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Stran 65 - The fire commissioner shall have power, in his discretion, on conviction of a member of the force of any legal offense or neglect of duty, or violation of rules, or neglect or disobedience of orders, or incapacity, or absence without leave, or any conduct injurious to the public peace or welfare, or immoral conduct, or conduct unbecoming an officer or...
Stran 94 - ... except for incompetency or misconduct shown after a hearing upon due notice upon stated charges, and with the right to such employee or appointee to a review by a writ of certiorari.
Stran 65 - ... pay during such suspension, or by dismissal from the force, but no more than thirty days' pay or salary shall be forfeited or deducted for any offense.
Stran 6 - Apportionment, made up of the mayor, the comptroller, the president of the board of aldermen, and the presidents of the five boroughs, into which the city is divided.
Stran 75 - The Raines Law Hotel and the Social Evil," the situation existing in New York was thoroughly exposed. It was pointed out that "the effect of the Raines Law has been to provide unexampled accommodations for prostitution;" that New York "presents the unique feature of providing virtual houses of accommodation throughout the city, quite without regard for the actual demand for them. As a consequence all difficulties that normally lie in the way of soliciting in other than notorious parts of the city...
Stran 56 - The board of water supply of the city of New York may, subject to the approval of the board of estimate and apportionment, utilize such water as it now owns or as it may hereafter acquire, for the...
Stran 91 - That, in pursuance of the provisions of subdivision 8 of section 188 of the Greater New York Charter, the...
Stran 55 - He may issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses or the production of books and papers. He may administer oaths and examine persons under oath. With the approval of the commissioner of correction he may recommend to the appropriate authorities the removal of any probation officer.
Stran 50 - ... conceived that if an impartial selection of commissioners could be assured, it would tend to remove much of the opposition to the bill. A provision had therefore been inserted in the Mayor's bill requiring the appointment of the three members of the proposed Board of Water Supply from lists supplied by the Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Fire Underwriters and the Manufacturers

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