The Iliad of Homer, Količina 5

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Charles Rivington, 1760

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Stran 105 - Here sacred pomp and genial feast delight, And solemn dance, and hymeneal rite ; Along the street the new-made brides are led, With torches flaming, to the nuptial bed : The youthful dancers in a circle bound To the soft flute, and cittern's silver sound : Through the fair streets, the matrons in a row Stand in their porches, and enjoy the show.
Stran 54 - be it then thy care, With Merion's aid, the weighty corse to rear ; Myself and my bold brother will sustain The shock of Hector and his charging train : Nor fear we armies, fighting side by side ; What Troy can dare, we have already tried — Have tried it, and have stood.
Stran 249 - Tis not on me thy rage should heap the dead. See! my choked streams no more their course can keep, Nor roll their wonted tribute to the deep. Turn then, impetuous! from our injured flood; Content, thy slaughters could amaze a god.
Stran 81 - Struck from the walls, the echoes float on high, And the round bulwarks and thick towers reply ; So high his brazen voice the hero rear'd, Hosts...
Stran 227 - Shall lay this dreadful hero in the dust, Let then the furies of that arm be known, Secure no Grecian force transcends thy own.' With that, he left him wondering as he lay, Then from Achilles...
Stran 173 - The first, the dearest partner of his love; That rites divine should ratify the band, And make me empress in his native land. Accept these grateful tears! for thee they flow, For thee, that ever felt another's woe!
Stran 281 - His shield, a broad circumference, he bore. Then, graceful, as he stood in act to throw The lifted javelin, thus...
Stran 112 - And pales of glittering tin the' enclosure grace. To this, one pathway gently winding -leads, Where march a train with baskets on their heads, ( Fair maids and blooming youths) that smiling bear The purple product of the
Stran 168 - The scale of conquest ever wavering lies, Great Jove but turns it, and the victor dies ! The great, the bold, by thousands daily fall, And endless were the grief to weep for all. Eternal sorrows what avails to shed? Greece...
Stran 256 - Neptune, and the blue-eyed maid. Stay, and the furious flood shall cease to rave Tis not thy fate to glut his angry wave. But thou, the counsel heaven suggests, attend!

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