Boswell's Life of Johnson

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 - 476 strani
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Here I, though faint myself, mnst drive my goals, Far from their ancient fields, aud humle colt. This scurce I lead, who left on tonder rock Two tender kids, the hope of nil the flock. Had we not been perverse and careless grown, This dire event by omens was foreshown Oar trees were blasted by the thunder stroke. And left-hand crows, from an old hollow oak, Foretold the coming evil by their dismal croak. Translation of Horace. Book I. Odexxn. The m m, my friend, whose conscions heart With virtne's sacred ardour glows, Nor taints with death th' envenom'd dart, Nor needs the guard of Moorish bows: Though ? ? tin i's icy cliffs he treads, Or horrid Afric's faithless sands; Or vt here the fam'd llydaspes spreads His liquid wealth o'er barbarons lands, For while by Chloe's image charm'd, Too far in Sabine woods I stray'd; Me singing, careless and unarm'd, A grizly wolf surprised, and fled. Ko savage more portentoas stain'd Apulia's ipacions wilds with gore i No fiercer Juba's thirsty land, Dire nurse of raging lions, bors. Place me where no soft summer gale Among the quivering branches sighs Where clouds condens'd for ever veil With horrid gloom the frowning skies.: Place me beneath the burning line, A clime deny'd to human race; I'll sing of Chloc's charms divine, Her beav'nly voice, and beauteons fare. Translation of Horace. Book IL Ode ix. Clouds do not always veil the skies, Nor showers immerse the verdant ?1a?; Nor do the billows always rise, Or storms afflict the ruffled main. Nor, Valgins, on th' Armenian shores Do the chain'd waters always freeze; Not always furions Boreas roars, Or bends with violent force the trees. But you are ever drown'd in tears, For Mystes dead you ever mourn; No s...

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James Boswell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1740 of an old and honored family. As a young man, Boswell was ambitious to have a literary career but reluctantly obeying the wishes of his father, a Scottish Judge, he followed a career in the law. He was admitted to the Scottish bar in 1766. However, his legal practice did not prevent him from writing a series of periodical essays, The Hypochondriac (1777-83), and his Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides (1785), was an account of the journey to the outer islands of Scotland undertaken with Samuel Johnson in 1773. In addition, Boswell wrote the impulsively frank Journals, private papers lost to history until they were discovered by modern scholars and issued in a multivolume set. Known during much of his life as Corsican Boswell for his authorship of An Account of Corsica in 1768, his first considerable work, Boswell now bears a name that is synonymous with biographer. The reason rests in the achievement of his Life of Samuel Johnson published in 1791, seven years after the death of Johnson. Boswell recorded in his diary the anxiety of the long-awaited encounter with Johnson, on May 16, 1763, in the back parlor of a London bookstore, and upon their first meeting he began collecting Johnson's conversations and opinions. Johnson was a daunting subject for a biographer, in part because of his extraordinary, outsized presence and, in part because Johnson himself was a pioneer in the art of literary biography. Boswell met the challenge by taking an anecdotal, year-by-year approach to the wealth of biographical material he gathered. Boswell died in 1795.

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