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THE Territory of Montana was organized by the act of Congress, approved May 26, 1864. The ninth section of this act vests the judicial power in a supreme court, district courts, probate courts and justices of the peace. The supreme court consists of a chief justice and two associate justices.

The first term of the supreme court of Montana was held in Virginia City, the “seat of government” of the Territory, and commenced on May 17, 1865. During the terms that were held from May, 1865, to December, 1868, the opinions of the court in the cases that were determined were rarely delivered in writing. Orders were generally made that the judgment of the court below should be affirmed or reversed. Written opinions were filed in every case that was decided from the December term, 1868, to the January term, 1873. The records of the court before the December term, 1868, are imperfect, and the pleadings, briefs and papers, in a majority of the causes that were heard before this term, cannot be found. For these reasons this volume contains a report of the cases which were argued and determined in the supreme court of the Territory from the December term, 1868, to the January term, 1873.

The act of the legislature, that provides for the reporting of the decisions of the supreme court, was approved January 4, 1872. The second section provides that “the report of such cases shall contain concise notes of the points

decided, a statement of the facts taken from the record, when the same are not fully given in the opinion of the court, the names of the counsel, and the opinion of the court.” In addition to the duty of reporting the “names of the counsel," an abstract of the briefs of the counsel has been prepared. In performing this labor the reporter regrets that he has been compelled to do an injustice to the attorneys by publishing a digest in lieu of their arguments. TABLE OF CASES REPORTED.


PAGE. Ames, Murphy vs......

276 Cope vs. Upper M. M. & P. Co.... 53 Anderson vs. O’Laughlin 81 Cornell vs. Latta

714 Appollonio, Black vs .... 342 Creighton vs. Hershfield..

639 Armstrong, McMullen vs....... 486 Creighton vs. Vanderlip..

400 Atchison vs. Peterson 561 Cutter, McFarland vs.

383 Aylesworth vs. Reece

Dahler vs. Steele....

206 Barkley, Parks vs... 514 Daily vs. Redfern

467 Basey, Gallagher vs.. 457 | Davis vs. Blume

463 Bautz vs. Kuhworth. 133 Davis vs. Germaine

210 Black vs. Appollonio 342 Davis vs. Hendrie..

499 Blume, Davis vs.. 463 Davis, Wilson vs...

98, 183 Bohm vs. Dunphy 333 Donnell vs. Humphreys

518 Boley, Griswold vs. 545 Drennan, Territory vs

41 Boucher vs. Mulverhill. 306 Dunphy, Bohm vs..

333 Brown vs. Gaston & S. G. & S. M. Dunphy, Kleinschmidt vs.

118 Co.

57 Buffalo Robes, U. S. vs ..... 489 Edwards, King vs.

235 Bullard vs. Gilette. 509 Ervin, Rader vs...



Caldwell vs. Gans
570 Farwell, Sanders vs..

599 Campbell vs. Metcalf.

378 Febes vs. Tiernan Campbell, Rankin vs... 300 Field, Collier vs

612 Carpenter vs. Rodgers 90 First N. B. vs. How.

604 Carothers vs. Connolly 433 Fisk vs. Rodgers.

252 Carrhart vs. Montana M. L. & M.

Freed, Thorp vs

651 Co. ....

245 Caruthers vs. Pemberton 111 Gallagher vs. Basey

457 Christnot vs. Montana G. & S. M. Gans, Caldwell vs....

570 Co..... 44 Garringer, Woolman vs.

535 Coady vs. Reins

424 Gaston & S. G. & S. M. Co., Collier vs. Field

Brown vs..

57 Columbia M. Co. vs. Holter.. 296, 429 Gaston & S. G. & S. M. Co., Comanche M. Co. vs. Rumley 201

Lamb vs ...

64 Conner vs. McPhee.. 73 Gerber vs. Stuart..

172 Connolly, Carothers vs 433 | Germaine, Davis vs..



PAGE. Germaine, Higgins vs..... 230 Loeb vs. Kamak...

152 Germaine, Mason vs........ 263, 279 Loeb vs. Schmith..

87 Gilbert, Territory ex rel. Largey vs. 371 Lomme vs. Kintzing.

290 Gilette, Bullard vs. 509 Lomme vs. Sweeney.

584 Godbe vs. McCormick 105 Lovelock, Nolan vs.

224 Grant vs. Spencer

136 Griffith vs. Hershfield 66 Marden vs. Wheelock

49 Griswold vs. Boley

545 | Mason vs. Germaine.... 263, 279 McAndrew, Isaacs vs.

437 Hampton, Hutchinson vs.... 39 McClin, Territory vs.

394 Harding, Orr vs... 387 McCormick, Godbe vs..

105 Harris vs. Shontz .. 212 McCormick, Kemp vs.

420 Harvey vs. Whitlatch 713 McCormick vs. Largey..

158 Hendrie, Davis vs.

499 McCormick, Travis vs. 148, 347 Herbert vs. King 475 McDonald vs. Stokey

388 Hershfield, Creighton vs. 639 McElroy, Territory vs.

86 Hershfield, Griffith vs .. 66 McFarland vs. Cutter

388 Hershfield, Pinney vs... 367 McGregor vs. Wells

142 Higgins vs. Germaine 230 McMullen vs. Armstrong.

486 Holter, Columbia M. Co. vs.. 296, 429 McPhee, Conner vs....

173 Holter, Taylor vs.. 688 Metcalf, Campbell vs.

378 Horn, Kinna vs .. 329, 597 Miller, Stewart vs....

301 Hornbuckle, Toombs vs.. 286 Ming vs. Truett

322 How, First N. B. vs 604 Mochon vs. Sullivan.

470 Hudson, Lee vs.....

84 Montana G. & S. M. Co., ChristHumphreys, Donnell vs. 518 not vs...

44 Hutchinson, Hampton vs.

39 Montana M. L. & M. Co., Carr-
hart vs....

245 Isaacs vs. McAndrew... 437 Morgan vs. Reynolds.

163 Morse, Kleinschmidt vs.

100 Kamak, Loeb vs.... 152 Mulverhill, Boucher vs.

306 Kelly, Simonton vs.... 363, 483 Murphy vs. Ames

276 Kemp vs. McCormick

420 King vs. Edwards.. 235 Nelson vs. O'Neal ..

284 King, Herbert vs... 475 Nolan vs. Lovelock.

224 King, Langford vs. 33 Noteware vs. Sterns.

311 King vs. Sullivan 282 Nowlan, Story vs. ....

350 Kinna vs. Horn

329, 597 Kintzing, Lomme vs 290 O’Laughlin, Anderson vs

81 Kleinschmidt vs. Dunphy. 118 O'Neal, Nelson vs.

284 Kleinschmidt vs. Morse... 100 Orr vs. Harding .

387 Kuhworth, Bautz vs..

Parks vs. Barkley ..

514 Lamb vs. Gaston & S. G. & S. M. Co., 64 Pemberton, Caruthers vs

111 Langford vs. King..., 33 Peterson, Atchison vs.

561 Largey, McCormick vs 158 Pinney vs. Hershfield..

367 Latta, Cornell vs....

714 Lee vs. Hudson 84 Rader vs. Ervin ....

632 Lincoln vs. Rodgers 217 Rankin vs. Campbell


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