Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, Količina 8;Količina 1852

Sprednja platnica
Samuel Hazard
T. Fenn & Company, 1852
Collections of documents.

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Stran 3 - Power to chuse a Speaker, and other their Officers; and shall be Judges of the Qualifications and Elections of their own Members; sit upon their own Adjournments; appoint Committees; prepare Bills in order to pass into Laws; impeach Criminals, and redress Grievances; and shall have all other Powers and Privileges of an Assembly, according to the Rights of the free-born Subjects of England, and as is usual in any of the King's Plantations in America.
Stran 612 - Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex upon Delaware...
Stran 520 - Words their Royal Highnesses George Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, the Duke, the Princesses and all the Royal Family, there be inserted Her Royal Highness the Princess Dowager of Wales and all the Royal Family.
Stran 517 - Wales ; we, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this realm, being here assisted with these of his late Majesty's Privy Council, with numbers of other principal gentlemen of quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London, do now hereby, with one voice and consent of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim, that the high and mighty Prince, George Prince of Wales, is now, by the death of our...
Stran 273 - Posts, in those Parts, may point out; which, it is hoped, will oblige them so to divide their Attention and Forces, as will render the several Attempts more easy and successful.
Stran 705 - Subjects : and We do hereby command Our own Subjects, and advertise all other Persons, of what Nation soever, not to transport or carry any Soldiers, Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territories, Lands...
Stran 413 - THIS INDENTURE made the twenty sixth day of June in the thirtieth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c.
Stran 273 - King is further most graciously pleased to permit me to acquaint You, that strong Recommendations will be made to Parliament, in their Session next Year, to grant a proper Compensation for such Expences as above, according as the active Vigour and strenuous Efforts of the respective Provinces shall justly appear to merit.
Stran 587 - Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware.
Stran 706 - Subjects, having this Notice, may take Care to prevent any Mischief, which otherwise, They might suffer from the Enemy, and do their Duty, in their several Stations, to distress, and annoy the Subjects of Spain; and...

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