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The headquarters and office of the Board sball be in the City of San Francisco.


The officers of the Commission shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary, who shall also be the Treasurer.


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board, to sign all contracts made by the Board, and to perform all such other duties as properly appertain by usage to the office of President.


In case of the absence or inability to serve of the President, the VicePresident shall perform his duties.


SECTION 1. The Secretary and Treasurer shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Commission in proper books to be provided for the purpose, shall conduct the correspondence of the Commission, keep a record in which he shall regularly enter copies of all official letters written by him, and preserve all communications which may be addressed to him as Secretary of the Commission, or which may pertain to the business of the Commission, and shall exhibit the same and give an account of his correspondence whenever required by the Executive Committee or by the Commissioners, at any regular meeting, and the same shall be open during all business bours to the examination of any individual Commissioner; he shall also keep a record on the minute book of all votes obtained by correspondence, when the majority of votes shall be binding, in the same manner as in general meeting:

Sec. 2. As Treasurer, it shall be his duty to receive all moneys of the Commission and hold the same until required to pay them out in the manner hereafter specified in these by-laws. He shall keep a just and full account of all moneys received and expended, and shall deliver up. whenever legally called on to do so, all moneys, books, papers, and other property of the Commission in his bands, to his legal successor in office, or to such other person as may be designated by the Commission to receive the same; he shall also perform such other duties and make such further reports appertaining to his office as the Commission may from time to time require. His accounts shall also be open, during business hours, to the inspection of any individual Commissioner.


SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to call a general meeting of the Board whenever, in their opinion, the interests of the Commission require it, and a general meeting shall be held during the month of October or November of each year, at such day as shall be fixed by the committee, notice being given by the Secretary, through the mail or otherwise, to each member of the Commission, at least a fortnight before the time fixed for the meeting.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to make a full report of their doings each annual meeting; and, at the annual meeting next preceding the meeting of the Legislature, they shall submit such a report as is required by law, which report shall be laid before the Commission, and which, as approved or modified by them, shall be transmitted to the Legislature, through the Governor, at least two weeks before the time of their meeting.

SEC. 3. The Executive Committee shall be the Finance Committee of the Commission, and shall audit all bills and regulate the expenditure of all moneys, and no payments sball be made by the Treasurer except on orders countersigned by at least two members of the Executive Committee.

SEC. 4. The Executive Committee shall be in direct communication with the guardian, and all his instructions shall be received through them, and such instructions shall be, so far as is possible, an expression of the opinion of the majority of the Board.

Sec. 5. The Executive Committee shall receive applications for leases and improvements on the grants, and shall act upon the same.

SEC. 6. Whenever, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, any question shall arise which shall be sufficiently important to require the expression of the opinion of the whole Board, such question may be submitted to each member residing in this State, through the Secretary, and their votes, as thus obtained in writing, sball govern the Executive Committee in its action, in the same manner as if the question had been regularly voted on at a general meeting.

Sec. 7. Any member of the Commission may at any time lay any plan or proposition, in writing, before the Executive Committee, and this committee shall, if requested by such member, communicate such proposition to the other members of the Commission, asking their vote on the adoption of the same, and the Executive Committee shall be governed in its action by the vote of the Commission as thus obtained.

Sec. 8. The Executive Committee, when unanimously agreed as to the propriety of such action, may at any time call a general meeting of the Commission, and they shall do so whenever requested, in writing, by any other three members of the Commission. A meeting of their own body may be held at any time, at the call of any member of the committee.


The Vice-President, Secretary, and Executive Committee, shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting next preceding the meeting of the Legislature, and shall remain in office for two years, or until their successors have been duly elected. In case of the death, resignation, or inability to servo, of the Vice-President, Secretary, or any one of the Executive Committee, the President shall appoint some one to fill the place pro tempore, and the vacancy shall be filled at the next general meeting of the Board; the officer thus appointed, however, shall not, unless re-elected, hold office any longer than would be necessary to fill out the unexpired term of his predecessor.


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