Highway Engineering, Rural Roads and Pavements

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John Wiley & sons, Incorporated, 1921 - 379 strani

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Stran 345 - One-third in the ratio which the area of each State bears to the total area of all the States ; one-third in the ratio which the population of each State bears to...
Stran 235 - Every facility shall be provided the purchaser for careful sampling and inspection at either the mill or at the site of the work, as may be specified by the purchaser. At least...
Stran 235 - The cement shall be stored in such a manner as to permit easy access for proper inspection and identification of each shipment.
Stran 234 - The cement shall not develop initial set in less than 45 minutes when the Vicat needle is used or 60 minutes when the Gillmore needle is used. Final set shall be attained within 10 hours.
Stran 290 - Solid or semi-solid native bitumens, solid or semisolid bitumens obtained by refining petroleum, or solid or semi-solid bitumens which are combinations of the bitumens mentioned with petroleums or derivatives thereof, which melt upon the application of heat and which consist of a mixture of hydrocarbons and their derivatives of complex structure, largely cyclic and bridge compounds.
Stran 235 - The cement shall be delivered in suitable bags or barrels with the brand and name of the manufacturer plainly marked thereon, unless shipped in bulk. A bag shall contain 94 Ib. net. A barrel shall contain 376 Ib. net.
Stran 235 - ... 15. Packages varying more than 5 per cent from the specified weight may be rejected; and if the average weight of packages in any shipment, as shown by weighing 50 packages taken at random, is less than that specified, the entire shipment may be rejected.
Stran 234 - Portland cement is the product obtained by finely pulverizing clinker produced by calcining to incipient fusion, an intimate and properly proportioned mixture of argillaceous and calcareous materials, with no additions subsequent to calcination excepting water and calcined or uncalcined gypsum.
Stran 234 - The specific gravity of cement shall not be less than 3.10. Should the test of cement as received fall below this requirement, a second test may be made upon a sample ignited at a low red heat. The loss in weight of the ignited cement shall not exceed 4 per cent.
Stran 254 - Tyler standard sieves of the following sizes: 100, 48, 28, 14, 8, 4, f|. % and \% in. Express sieve analysis in terms of percentages of material by weight (or separate volumes) coarser than each of the standard sieves. 3. Compute fineness modulus of each aggregate by adding the percentages found in (2), and dividing by 100. 4. Determine the "maximum size...

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