Slike strani

Deficiencies, admission with matriculation,

I, 52.
Degree requirements:

A.B. in the College of Letters, I, 94, 118.
B.L. in the College of Social Sciences, I,

94, 118.
B.S. in the Colleges of Agriculture,

Chemistry, Civil Engineering. Com
merce, Mechanics, Mining. Natural

Sciences, I, 94, 118, 123.
C.E., I, 129.
D.D.S. in the College of Dentistry, XI,

higher degrees in Engineering, I. 129.
J.D. in the Colleges of Letters, Social

Sciences, I, 125.
LL.B., in Hastings College of the Law,

VII, 5.
M.A., M.L., M.S., I, 123.
M.D. in the College of Medicine, VIII,

M.E., I, 128.
Met. E., I, 129.
Min. E., I, 129.
Phar. B., in the California College of

Pharmacy, X, 30.
Ph.c. in the California College of

Pharmacy, X, 30.
Ph.D., I, 125.
Degrees conferred, 1912-13, XII, 1.

regulations concerning bachelor's, I, 118.

theses for master's, I, 124.
Dental Alumni Association, XI, 46.
Dental instruments, XI, 48.
Dental Jurisprudence, XI, 35.
Dental Library, XI, 35.
Dental museum, XI, 45.
Dental Pathology and Therapeutics, XI, 29.
Dental porcelain, XI, 27.
Dental student body, XI, 46.
Dental surgery. XI, 28.

administrative officers, XI, 5.
admission, I, 52; XI, 13.
advanced standing, XI, 17.
Alumni Association, XI, 46.
calendar, XI, 9.
clinical staff, XI, 8.
conditions and failures. XI, 19.
courses of instruction, XI, 22.
curriculum, XI, 25.
discipline, XI, 21.
examinations, XI, 19.
faculty, XI, 7.
fees, XI, 25.
graduates, directory of, XI, 54.
graduation requirements, XI, 23.
history of. XI, 10.
instruments, XI, 48.
laws governing the practice of dentistry

in the State of California, XI, 24.

leave of absence, XI, 20.
library, XI, 35.
location, XI, 10.
museum, XI, 45,
number of officers, I, 178.
Prosthetic Dentistry, XI, 26.
regents, XI, 3.
regulations, extracts from, XI, 18.
scholarship, grades of, XI, 46.
student body, XI, 46.
students' loan and scholarship fund, XI,

students, 1912-13, XI, 52; XIII, 131.
Departments of instruction, I, 12; XIII,

(see under the several depart-
Departments of the University, I, 12.
Description of preparatory subjects, I, 55.
Descriptive Geometry (see under draw.

Dietetics for admission, I, 68.

courses in, II, 26.
Directory of officers of the University,

XIII. 12.
Directory of students, XIII, 31.
Discipline, regulations concerning. I, 116.

in the College of Dentistry. XI, 21.
Discontinuance without notice, I, 115.
Diseases, in Medicine, VIII, 58.
Disqualified students, I, 114,
Dissertations, theses, memoirs, for higher

degrees, I, 131.
Doe Library, I, 153; II, 4.
Domestic Art, courses in, II, 75.
Domestic Science (see under Home Eco-

for admission, I, 68.
Drawing, courses in, II, 77.

for admission, I, 67.
in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI. 3.

summer session courses in, V, 13.
Drill (see under Military Science and

Drug store experience in Pharmacy, X, 14.
Ecology (see under Entomology).
Economic geography for admission, I, 72.
Economics, courses in, II, 80.

Bookkeeping for admission, I, 73.
commercial and industrial history for ad-

mission, I, 73.
economic geography for admission, I. 72.
stenography and typewriting, for admis.

sion, I, 73.
Education, Agricultural (see under Agri-

cultural Education).
Education courses in, II, 91.

summer session courses in, V. 12.
Elective courses, II, 3.
Electrical Engineering (see under Me.

chanical Engineering).

[blocks in formation]

English, courses in, II, 97.

for admission, I, 55, 63.
in the secondary schools, I, 55.

summer session courses in, V, 13.
Enology, courses in, II, 34.
Entomological laboratories, I, 170.
Entomology, courses in, II, 16.
Entrance examinations, in Academic Col.

leges, I, 75.
in California College of Pharmacy, X,

in College of Dentistry, XI, 12.

in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 2.
Epigraphy (see under Latin).
Ethics (see under Philosophy).
Ethnology (see under Anthropology).

for Ph.D., I, 126.
in Dentistry, XI, 19,
in Medicine, VIII, 16.
in Pharmacy, X, 28.
in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI, 2.
in summer session, V, 5.

in undergraduate courses, I, 112.
Excess matriculation credit, I, 53.
Excuses of absence, I, 134.
from Military Science, Physical Culture,

and Hygiene, I, 111.
Expenses of students, I, 134.
in California College of Pharmacy, X,

14. 31.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 25, 48.
in College of Medicine, VIII, 18.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 5.

in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI, 4.
Experimental Station in Agriculture, I,

Experimental Agronomy, courses in, II, 11.
Extension of credentials, I, 77.
Extension, University, I, 39.

in Agriculture, I, 38.
Faculties of the several colleges, I, 40.
Faculty (see under officers of instruction

and administration).
in California College of Pharmacy, X, 8.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 7.
in College of Medicine, VIII, 6.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 1.

in summer session, V, 4, 6.
Farm Mechanics, courses in, II, 22.
Farm University, I, 170.
Fees, in California College of Pharmacy,

X, 31.
in College of Dentistry, XI, 25.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 5.

in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI, 4.
in Los Angeles Department of Medicine,

IX, 4.
non-resident, I, 85.

summer session, V, 4.
Fellows and Assistants at Lick Observa-

tory, III, 3.
Fellowships and scholarships for graduates,

I, 146,
applications for, I, 150.
Bonnheim, I, 147.
Flood, I, 148.
Goewey, I, 148.
Harvard Club, I, 148.
LeConte, I, 146.
Lick Observatory, I, 147; III, 3.
Mackay, I, 146.
Paget, I, 147.
Pixley, I, 148.
Thompson, Willard D., I, 141, 145, 148.
Whiting, I, 147.
University, I, 146.
University Fellowship in Pacific Coast

History, I, 149.
Yale Alumni, I, 148.
Fertilizer control laboratory, I, 169.
Fertilizers (see under Soils).
Five-year courses in Chemistry, Civil Engi.

neering, Mechanics, Mining, I, 47.
Flood Fellowship, I, 148.
Foreign students in Dentistry, XI, 17.
Forestry Experiment Stations, I, 171.
Forgework, for admission. I, 67.
Foundation of the University, I, 35.
Four-year courses, I, 47.
Fraternities, XIII, 136.
Free-elective courses, II, 3.
French, courses in, II, 215.

for admission, I, 64, 65.

summer session courses in, V, 18.
Funds, I, 42.
Garden of medicinal plants, X, 13.
General culture, colleges of, I, 47.
General information concerning the under-

graduate colleges, I, 134.
General regulations of the faculties concern-

ing students, I, 108.
General Science:

for admission, I, 62.
Genetics, courses in, II, 22.
Genito-urinary diseases, VIII, 53.
Geography, economic, for admission, I, 72.
Geography, courses in, II, 107.

for admission, I, 61.

summer session courses in, V, 13,
Geological and mineralogical collections, I,

Geology, courses in, II, 111.

field work in, II, 114.
Geometry for admission, I, 56, 57, 60.

courses in (see under Mathematics).

German, courses in, II, 118.

for admission, I, 65.

summer session courses in, V, 14.
Germanic Philology, courses in, II, 124.
Goewey scholarship, I, 148.
Gothic (see under Germanic Philology).
Government (see under Political Science).
Grades of scholarship, I, 113.
Graduate courses, I, 48, 120. (See also

under the separate departments.)
Graduate standing, admission to, I, 120.
Graduate students, bachelor's degrees con.

ferred upon, I, 123.
candidacy for higher degrees, I, 121.
dissertations, theses, memoirs, I, 131.
doctors' degrees conferred upon, I, 125.
engineering degrees conferred upon, I,

fellowships and scholarships, I. 146.
grammar grade teachers' certificates, I,

high school teachers' certificates, I, 131.
list of, XIII, 31.
summary of, I, 174.
Masters' degrees conferred upon, I, 122,

regulations concerning, I, 120.
residence, I, 121.

status of, I, 48.
Graduates of academic colleges, 1913, XII,

of California College of Pharmacy, 1913,

X, 32; XII, 22.
of the College of Dentistry, 1913, XII,

of College of Medicine, 1913, VIII, 61;

XII, 23.
of Los Angeles Department of Medicine,

XII, 24.
of Hastings College of the Law. XII, 24.
Graduation requirements in Dentistry, XI,

in Medicine, VIII, 26.
in Los Angeles Department of Medicine,

IX, 5.
in Pharmacy, X, 30.

in the undergraduate departments, I, 94.
Grammar grade teachers' certificate, I, 133,
Graphic Art, summer session courses in, V,

Greek, courses in, II, 125,

for admission, I, 58.

summer session courses in, V, 14.
Greek Theatre, I, 37.
Grubstake w, loan fund, I. 138.
Guide to telephones in Berkeley, XIII, 138.
Gymnasium (see under Physical Culture.)
Gymnasium and Infirmary fees, I, 135.
Gymnasiums :

Harmon, for men, I, 172.
Hearst, for women, I, 172.

Gynecology, VIII, 53.
Hammerslag loan fund, I, 138.
Harmon Gymnasium, I, 172.
Harmony, courses in (see under Music).

for admission, I, 74.
Harvard Club, scholarship for graduates,

I, 148.

admission, VII, 2.
admission to California Bar from, VII, 5.
calendar and directory. VII, 1.
courses of instruction, VII, 3.
directors, VII, 1.
expenses, VII, 5.
faculty. VII, 1.
fees, VII. 5.
library, VII, 5.
moot court, VII, 5.
number of officers, I, 177.

students, 1912-13, XIII, 126.
Hatch fund, I, 42.
Hearst architectural competition, I, 37.
Hearst Hall, I, 172.
Hearst Memorial Mining Building, I, 37,

Hearst, Phoebe A., scholarships for women,

I, 141.
Hebrew (see under Semitic Languages).
High school teachers' certificates, I, 131.
Higher degrees at Lick Observatore. III, 5.
Higher degrees, candidacy for, I, 121.
Hinckley scholarships, I, 144.
Historical Geography (see under History

or Geography).
History, Commercial and Industrial, for

admission, I, 73.
courses in. II, 130.
for admission, I, 57, 59, 63.
of College of Dentistry, XI, 10.
of Lick Observatory, III, 1.
of Music, for admission, I, 74.
of the l'niversity, I, 33.
summer session courses in, V, 14.

teachers' certificate in, II, 135,
Hitchcock lectureship, I, 150.
Home Economics, courses in, II, 136.

summer session courses in, V, 15.
Honorable mention, I. 118.
Honors, XII, 27.

regulations concerning, I, 117.
Honor courses, II, 7.
Horticulture, courses in, II, 23.

for admission, I, 70.
Houghton, Cornelius B., scholarship, I, 143.
House Clubs, XIII, 137.
Household decoration and furnishing, for

admission, I, 68.
Hygiene, courses in, II, 137.

recommendation in. II, 137.
for admission, I, 68.
required, I, 110.


Imperial Valley sub-station, I, 171.
Incidental expenses of students, I, 135.
Index to Circular of Information, I, 179.
Industrial Arts, for admission, I, 67.
Industrial History, for admission, I, 73.
Infirmary fees, I, 135.
Infirmary privileges, I, 172.
Insect Biology, courses in, II, 16.
Insecticides, courses in, II, 18.
INSTITUTE OF ART (see San Francisco In-

stitute of Art).
Instruction and Research, Officers of, I,

Instruction, courses of in academic colleges,

II, 5.
in California College of Pharmacy, X,

in College of Dentistry, XI, 25.
in College of Medicine, San Francisco,

VIII, 33.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 3.

in San Francisco Institute of Art, VI, 3.
Insurance, courses in (see under Econom-

Irish (see under Celtic).
Intercollegiate debate, I, 141.
Interlibrary loan system, II, 4.
Irrigation, courses in, II, 140.
Italian, courses in, II, 219,
Japanese (see under Oriental Languages).
Johnston, Albert Sidney, memorial scholar-

ship, I, 145.
Joint regulations of the faculty concerning

graduate students, I, 120.
concerning undergraduate students, I,

Julian Academy Medal, VI, 3.
Junior Certificate, requirements for the, I,

amount of credit, I. 86.
for students at large in the academic col.

leges, I, 89.
for admission to the College of Medicine,

I, 91.
foreign languages for the, I, 87.
in the college of Agriculture, I, 90.
in the college of Commerce, I, 90.
in the colleges of Engineering and Chem-

istry, I, 91.
in the college of Letters, I, 89, 90.
in the college of Natural Sciences, I, 90.
in the college of Social Sciences, I, 89,

in the course in Architecture, I, 92.
optional in the five-year courses in Me-

chanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and

Chemistry, I, 91.
required in the colleges of Letters, Social

Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Com.

merce, I, 86.
table of, I, 88.

Juris Doctor, requirements for the degree

of, I, 125.
Jurisprudence, course in the academic col-

leges, I, 52.
courses in, II, 142.
pharmacal, X, 24.

scope of school of, II, 142.
Laboratories and museums, I, 153.

agricultural, I, 169, 170.
bacteriological, I, 170.
botanical, I, 162.
cereal, I, 170.
chemical, I, 162.
civil engineering, I, 165.
entomological, I, 170.
fertilizer control, I, 169.
machine shops, I, 163.
mechanical and electrical, I, 163,
mineralogical, I, 163,
mining, I, 166.
petrographical, I, 163,
physical, I, 161.
physiological, I, 163.
psychological, I, 160.
state pure food, I, 169.
students' observatory, I, 161.
veterinary, I, 170.
viticultural, I, 170.
zoological, I, 162.

zymological, I, 170.
Laboratory fees, I, 135.

in Botany, II, 52.
in Chemistry, II, 59.
in Civil Engineering, II, 65.
in Geology, II, 111.
in Hygiene, II, 137.
in Mechanics, II, 162.
in Mining. II, 170.
in Physical Culture, II, 196.

in Physics, II, 201.
Landscape Gardening, courses in, II, 24.
Latin, courses in, II, 148.

for admission, I, 57.

summer session courses in, V, 15.
Laryngology, VIII, 52.
Late registration, I, 109.

in the academic colleges (see Jurispru.

degree in, conditions for, II, 143.
library, II, 143.
professional curriculum, II, 145,

summer session courses in, V, 15.
Leave of absence, College of Dentistry, XI,

Leave of absence and honorable dismissal,

academic colleges, I, 115.
LeConte Memorial Fellowship, I, 146.



Hitchcock, I, 150.

Weinstock, I, 150.
Letters, admission to the college of, I, 50.
Junior Certificate in the college of, I,

88, 89.
Library, Dental, XI, 35.

Law, II, 143; VII, 6.
Medical, VIII, 24.

University, I, 153; II, 4.
Library Methods, summer session

in, V, 15.

buildings and instruments, III, 2.
fellows and assistants, III, 3.
higher degrees at, III, 5.
history of, III, 1.
location of, III, 2.
number of officers, I, 177.
officers, III, 1.
quarters for students. III, 6.
special investigators, III, 4.

visitors, III, 6.
Lick Observatory (see Lick Astronomical

Lick Observatory fellowships, I, 147; III,

Life classes in Art, VI, 3, 4.
Life diplomas, admission on teachers, I,

Limited course, I, 54.
Limited students, I, 48, 54.
Linguistics (see under the several language

Liquor, one-mile law, I, 134.
Literary types (see under comparative liter-

Loan funds, I, 137.
Logic (see Philosophy).

admission and residence, IX, 3.
advanced standing, IX, 3.
cost of living, IX, 6.
faculty, IX, 1.
fees, IX, 4.
graduation requirements, IX, 5.
history, IX, 1.

prizes, IX, 6.
Lower Division, I, 86.
Lower Division courses, II, 7.
Machine shops, I, 163,
Mackay fellowships, I, 146.
Major courses, II, 98.
Manual training, summer ssession courses

in, V, 15.
Mark Hopkins Institute of Art (see San

Francisco Institute of Art).
Materia Medica, VIII, 48.

in College of Dentistry, XI, 31.
in College of Pharmacy, X, 21.

Mathematical models, I, 157.
Mathematics, courses in, II, 157.

for admission, I, 56, 60.

summer session courses in, V, 16.
Matriculation credit, excess, I, 53.
Matriculation deficiencies, I, 52.
Matriculation examinations, I, 75.

dividing of, I, 77.
Matriculation requirements in the academie

colleges. I, 50.
in Hastings College of the Law, VII, 2.
in the California College of Pharmacy,

X, 14.
in the colleges of Agriculture, Chemistry,

Civil Engineering, Commerce. Letters,
Mechanics, Mining, Natural Sciences

and Social Sciences, I, 50, 51.
in the College of Dentistry, XI, 13.

in the College of Medicine, VIII, 12.
Matriculation subjects (see preparatory sub-

Mechanical and electrical laboratories, I

Mechanical arts, for admission, I, 67.
Mechanical Engineering, courses in, II, 162.
Mechanics, admission to college of, I, 51,

curriculum of college of, I, 101.
foundation of the college of, I, 35.

Junior Certificate in the college of, I, 88.
Medal loan fund, I, 138.
Medals :

the University, I, 139.

the Carnot, I. 139.
Medical Department (see under the College

of Medicine).
Medical Department, Los Angeles (see un-

der Los Angeles Department of Medi-

Medicine, College of, VIII, I, 52.
admission requirements, I.

VIII, 8.
calendar, VIII, 3.
clinical facilities, VIII, 22.
courses in, II, 168.
courses of instruction, VIII, 33.
examinations, VIII, 16.
faculty, VIII, 6.
fees, VIII, 18.
first two years of, I, 47.
graduates, 1913, VIII, 61: XII, 23.
graduation requirements, VIII, 26.
hospitals, VIII, 22,
library, VIII, 24.
number of officers, I, 178.
organization of instruction, VIII, 16.
regents of the University, VIII, 4.
schedule of studies, VIII, 19.
State laws governing the practice of

Medicine, I, 52, 91.
students, VIII, 61; XIII, 111.


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