British and Foreign State Papers

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1866
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Stran 167 - Les blocus, pour être obligatoires, doivent être effectifs, c'est-à-dire maintenus par une force suffisante pour interdire réellement l'accès du littoral de l'ennemi.
Stran 825 - Pays, la confrontation de criminels détenus dans l'autre ou la production de pièces de conviction ou documents judiciaires sera jugée utile, la demande en sera faite par la voie diplomatique, et l'on y donnera suite, à moins que des considérations particulières ne s'y opposent, et sous l'obligation de renvoyer les criminels et les pièces. Les Gouvernements...
Stran 759 - Contracting parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, donation, testament or otherwise, and their representatives, being citizens of the other party, shall succeed to their said personal goods, whether by testament or ab...
Stran 156 - La course est et demeure abolie; 2» Le pavillon neutre couvre la marchandise ennemie, à l'exception de la contrebande de guerre; 3» La marchandise neutre, à l'exception de contrebande de guerre, n'est pas saisissable sous pavillon ennemi; 4...
Stran 759 - Country in which they may be; for which they may employ in defence of their rights, such advocates, solicitors, notaries, agents and factors as they may judge proper in all their trials at law; and such citizens or agents shall have free opportunity to be present at the decisions and sentences of the tribunals, in all cases which may concern them, and likewise at the taking of all examinations and evidence which may be exhibited in the said trials ARTICLE ELEVENTH.
Stran 982 - ... du pays, à la réquisition et aux frais des consuls jusqu'à ce que ces agents aient trouvé une occasion de les faire partir.
Stran 686 - ... long as they behave peaceably and commit no offence against the laws; and their goods and effects, of whatever description they may be, whether in their own custody, or entrusted to individuals, or to the state, shall not be liable to seizure or sequestration...
Stran 762 - ... sailed, so that it may be known whether any forbidden or contraband goods be on board the same ; which certificates shall be made out by the officers of the place whence the ship sailed, in the accustomed form ; without...
Stran 808 - Article unique. — Le Président de la République est autorisé à ratifier et, s'il ya lieu, à faire exécuter la convention, signée...
Stran 668 - No duties of tonnage, harbour, pilotage, lighthouse, quarantine, or other similar or corresponding duties of whatever nature or under whatever denomination, levied in the name or for the profit of the Government, public functionaries, private individuals, Corporations, or establishments of any kind, shall be imposed in the ports of the...

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