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BULLETIN, 1914, NO. 41


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CONTENTS.-Introductory notes--Publications of associations—Educational history and biography-Current educational conditions—Pedagogics and didactics—Educational psychology, Child study-Special methods of instruction-Special subjects of curriculumKindergarten and primary school-Rural education-Secondary education-Teachers : Training and professional status-Higher education-School administration-School management-School architecture-School hygiene and sanitation-Sex hygiene-Eugenico-Physical education-Play and playgrounds-Social aspects of education-Child wel. fare Moral education-Religious education-Manual and vocational training-Vocational guidance-Folk high schools—Home economics—Commercial education-Education of women-Africans and Orientals— Education of deaf-Education of defectives—Libraries and reading-Bulletin of the Bureau of Education.


Some notable books of the month are the following, the numbers in parentheses referring to the numbers of the full entries in this bulletin : Kerschensteiner, The schools and the nation, authorized translation (1490); Wallin, Mental health of the school child (1504); Kennedy, The Batavia system (1509); Howell, Pedagogy of arithmetic (1522); Klapper, Teaching children to read (1524); White and Davis, Rural schools in Texas (1544); Learned, The oberlehrer (1553); Fitch, The college course and the preparation for life (1560); Phelps Stokes, Memorials of eminent Yale men (1568); Morehouse, Discipline of the school (1578); Taylor, Handbook of vocational education (1625); Goddard, School training of defective children (1647).

The addresses of most of the periodicals represented in this number may be found by reference to the list at the end of this record for September, 1914.

Only publications of the Bureau of Education are available for free distribution by this office. All others here listed may ordinarily be obtained from their respective publishers, either directly or through a dealer, or in the case of an association publication, from the secretary of the issuing organization.

Books, pamphlets, etc., intended for inclusion in this record should be sent to the library of the Bureau of Education, Washington, D.C.

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