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Bear, 36-A Landscape, 37-A Shot-Gun, 38—Los Infernos, 39–

Tom Cole and the Bear, 40-— Ride to Salinas, 41-A Ride with-

out a Bear, 42—The Ride ends, 43.


View from Picacho Verde, 44-Naval Ball, 45-Fremont's Expe-

dition, 46—Valorous Feat of Castro, 47-Gillespie's Expedition,

48-A Charge at Night, 49 - Castro's Threat, 50 — Sansalito

Harbor, 51.


San Francisco, 52—Changes in the Bay, 53-Great Arable Plain,

54-Quicksilver Mines, 55--A Commercial Operation, 56—Castro

sells out, 57—Remarks on Quicksilver, 58—Gold and Silver

Mines, 59—Communication, 60–Magnetic Telegraph, 61, 62.

[blocks in formation]

the Horses, 105–Wild Horse Hunt, 106—Sagacity of the Horse,

107—Care of the Horse, 108—Food of the Horse, 109-Colors of

Horses, 110—A Cross Suggestion, 111.


Bunk's Great Shot, 112—The Islet, 113—Marauding Parties, 114-

An Indian Chief, 115—Indian Humility, 116–Sacred Town, 117

-A Council, 118.


The Indians of California, 119–Habits of the Indians, 120—Man-

ners and Customs, 121- Religion of the Indians, 122-Social

Condition, 123—Catholic Missionaries, 124–Polygamy and Rape,

125—The Tamascal, 126-Insensibility to Death, 127-Duty of

our Government, 128_Laws suggested, 129.

with a True Story, 179—Family Connexions, 180-Gambling

Debts, 181–A New Way to Pay Up, 182—How an Old Lady

was Ruined, 183-A Slight Mistake, 184–Story of Ramon and

Dolores, 185–194.


Land Titles and Laws in California, 195—Vested Rights, 196—

Land Measurements, 197—Peculiar Provisions, 198-Humane

Objects, 199— Township Grants, 200—A Plea for the Titles, 201

[blocks in formation]
[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

SHIELD. A new Star rising, in a field of azure, on the shield, over the Snowy Mountains of California to join the Constellation of the United States, (represented above,) and its rays reflected in the Pacific Ocean, delineated on the lower part of the same shield; and in which a Whale-emblematic of the whaling interests—is sporting, while a Ship enters between two headlands, on one of which the gigantic Pine of California is represented.

SUPPORTERS. A Wild Horse on the right; and a Wild Bull on the left of the shield-emblematic of the peculiar interests and animals of California. The lower part is adorned with Grapes and Wheat Ears-emblematic of the productions of the country; and the Motto of these words from Horace : Postera Crescam Laude-" I shall flourish in the future."

CREST. A rampant Grizzly Bear, bearing the American Flag, furled, to denote Peace with a Bowie Knife, and the Motto: Tuebor-"I will defend."

The above design for the

of California is submitted by J. W. R.

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