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Are Scientific Studies Dangerous to Religion?....

James T. Bixby, Ph.D. 241

Army Canteen, The....

George Alpheus Marshall 300

Books of the Day-Studies and Reviews......78, 227, 340, 452, 562, 671
City Ownership and Operation of Street Railways...

Prof. Frank Parsons 198

Civic Leader of the New Time, A...

B. 0. Flower 385

Christian Science:
I. Its Relation to Some Present-Day Religious Problems.

John B. Willis, A.M. 593
II. Its Premise and Conclusions

. Alfred Farlow 606
Christian Science and the Healing Art:
I. Why Not Be a Christian Scientist?..

Ex-Judge William G. Ewing
II. What the New Thought Stands For....

Charles Brodie Patterson 9
III. Attitude of the Church Toward Things Not Seen....

John B. Leavitt, LL.D. 16
IV. Christianity's Next Step ........ Rev. J. W. Winkley, M.D. 27

Count Tolstoy as Philosopher, Prophet, and Man...

Ernest H. Crosby 429

Criminal Negro, The......... Frances A. Kellor 59, 190, 308, 419 510

Direct Legislation and Social Progress... Eltweed Pomeroy, A.M. 317

Empire State's Insane, The..... .Frank Leslie Warne, LL.B. 401

England's Crime in South Africa.

William T. Stead 634

Farming in the Twentieth Century.

.Rev. E. P. Powell 373

George D. Herron: The Tragedy of Conscience..

Rev. William T. Brown 471

Great Actors in the Classic Drama.

.Joseph Haworth

How Trusts Can Be Crushed... Justice Walter Clark, LL.D. 264

Imperialism ....

..Hon. Samuel C. Parks, A.M. 577

Itinerant Speechmaking in the Last Campaign.

Cleveland Frederick Bacon 410

Key-note in Musical Therapeutics, The..... .Henry W. Stratton 287

Last Century as a Utilitarian Age, The.

.B. O. Flower 271

Laying the Foundations for a Higher Civilization....B. 0. Flower 172

Legal Road to Socialism, The..

.Waldorf H. Phillips

Merchant Seaman and the Subsidy Bill, The....Walter Macarthur 148

National Social and Political Conference, The......

Eltweed Pomeroy, A.M. 588

New Social Apostolate, The..... .Prof. George D. Herron 486

Notes and Announcements

John Emery McLean 110, 239, 351, 463. 575. 687

On the Stoa of the Twentieth Century:

I. An Army of Wealth-Creators vs. an Army of Destruction.

B. 0. Flower 521

II. The Wicked Fact and the Wise Possibility...

Prof. Frank Parsons 526

III. The Government Can Employ the Unemployed.....

Rev. Hiram Vrooman 530

IV. A Sane and Reasonable Proposition..

Prof. Thomas E. Will, A.M. 536

V. Progression, Not Retrogression.......C. F. Taylor, M.D. 539

VI. Let Construction Displace Destruction.....

Rev. Robert E. Bisbee 541

VII. Patience and Education the Demands of the Hour......

Hon. Samuel M1. Jones 544

Organized Charity

.Charles Brodie Patterson 281
Pan-American Exposition, The

Frank Edwin Elwell 53
Passing of the Declaration, The..

.Prof. Leon C. Prince 353

Parting of the Ways, The.

Charles Brodie Patlerson 492

Political Aftermath, The

T. F. Hildreth, D.D. 142
Prepare the World for Peace.

..E. S. Wicklin 163
Problem in Sociology, A.. Prof. William H. Van Ornum 42
Professor Fiske and the New Thought....R. Osgood Mason, M.D. 365
Russia's Hoarded Gold

Malcolm J. Talbot. 507

Servant Question in Social Evolution, The. Amne L. Vrooman 043

Spiritual in Literature, The...

Sara d. Underwood 36

Tax Reform Movement, The .

..Marion Mills Miller 499
Theological Views of a Layman.

.Edward A. Jenks, A.M. 113

Topics of the Times (Editorial).

B. 0. Flower 78, 2:0, 324, 470, 547, 653

Vibrations, Waves, and Cycles

.Ret. Joseph S. David 181

Will the Philippines Pay?....

Hon. Frank Doster 465

W. T. Stead : A Journalist with Twentieth Century Ideals.......

B. 0. Flower 613

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