Slike strani

dent with Confederate commissioners at
Hampton Roads, II, 642.
Wilder, A. C., demands removal of Gen.

Schofield, II, 401; telegram to, 401.
Wildman, Frederick S., II, 226.
Wilkes, Capt. Charles, tentative disavowal
of his action, II, 108; action in regard to
the Trent, 110, 113, 117, 120, 127, 128. See

Williams, sends Mackinaw trout to

the President, II, 635.
Williams, Archibald, I, 282, 341, 403; letters

to, 118, 122 ; presents resolutions on death
of Judge Pope, 161; indorses Lincoln's
fee-bill against Illinois Central R. R. Co.,

Williams, E. B., I, 354.
Williams, Lt. Col. J. M., colonel of colored

troops in Kansas, request by the gover-
nor for his removal, II, 328.
Williams, John, correspondence with, II,

341, 426, 588, 589; telegram to, regarding
withdrawal of troops from East Tennes-

see, 426.
Williams, Overton, estate of, I, 110.
Williamsburg, question of communication

between White House and, II, 193.
Williamson, Elizabeth, I, 64.
Williamson, Hugh, votes for prohibition of

slavery in North west Territory, I, 600.
Williamsport, Banks's retreat to, II, 166,

Maj. Gen. Banks at, 170, 171, 174, Jackson
crosses the Potomao at, 233; the enemy
crossing the Potomac at, 353, 367; Lee's
position near, 367; possibilities of Meade's
action with Lee at, 377.
Willich, Gen., news brought in by, II, 334.
Wilmington, N. c., expedition to, II, 623,

627; port of, declared closed, 670.
Wilmot, David, author of the Wilmot Pro-

viso, I, 184.
Wilmot Proviso, Gen. Taylor's position on,

I, 136, 138; origin of, 184; Lincoln's votes
for, 218, 515; Lovejoy's resolutions in re-
gard to, 325; application claimed by the
Republican Party, 337; indorsed by con-

vention at Naperville, 354.
Wilson, Charles L., I, 236-238.
Wilson, Gen. Edwin C., letter to, I, 666.
Wilson, Henry, I, 317, II, 234.
Wilson, James, case against Campbell, 1, 96.
Wilson, J. L., signs call for Whig Conven-

tion at Springtield, 1851, I, 167.
Wilson, Maj., murder of, II, 600.
Wilton, Henry, complaint of partizanship

against, I, 51, 52.
Winchester, ill., Douglas's early life in, I.

Winchester, Va., reinforcements for Man-

assas from, II, 116; Banks's position near,
142; inquiry regarding Confederate move-
ments near, 158; fighting between Banks
and Ewell near, 160; Banka at, 160, 177;
danger of sudden attack at, 161; danger to
Banke's stores and trains at, 161 ; Banks's
retreat to, 162; Banks's race with the Con-
federates for, 163; Banks defeated at, 163;
Ewell and Jackson near, 168; Confederate
operations near, 169; Jackson between
Charlestown and, 169; danger to Frémont
from enemy at, 171; estimate of Confed-
erate force at, 171; Jackson's force at, 171 ;
Confederate position near, 173; Shielde's
engagement near, 174; orders to Frémont
regarding movement toward, 179; Sigel
at, 179, 183; task of keeping Jackson from
returning to, 180; McClellan recommended
to tight at, 246; condition of railroad from
Harper's Ferry to, 246; McClellan's diff-
culties in subsisting his army at, 246 ; Gen.
Schenck ordered to Milroy's relief at, 352;

inquiry addressed to Hooker concerning
Ewell's position at, 352; Milroy sur-
rounded at, 352; communication with
Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry cut off,
352; in possession of the enemy, 353; be-
sieged, 353; Gen. Milroy's defeat at, 359;
Gen. Milroy ordered to retreat to Harper's
Ferry from, 359; Halleck's fears for safety
of Milroy'sdivision at, 430; loss of Milroy's
division near, 430, 431 ; Sheridan's victory
at, 578; Maj. Gen. Hancock at, 664.
Winslow, Capt. John A., recommended for

thanks of Congress, II, 603.
Winston, F. s., letter to, July 14, 1862, II,

Winston, Dr., desires to go to General

Grant, II, 523.
Winthrop, R. C., nominated for Speaker of

House of Representatives, I, 96.
Wirt County, Va., excepted from insurrec-

tion proclamation, II, 195.
Wisconsin, proposed cession of Illinois ter-

ritory to, I, 39; opposed to Clay, 118; re-
marks in U. 8. House of Representatives,
May 11, 1848, on admission to Union, 118–
120; interested in Mississippi River im-
provements, 125 ; formed from Northwest-
ern Territory, 181, 549; admission of, 182,
549; influence of Ordinance of 1787 on, 565;

ownership of, 571 ; lack of U. s. cir
cuit court in, II, 98; governor of, requests
the President to call for volunteers, 194;
a “slate" for, 211 ; development of, 269;
offer of troops from, 614, 515; national
thanks to hundred-day troops of, 583 ; re-
quest to governor of, to send returns of
Presidential election, 602; Presidential

election in, 613.
Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, ad-

dress before, at Milwaukee, I, 576-584.
Wisconsin troops under Frémont, II, 84.
Wofford, Brig., killed at Chickamauga, II,

Wolf, Maj., sentenced to death in retali-

ation, II, 600.
Wolford, Col. Frank, despatch to, concern-

ing order of judge-advocate-general, II,

Woman suffrage, opinion on, I, 7.
Woman's work, on, I, 525.
Women, Lincoln's feelings toward, I, 16;

ministrations to wounded soldiers, II,
440; question of their passing the lines,

Women of America, II, 500, 501.
Wood, Fernando, letter from, regarding

overtures from the South, II, 280, 281 ; let-
ter to, 280, 281.
Wood, Lieut.-Col., objections to his being

made brigadier-general, II, 83.
Wood, John T., letter to, I, 667.
Woodbury, Levi, Secretary of Treasury,1,23.
Woodbury's Brigade, under McClellan's or-

dere, II, 142.
Wood County, Va., excepted from insur-

'rection proclamation, II, 195.
Woodruff, T., indorsement of letter of, II,

Wool, Gen. John E., letters to, on preserva-

tion of the Union, I, 666 ; acting with MC-
Clellan, II, 142, 143; telegram from Secre-
tary Stanton, 148; at Fortress Monroe,
148; the President with, 149; the road to
Richmond open to, 152; in communication
with Burnside, 152; sent to Fort McHenry,
174; his department merged into McClel-
lan's, 174; question of putting him under
McClellan's control, 180, 181; troops from,
for McClellan, 181; troops of, 197; at Balti-
more,_230; inquiry of, concerning Har
per's Ferry and Bragg, 230.

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Woolworth, Act. Lt. Comdg. Selim E., rec- Yates, Richard, governor of Nlinois, II, 515;

ommended for thanks of Congress, II, 152. votes for Washington Territorial law,207
Worden, Lieut. John L., imprisonment of, candidate for Congress in 1854, 301, 644;
II, 70; gallantry in action between the Lincoln's labors in his campaign, 66; tel

Monitor and Merrimac, 278; recommended egram to, 144; requests the President
for thanks of U. 8. Congress, 278.

to call for volunteers, 194 ; letter from, in
Working-men, basis of all governments, I, bebalf of Gen. McClernand, 387;


insurrection in Edgar County. n. 491;
Working-men of England, Senate resolution telegram to, respecting hundred-day
regarding, II, 312.

troops, 524. of London, Eng., address Yates, William, letter to, II, 341.

from, II, 308; letter to, Feb. 2, 1863, 308, 309. Yazoo Pass expedition, success of the, 11,
Working-men of Manchester, Eng., send ad- 368.

dress and resolutions to the President, II, Yeatman, James, Gen. Grant's opinion of,
301 ; letter to, 301, 302.

II, 665.
Working-men's Association of New York, Yeddo, Japan, destruction of the U. S. Le

the President's honorary membership in, gation residence at, II, 447.

II, 501; reply to a committee from, 501-503. Yocum, , case of, II, 500; referred to
Worthington, Col. T., desires to visit Grant, Secretary Stanton, 600, 601.
II, 569.

York County, Va., excepted from declara-
Wright, A. R., claim for cotton destroyed tion of Virginia's state of rebellion, Jan.

by Federal army, II, 600; telegram to, 600. 1, 1863, II, 288
Wright, Craft J., scheme for getting cotton York

River, proposed movements on the, II,
from within the rebel lines, II, 468; letter 120, 154, 187, 188.
to, 468.

Yorktown, Va., proposed operations at, II,
Wright, Dr. David M., sentenced to death 142; question of garrisoning, with colored

for murder, II, 404; inquiry into his san- troops, 298; port of, declared closed, 670.
ity, 404, 405.

Young, judge — U. 8. senator from nli-
Wright, Gen. H. G., telegrams to, II, 230, nois, 1, 76; opposition to Whig measures,
232, 236; inquiry of, concerning where 76.
abouts of Bragg, 230; at Cincinnati, 230, Young, Capt. Francis G., letter to Gen. Mo-
232, 236; withdrawal of troops from Louis- Clellan regarding, II, 107.
ville by, 232; Halleck telegraphs to, 233; Young, John S., sentenced to death, II, 621.
responsible for Louisville, 233; despatch Young men, their importance in politics, I,
from, 236; movements for defense of 131, 134, 135,
Washington, 547; relations with Gen. Young Men's Lyceum, Spriygfield, m., ad-
Hunter, 549, 550; breaks the enemy's lines, dress before, Jan. 27, 1837, I, 9-15.

Wright, Joseph A., letter to, II, 218; asked Zagonyi, Çol. Chas., bearer of despatches

to stand for the Terre Haute district, 218; from Frémont, II, 181.
reports on Hamburg agricultural exhibi- Zollicoffer, Gen. F. K., operations around
tion, 473.

Cumberland, Gap, II, 33; Thomas and
Wright, Silas, I, 130; drafts first Subtrea- Sherman to watch, 84.
sury bill, 22.

Zwizler, Lewis, I, 131.
Writing, on the art of, I, 525–527.
Wyoming County, excepted from insurrec- letters to, I, 160, 631, 633, 11, 10, 625.

tion proclamation, II, 195.

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