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The Wild Animals, 257—The Grizzly Bear, 258—A Bear Dance,

259-Bear Freaks, 260—The Captain's Disaster, 261—Don Timo-

leo's Hounds, 262-American Hunters, 263—Other Animals, 264

-Beasts and Birds, 265–Wild Birds, 266-A Tale of a Turkey,

267—Shell Fish, 268—The Pearl Oyster, 269.


The History of a ci-devant Diplomatist, 270-273—The Adobe vs.

Frame Houses, 274 — Wild Mustard ; Grasshoppers ; Panama

Route ; Roman Military Roads, 275 — Adroitness of a Thief;

Rocky Mountain Route, 276–Health of California, 277-A Pacific

Navy, 278—Ship Timber abundant, 279.


The Southern Part of Upper California, 280Los Angeles, 281–

The Grape, 282—Tedium of a Cruise, 283—Magdalena Bay, 284

-Cape St. Lucas, San José, La Paz, 285-Puerto Escondito, &c.

286--Guayamas, 287—Local Feuds, 288–Green Turtle, 289—

Enormous Cacti, 290—Sandal Wood, 291-Supposed Mines, 292

-Climate and People, 293-A Revolt, 294-Defence of La Paz

and San José, 295.


Progress of Man, 296— Wonders of the Age, 297–Our Own Coun-

try, 298—Resources of California, 299_Productions of California,

300—African Slavery in California, 301, 302–Advice to Emi-

grants, 303-A Lay Sermon, 304—What of the Future ? 305.

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SHIELD. A new Star rising, in a field of azure, on the shield, over the Snowy Mountains of California to join the Constellation of the United States, (represented above,) and its rays reflected in the Pacific Ocean, delineated on the lower part of the same shield; and in which a Whale-emblem. atic of the whaling interests—is sporting, while a Ship enters between two headlands, on one of which the gigantic Pine of California is represented.

SUPPORTERS. A Wild Horse on the right; and a Wild Bull on the left of the shield-emblematic of the peculiar interests and animals of California. The lower part is adorned with Grapes and Wheat Ears-emblematic of the productions of the country; and the Motto of these words from Horace: Postera Crescam Laude"I shall flourish in the future."

CREST. A rampant Grizzly Bear, bearing the American Flag, furled, to denote Peace—with a Bowie Knife, and the Motto: Tuebor-"I will defend."

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of California is

by J. W. R.

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