, Clapp, How:

ison, Edwards.


Schedule : Professors Cory, Derleth, Slate, Christy,

Professors LeConte, Durham, Kower, O'Neill, Lawson, LeConte, Haskell,

Foote, Louderback.


President Merchants Exchange bldg, San Francisco Sayre Macneil, A.B. 1908, First Vice

President 2321 Figueroa st, Los Angeles Frank J. Solinsky, Ph.B. 1877, LL.B.

1881, Second Vice-President 2215 Durant av Clement C. Young, B.L. 1892, Treasurer

2107 Addison st John L. Simpson, B.L. 1913, Secretary

2013 California Hall Robert Belcher, B.L. 1900

2811 Forest av Lewis D. Bohnett, B.L. 1906

Bank of San Jase bldg, San Jose Douglas Brookman, B.L. 1910

833 Market st, San Francisco

Adolphus E. Graupner, LL.B. 1897, Law

Grant bldg, San Francisco
Chaffee E. Hall, B.L. 1910

233 Post st, San Francisco
Frank Otis, A.B. 1873; M.A. 1876

1609 Santa Clara av, Alameda Mrs. Cornelia Stratton Parker, A.B. 1907

2425 Hearst av William A. Powell, A.B. 1902; LL.B. 1906

957 Broadway, Oakland M. Thayer Rhodes, D.D.S. 1908, Dental

First National Bank bldg
Mrs. E. B. Stan wood, B.L. 1898



Mansel P. Griffiths, '14, President

1902 Myrtle st, Oakland Karl S. Hazeltine, '14, Vice-President

2426 Virginia st Victor H. Doyle, '15, Secretary

1623 Scenic av William G. Donald, '11, Graduate Manager

Thomas M. Putnam, Faculty Representa

tive 2739 Parker st Chaffee E. Hall, '10, Alumni Representa

tive 233 Post st, San Francisco Howard W. Fleming, '14, Representative

of the Big C Society 2510 LeConte av

2013 California Hall


Mrs. May L. Cheney, Chairman

203 California Hall Prof. James T. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer

Mosswood road Prof. Lucy Stebbins

205 California Hall Prof. 0. M. Washburn

207 California Hall Prof. Wm. Carey Jones

212 Boalt Hall of Law Prof. George C. Edwards

5 North Hall

Dr. Mary B. Ritter

La Jolla
Prof. J. B. Peixotto

13 Library
Mrs. Benj. Ide Wheeler

President's House, University Grounds Mrs. L. J. Richardson

2415 College av Miss Hattie Whirlow

2531 Benvenue av Mrs. A. P. Black

2915 Fillmore st, San Francisco Mrs. R S. Holway

2401 Le Conte av



† Abbott, R. B., Instr. in Physics

205 S-daily, 11:30-12
1803 Cedar st-

Bkly 2084 Abrahamson, M., Asst. in Medicine (M)

240 Stockton st., SF- Dgls 3400 Adams, E. Q., Teaching Fellow in Chem

2642 Bancroft way-

Bkly 653 † Adams, G. P., Asst. Prof. of Philosophy

on the Mills foundation 1 P-W, 10.

Spruce st, north of Regal rd-Bkly 7012 Aden, Miss L. J., Stenographer in Dept.

of Agriculture 1935 Cedar st

Bkly 2627 Aegerter, Miss C., Nurse Infirmary

Local 15 Aitken, R. G. Astronomer (LO)

Mt. Hamilton † Alexander, E. W., Instr. in Ophthalmology

† Argo, W. L., Asst. in Chemistry 1632 Euclid ar

Bkly 3662 Armes, W. D., Assoc. Prof. of American

33 N-MWF, 11

Faculty Club- Local 48 or Bkly 5234 † Armstrong, J. E., Stenographer in Unir.

Extension Division 351 Sixty-third st, 0

Pied 3020 #Arntzen, V., Expert Mechanic in Civil

Engineering Lab. 2916 Telegraph ar

Bkly 242 Ash, Miss R. L., Instr. in Pediatrics (M) 391 Sutter st, SF

Sutter 417 † Ayres, A. H., Asst. in Botany

1627 Walnut st
+Babcock, E. B., Prof. of Genetics

100 AH-M W F, 11.12
1540 La Loma av-

Bkly 4519 † Bachmann, H., Astronomical Instrument

Maker (LO)
Mt. Hamilton
† Bacon, L., Instr. in English

19 N--Tu Th, 2-3; S, 9-11
2247 Piedmont av

Bkly 6398 † Bailey, S. E., Asst. in Physiology (D)

Affiliated Colleges, SF
Baird, H. S. Instr. in Dairy Industry

University Farm, Davis
Baldwin, W. I., Asst. in Orthopedics (M)


(M) Butler bldg, SF

Sutter 441 Aljets, J. Asst. to the Supt. of

Grounds and Buildings 822 Thirty-third st, O Pied 5059 † Allen, A. H., Manager of the University

Press, Secretary of the Editorial

Committee 2312 Rose ter

Bkly 973 Allen, Miss H., Instr. in Drawing (A)

California and Mason sts, SF Allen, H. W., Instr. in Medicine (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Dgls 3600 † Allen, J. T., Assoc. Prof. of Greek

9 N Mosswood rd

Bkly 1209 Aller, D. I., Asst. in Physiology (D)

University of California Hospital, SF Alvarez, A. C., Asst. Prof, of Civil Engin

eering 106 CE-Tu W, 10:30-11:30. 1909 Dwight way

Bkly 5356 Anderson, C. A., Bill Clerk in Comp

troller's office 479 Thirty-eighth st, 0

Pied 4528 † Andrews, Mrs, A. D. B., Teaching Fel.

low in Mathematics 1 N 2537 Fulton st

Bkly 3055 Annis, Miss R. L., Multigraph Operator

in the President's Office 1147 Shattuck av

Bkly 626

Affiliated Colleges, SF † Ballentine, J. A., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)

585 Monadnock bldg, S F- Krny 621 Barlow, W. J., Prof. of Medicine, Dean

of the Faculty of Los Angeles Dept.

of the College of Medicine
616 Security bldg, Los Angeles
Barnes, J. W., Stenographer in Secretary's

2406 Dana st-

Bkly 7713 Barnier, L., Asst. in Romanic Languages 1319 Octavia st, SF

Flmr 1684 * Barovetto, G., Field Asst. in Viticulture

University Farm, Davis ^ Barrett, J. T., Prof. of Plant Pathology

Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside † Barrows, A. L., Research Asst. in Zoology

on the Scripps Foundation 1430 Arch st

Bkly 7065 Chemistry 204 PL-M Tu W Th, 2-3 Physiology Lab

† Barrows, D. P., Prof. of Political Science

and Dean of the Faculties Faculty Room-M Tu W Th F, 11-12 2617 College av

Bkly 6404 † Barrows, H. P., Instr. in Agricultural

Education 2507 Vine st # Bartlett, L., Lectr. in Dental Jurispru

dence (D)
1700 Claus Spreckels bldg SF-

Krny 5750 † Baugh, H. G., Junior Asst. in Library 1630 Allston way

Bkly 1647 † Bean, G. L., Prof. of Dental Porcelain

350 Post st, SF-

Dgls 2222 Beauchamp, L. R., Technical Asst. in

Physiology 78 Echo av,

0 Beckett, S. G., Instr. in Irrigation

University Farm, Davis *Beckwith, H., Asst. in Economics 3008 Benvenue av

Bkly 8223 #Bell, C. H., Instr. in German

7 N
2249 College av-

Bkly 7436
Bell, G. W., Asst. Prof. of Law (H)
Kohl bldg, SF-

Sutter 666 Belton, H. L., Instr. in Shopwork

University Farm, Davis Benedict, H. H., Asst. Accountant in

Comptroller's office 2039 Shattuck av

Bkly 4929 Bennett, C. B., Instr. in Physiological

Billings, H. E., Lab. Asst. in Agricultural

Local 29 Bennett, Miss S., Senior Asst. in the

Library 2530 Chilton way

Bkly 7499 Bergmann, C. A., Asst. in Astronomy

(LO) Mount Hamilton Bernstein, B. A., Instr. in Mathematics

14B N-M F, 9; Tu, 10

2131 Haste st *Berry, Mrs. E. S., Stenographer and Clerk

in Comptroller's Office 1532 Milvia st

Bkly 6274 Bertrom, Miss E. C., Stenographer in

Dept. Agriculture 2224 Dana st

Bkly 6656 * Biddle, H. C., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

264 Chem--M W F. 2-3
University Cottage No. 1- Bkly 4764

Oxford apts-

Bkly 2385
Bine, R., Asst. in Medicine (M)
350 Post st, SF-

Dgls 2222 * Bioletti, F. T., Prof. of Viticulture and

103 AH

Walnut Creek
Bird, F. H., Asst. in Economics and

Lectr. in University Extension (re

signed Oct. 18, 1913) 2617 Durant av

Bkly 21 † Blake, W. F., Instr. in Ophthalmology (M) 240 Stockton st, SF

Sutter 76 † Blanchard, F. T., Instr. in English

19 N
2610 Russell st-

Bkly 6273 **Blasdale, W. C., Assoc. Prof. of Chem

2514 College av-

Bkly 2776
Boke, G. H., Prof. of Law

211 BHL-daily, 11-12
2547 Channing way-

Bkly 4638 † Bolin, J. S., Instr, in Education

103 Cal-MWF, 1.2

2608A Benvenue av
* Bolton, H. E., Prof. of American History

37 L
1526 Spring st-

Bkly 5764
Bonnet, L. O., Instr. in Viticulture

104 AH-M W Th, 10-12
2407 Fulton st-

Bkly 6870 * Bonns, W. W., Asst. Prof. ol Pomology

428 Denton st, Riverside- Pac 1233J *Boone, R. G., Prof. of Education and Act

ing Director of the School of Education
103 Cal-MW F, 11-12
2831 Benvenue av-

Bkly 6848 *Booth, E., Asst. Prof. of Chemistry

230 Chem-Tu Th, 9-10; M, 1; W, 9

1416 Harrison blvd, 0- Oakd 3157 Botsford, Miss M. E., Asst. in Surgery

(M) 807 Francisco St, SF- Frkn 3370 * Bourne, F. E., Helper in Geology and

Mineralogy 2509 Parker st

Bkly 7085 Bowden, G., Lectr. in Voice Culture

200 HM-Tu Th. 2

Sussex Hotel, SF
+Bradley, C. B., Prof. of Rhetoric, Emeri.

2639 Durant av

Bkly 4126

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