Abridgment of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856: April 15, 1824-March 10, 1826

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Stran 90 - That a committee be appointed on the part of this House, jointly with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States, and notify him that unless he may have other communications to make to the two Houses of Congress, they are ready to adjourn.
Stran 435 - independence has been, or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." —(Adams
Stran 174 - arc not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government ; but that, by compact, under the style and title of a ' Constitution for the United States,' and of amendments thereto, they constitute a General Government for special purposes,
Stran 255 - to the laying out and making public roads, leading from the navigable waters emptying into the Atlantic, to the Ohio, to the said State, and through the same ; such roads to be laid out under the authority of Congress, with the consent of the several States through which the road shall pass.
Stran 13 - Write them together ; yours is as fair a name. Sound them ; it doth become the month as well" Here, sir, I must beg leave to differ ; I do not think it does.
Stran 202 - following resolution : Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the propriety of providing by law for the reimbursement of the amount of interest paid by the State of Virginia, upon loans of money negotiated by her for the use of the General Government, during the late war between Great Britain and the United
Stran 213 - the navigation of all rivers within the same, be free and open for the term of ten years, from the date of the convention, to the vessels, citizens, and subjects of the two powers. It being well understood that this agreement
Stran 241 - every person so offending, his or her counsellors, aiders, and abettors, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by fine, not exceeding five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment and confinement to hard labor, not exceeding ten years, according to the aggravation of the offence. The
Stran 446 - guard, by its own means, against the establishment of any future European Colonies within its borders." If these two prominent points were not intended, by our Government, to be the subjects on which stipulations were to be entered into at the Congress, what was meant by the President, in his declaration to the Ministers of Mexico, and Colombia, that, in
Stran 8 - Georgia. The United States agreed to extinguish it, as soon as it could be done peaceably, and on reasonable terms. The compact imposed upon the General Government the obligation to use all the means necessary to accomplish the end in view. It was especially their duty to refrain from doing any thing calculated even to retard,