Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education, for ..., Izdaje 1–4

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1893
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Stran 47 - General Assembly may prescribe, published, and recorded in the Comptroller's office, and no law shall ever be made, authorizing said fund to bo diverted to any other use than the encouragement and support of public or common schools, among the several school societies, as justice and equity shall require. In 1820, the legislature decided
Stran 76 - & Sciences, who through the blessing of Almighty God may be fitted for Public employment both In Church and Civil State. Who signed the petition is unknown, nor is it extant ; but the purposes breathe a broad and generous spirit. This college was not founded, as many suppose, to be solely a theological school; but
Stran 24 - shall have a vigilant eye over theire brethren and neighbours, to see first, that none of them shall suffer so much Barbarism in any of their familyes, as not to indeavor to teach by themselves or others, theire Children and Apprentices,
Stran 194 - President Day's administration also completed the circle of the professional schools by the addition of the Yale Law School to the college in 1824. In the latter part of the eighteenth century, and the early part of the present one, Judge Charles
Stran 69 - tho poor may work to live, and the rich, if they become poor, may not want. 3 . Penn's last lines to his wife and children, as he embarked for America, show how dear to his heart was
Stran 24 - duly endeavor, either by their own ability and labour, or by improving such Schoolmaster, or other helps and means, as the Plantation doth afford, or the family may conveniently provide, that all their Children and Apprentices, as they grow capable, may through God's blessing, attain 1 American Journal of Education,
Stran 76 - spirited Persons, of their sincere Regard to &. zeal for upholding & Propagating of the Christian Protestant Religion by a succession of Learned & Orthodox men, have expressed by Petition their earnest desires that full Liberty and Priveledgo be granted unto certain Undertakers for the founding, suitably endowing, & ordering a Collegiate School within his Maj
Stran 76 - ford 1 , and it may have been that he was there together with the other ministers, deliberating at that famous meeting, to which each brought a few folios from his own library, and, laying them on Mr. Eussell's table, said solemnly, "I give these books for the founding a college in this colony.
Stran 70 - industry is good for the body and mind too. I recommend the useful part of mathematics, as building houses or ships, measuring, surveying, dialling, navigation; but agriculture is especially in my eye ; let my children bo husbandmen and housewives; it is industrious, healthy, honest, and of good example.
Stran 121 - Colleges are societies of ministers for training up persons for the work of the ministry." 3 He tried to prove that as " religious worship, preaching, and instruction on the Sabbath " was "one of the most important parts of the education of ministers,

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