Memoirs of Aaron Burr: With Miscellaneous Selections from His Correspondence, Količina 1

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Stran 401 - An act for supplying the city of New- York with pure and wholesome water...
Stran 25 - That the strength of his understanding, the accuracy of his discernment, and ardour of his curiosity, might have been remarked from his infancy, by a diligent observer, there is no reason to doubt. For, there is no instance of any man, whose history has been minutely related, that did not in every part of life discover the same proportion of intellectual vigour.
Stran 398 - From the little I have seen, and the much I have heard, of the manager of the Review you mention, I cannot feel even the smallest push of a desire to serve him in the capacity of a poet.
Stran 260 - Theodosia cannot hear you spoken of without an apparent melancholy ; insomuch that her nurse is obliged to exert her invention to divert her, and myself avoid to mention you in her presence. She was one whole day indifferent to everything but your name. Her attachment is not of a common nature.
Stran 209 - As soon as they were left alone Mrs. Arnold became tranquillized, and assured Mrs. Prevost that she was heartily sick of the theatrics she was exhibiting. She stated that she had corresponded with the British commander — that she was disgusted with the American cause and those who had the management of public affairs — and that, through great persuasion and unceasing perseverance, she had ultimately brought the general into an arrangement to surrender West Point to the British.
Stran 116 - ... to act, as occasion may serve, on the enemy's left flank and rear, in conjunction with the other Continental troops and militia, who are already hanging about them, and that the main body preserve a relative position, so as to be able to act as circumstances may require.
Stran 23 - My litde son has been sick with a slow fever, ever since my brother left us, and has been brought to the brink of the grave ; but, I hope in mercy, God is bringing him back again. I was enabled, after a severe struggle with nature, to resign the child with the greatest freedom. God showed me- that the children were not my own, but his, and that he had a right to recall what he had lent, whenever he thought fit ; and...
Stran 305 - Your friends everywhere look to you to take an active part in removing the monarchical rubbish of our government. It is time to speak out, or we are undone.
Stran 234 - I have procured you a good house in Maiden-lane, at the rate of two hundred pounds a year. The rent to commence when the troops leave the city. Doctor Brown can inform you more particulars about it, as he went with me to view it. Before I engaged this house, I consulted Mrs. Clark. She proposed her house in Broadway, but could not get the tenant out, so that she gave her consent to this. Very respectfully yours, THOMAS BARTOW. « FROM MRS. BURR. Albany, 25th March, 1783.
Stran 116 - Disobedience of orders in not attacking the enemy on the 28th of June, agreeably to repeated instructions.

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