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court Beresford, 608.
Reading and Programs, Outline of, 89, 193, 296.
Reading Journey in Central Europe, A (Illustrated) -
VII., A Tramp through the Southern Black Forest,
48. VIII., Among the Alps, 153. IX., A Trip
Down the Rhine, 254.

Religious Conditions in New Possessions, 321.
Religious Gatherings, 118.

Renaissance of Olympia, Verse, 223.
Required Reading, Outline of, 89, 193, 296.
Rhodes, Cecil-Builder or Wrecker? 107.
Rhodes's Will, Cecil, 209.

Rochambeau and Frederick the Great, 319.
Roman Prelates, Distinguished, 220.
Round Table, The, 82, 188. The Class of 1902, 82;
Good News of Alumni Hall, 82; Seventieth Birthday
of Chancellor Vincent, 83; The Third of April in Bos-
ton, 83; The 1903's Class Pin, 84; The Local Reader
Versus the C. L. S. C. Member, 84; Rembrandt's
Etching of Faust, 84; England and Russia for 1902,
84; Two Views of Goethe, 85; A Correction, 85;
Our Study of Faust, 85; Teniers and Defregger, 86;
"The Pioneers" at Chautauqua this Summer, 188;
The Class of 1892, 189; Some Library Achievements,
189; A Book Reception, 190; Lend-a-Hand, 190;
To See or Not to See, 191; Some German Proverbs,
87; Speech is Silver, 87; A Practical Problem in
Speech, 88; Quotations from E. E. Hale, 188; Im-

portant to the Class of 1902, 188; Swiss Geography,
191; Pronunciation of Foreign Geographical Names,
192; Suggestions Concerning Faust, Part II., 192;
Answers to "The Historical Man," 192; Rome as a
Summer Resort, 296; Recognized Reading, 295;
Reading for Pleasure, 295; The 1903's Pin,
294; A Circle Meeting on a Warship, 294; Word
from the Philippines, 294; Rallying Day for 1902, 293;
Caricature Tableaux, 293; The C. L. S. C. Outlook
in India, 293; The Vicennial of the Class of '82,
292; The New English-Russian Year, 291;
Graduates at Other Assemblies, 291; To 1902:
Graduation at Chautauqua, 291; Class of 1905, 295.
ROUTZAHN, E. G. The American League for Civic
Improvement, 501.

Russia, Troubles in Belgium and, 214.

Easter, Verse, 81; Faithfulness,

Verse, 234; The Privateers of 1812, 557.

Sage, The, Verse, 567.

Salvation Army, 221.

School Life in Italy, Glimpses of, 548.

Senatorial Elections and Nominations, 115.

Shortia, How Two Women Found the (Illustrated), 490.
Significant Referendum, A., 115.

SILSBY, M. R. The Birds of the Bible, 606.
Smallest Gem in the Kaiser's Crown, The, 25.

SMITH, MRS. SARAH B. The Women Novelists of Ger-
many, 518.

SPARKS, EDWIN ERLE. Formative Incidents in Ameri-
can Diplomacy (Illustrated), 30-47, 134-152, 235-
252; Apropos of a Statue of Frederick the Great
for America, 507; Irrigation and the American
Frontier, 568.

SPEARS, JOHN R. A Forgotten Exploration of the
Dead Sea, 562.

Special Legislation, A Blow to, 538.

SPENCER, JOHN W. Chautauqua Junior Naturalist
Clubs, 78.

Social Service of Chautauqua Circles, 362.
South Africa, Peace in, 314.

St. Pierre, The Lost City of, (Frontispiece), 312.
START, EDWIN A. King of the Kings of Ethiopia, 544.
STERLING, ADA. Cut-Works, New and Old, 496.
Strike and the Public, The Miners', 532.

Strike, The Great Miners', 317.

"Strollers," The Education of The. Interview with
Subsidies for American Ships, 108.
Francis Wilson, 365.
Suffrage in Australia, Equal, 433.
Suggestive Programs for Local Circles, 89, 194, 297.

Talk About Books, 614.
Tartarin in the Alps, 197.
Taxing Franchises as Property, 437.
TELFORD, EMMA PADDOCK. Why Brigands Thrive in
Turkey, 573.

The Barons of Gemperlein, 443.

Temperance and Philanthropic Saloons, 113.
Theological Graduates, Decrease in, 320.
To a Seeker after Knowledge, Verse, 607.
Toward Industrial Peace, 7.
Torture and Inhumanity, Punishing, 536.

Trade for 1902, Our Foreign, 537.
Travel Club, 90, 195, 297.
Trust, International Shipping, 209.
Trusts, Critical Time for, 212.
University Life, Tendencies in, 438.
University, Taking a Degree in a German, 553.
Utilization of Time Waste, The, 178.

VAN NORMAN, LOUIS E., The Diplomatic Service of
the United States, 121; Consular Service of the
United States, 224.

VAN RENSSELAER, MARTHA. Chautauqua Reading
Course for Housewives, 76, 180.

VINCENT, GEORGE E. Chautauqua as an Educational
Center, 367.

Virginia Constitution versus Democracy, 434.

WALDRON, GEORGE B. "Made in Germany," 127.
Water-Folk, (Illustrated), 286.

a German University, 553.

SCOLLARD, CLINTON. Memories of Italy. Moonlight Whippoorwill, The, 465.

in Milan. Verse, 552.

Women Novelists of Germany, The, 518.

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