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STUDENTS, 1913-14


For supplementary list of names, colleges of Letters, Sciences, and Engineering, see page following list of undergraduates in these colleges.


(To February 10, 1914)


PAGE Explanatory Note

2 The Regents of the University

3 Standing Committees of the Regents Administrative Officers

5 Departments of Instruction

7 Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

9 Standing Committees of the Academic Council

9 Council of the Alumni

11 Executive Committee of the Associated Students

11 Club House Loan Fund Committee

11 Ofticers

12 Students at Berkeley, at Mt. Hamilton (the Lick Observatory), and at Davis (the

University Farm): Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences,
Commerce, Agriculture, Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, Chemistry;
Schools of Architecture, Education, Jurisprudence, and the first two years of
the College of Medicine:
Graduate Students

34 Undergraduate Students

54 Students in San Francisco and Los Angeles : Hastings College of ihe Law

137 College of Medicine

139 College of Dentistry

143 California College of Pharmacy

145 Statistical Summary

147 Fraternities

148 House Clubs

149 Telephone Guide

150 University Telephones





In the CATALOGUE OF OFFICERS, the names of University Buildings are abbreviated as follows: AH, Agriculture Hall; Anat, Anatomy Building; Arch, Architecture Building; B, Botany Building; Bac Lab, Bacteriology Laboratory; BH, Bacon Hall; Budd H, Budd Hall; BL, Bancroft Library; BHL, Boalt Hall of Law; Chem, Chemistry Building; Cal, California Hall; CE, Civil Engineering Building; Draw, Drawing Building; E, East Hall; Ent Lab, Entomological Laboratory; FCL, Fertilizer Control Laboratory; HG, Harmon Gymnasium; H, Hearst Gymnasium; HM, Hearst Memorial Mining Building; HP, Hygiene and Pathology Building; Inf, Infirmary; L, University Library; M, Mechanics Building; Mus, Museum of Greek Sculpture and Anthropology; Music, Music Building, 2511 Bancroft way; N, North Hall; 0. Students' Observatory; P, Philosophy Building: PL, The Rudolph Spreckels Physiology Laboratory; PDL, Plant Disease Laboratory; S, South Hall; Vet, Veterinary Science Laboratory; VZ, California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

Officers of Colleges or Departments situated elsewhere than in Berkeley are desig nated by an abbreviation following the title, viz.: (D) College of Dentistry, (A) San Francisco Institute of Art, (H) Hastings College of the Law, (LO) Lick Observatory, (M) College of Medicine, (Ph) California College of Pharmacy.

The following abbreviations are also used: M, Monday; Tu, Tuesday; W, Wednes day; Th, Thursday; F, Friday; S, Saturday.

In the announcements of office hours, "daily" does not include Saturday or Sunday. When no office hours are given, instructors may be consulted immediately before or after their recitations.

The dagger (†) marks the names of officers who are married; the asterisk (*) the names of those absent on leave throughout the year; the superior figure, 1, means in residence first half-year only;, second half-year only; m, permanent mailing address, both for terms and vacations.

In the CATALOGUE OF STUDENTS, the college is indicated as follows: L, Letters, SS, Social Sciences; NS, Natural Sciences; Com, Commerce; Agr, Agriculture; Mec, Mechanics; Med, Medicine (first and second years); Min, Mining; CE, Civil Engineering; Chem, Chemistry. The status of the student is regular, unless otherwise indicated, as follows: s, special; al, at large; and u, indicates that the student has been admitted to the upper division. The number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., prefixed to the abbrevia tion showing the college, indicates the class or year of residence. Students admitted this year with advanced standing are designated by (1) prefixed to the figure indicating the class; 1, means in residence first half-year only; 2, second half year only. The (*) marks the names of students who received the bachelor's degree in December, 1913. The () marks the names of graduate students who are registered for work in absence. (Arch), following the abbreviation showing the college, indicates that the student is enrolled in the School of Architecture; (Juris), in the School of Jurisprudence.

The student's home is given immediately after the name; all home addresses are in the state of California, unless stated to be elsewhere. In the lines following the name and home are given the student's status and his address and telephone number while attending the University; and all such addresses are in Berkeley, unless stated to be elsewhere. The following abbreviations are used: S F for San Francisco, O for Oakland, A for Alameda, P for Piedmont. The word "Local" used with telephone numbers denotes telephones on the University's private exchange; Bkly, Berkeley; Oakd, Oakland; Ala, Alameda; Pied, Piedmont; Mer, Merritt; Elm, Elmhurst; Lksd, Lakeside; Mrkt, Market; Flmr, Fillmore; Frkn, Franklin; Msn, Mission; Dgls, Douglas; Pac, Pacific; Krny, Kearny; Valen, Valencia; Snst, Sunset.

Note.—The regular meetings of the Regents are held at 2 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, except July, and on the day before Commencement, at such places as may from time to time be determined, ordinarily at the San Francisco Institute of Art, California and Mason streets, San Francisco.

REGENTS EX OFFICIO His Excellency Hiram Warren Johnson

Hon. A. Lowndes Scott Governor and President of the Regents

President of the State Agricultural Sacramento

Society Hon, Albert J. Wallace

Seventh and Townsend sts, San FranLieutenant-Governor

cisco 621 Union Oil bldg, Los Angeles

Livingston Jenks, A.B., LL.B. Hon. Clement C. Young, B.L.

President of the Mechanics' Institute Speaker of the Assembly

Mills bldg, San Francisco Shattuck av and Addison st, Berkeley

Benj. Ide Wheeler, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. Hon. Edward Hyatt

President of the University

California Hall, Berkeley State Superintendent of Public Instruc

tion Sacramento


The term of the appointed Regents is sixteen years, and terms expire March 1, of the year indicated in parentheses. The names are arranged in the order of original accession to the board. Isaias William Hellman, Esq. (1918)

Frederick William Dohrmann, Esq. (1920) Wells, Fargo Nevada National Bank,

201 Geary st, San Francisco San Francisco

Charles Stetson Wheeler, B.L. (1928) Mrs. Phoebe Apperson Hearst (1914)

Nevada Bank bldg, San Francisco Pleasanton

William Henry Crocker, Ph.B. (1924) Business address: 410 Hearst bldg, San

Crocker National Bank, San Francisco Francisco

Rudolph Julius Taussig, Esq. (1916) Arthur William Foster, Esq. (1916)

Main and Mission sts. San Francisco 1210 James Flood bldg. San Francisco Philip Ernest Bowles, Ph.B. (1922)

427 California st, San Francisco Garret William McEnerney, Esq. (1920)

James Kennedy Moffitt, B.S. (1924) 1277 James Flood bldg, San Francisco

First National Bank, San Francisco Guy Chaffee Earl, A.B. (1918)

Charles Adolph Ramm, B.S., M.A., S.T.B. 233 Post st, San Francisco

(1928) James Wilfred McKinley, B.S. (1922)

1100 Franklin st, San Francisco 432 Pacific Electric bldg., Los Angeles Edward Augustus Dickson, B.L. (1926)

1631 Cimarron st, Los Angeles John Alexander Britton, Esq. (1914) 445 Sutter st, San Francisco

James Mills, Esq. (1926)


OFFICERS OF THE REGENTS His Excellency Hiram Warren Johnson

Warren Olney, Jr., A.B., LL.B. President

Attorney Sacramento

1107 Merchants' Exchange bldg, San Victor Hendricks Henderson, B.L.

Francisco Secretary and Land Agent

Ralph Palmer Merritt, B.S. 209 California Hall, Berkeley

Comptroller Isaias William Hellman, Jr., Ph.B.

220 California Hall, Berkeley Treasurer Union Trust Company, San Francisco

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