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Stran 28 - Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to enter upon and prosecute from time to time such negotiations with the several maritime powers of Europe and America as he may deem expedient for the effectual abolition of the African slave trade and its ultimate denunciation as piracy under the law of nations, by the consent of the civilized world.
Stran 14 - House had proposed a resolution expressed in more general terms, that "the President of the United States be requested to enter into such arrangements as he may deem suitable and proper, with one or more of the maritime powers of Europe for the effectual abolition of the African slavetrade...
Stran 2 - An Act to authorize the people of the Missouri Territory to form a Constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union, on an equal footing with the original States, and to prohibit Slavery in certain Territories...
Stran 2 - That all salt springs, not exceeding twelve in number, with six sections of land adjoining to each, shall be granted to the said state, for the use of said state, the same to be selected by the legislature of the said state...
Stran 2 - That no salt spring, the right whereof now is, or hereafter shall be, confirmed or adjudged to any individual or individuals, shall, by this section, be granted to said state: And provided, also, that the legislature shall never sell or lease the same, at any one time, for a longer period than ten years, without the consent of congress.
Stran 23 - All crimes not capital, and all disorders and neglects, which officers and soldiers may be guilty of, to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, though not mentioned in the foregoing articles of war, are to be taken cognizance of by a general, or a regimental, garrison, or field officers' court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and punished at the discretion of such court.
Stran 3 - Wooster, brigadier general in the army of the United States. In defending the liberties of America, and bravely repelling an inroad of the British forces to Danbury, in Connecticut...
Stran 2 - That if any citizen of the United States, being of the crew or ship's company of any foreign ship or vessel engaged in the slave trade, or any person whatever, being of the crew or ship's company of any ship or vessel owned in the whole or part or navigated for or in behalf of any citizen or citizens of the United States...

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