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1. On or before Monday, June 15th, if possible, file application with

the Recorder of the Faculties.

2. Before Thursday, June 25th, if possible, select lodgings in


3. Thursday, June 25th- Registration. (a) Register your college

address with the Recorder, South Hall, first floor; (b) obtain from the Recorder a Study Card; (c) show this card to the Secretary of the Regents (next door to Recorder), (d) pay necessary fees and (e) receive a certificate of registration; (f) this Certificate is to be shown, on demand, to the officers in charge of the classes, at the first meetings of the classes, or at any time during the Session.

The regular class exercises will begin on this date.

Recitations and lectures last fifty-three minutes, with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes past the hour, and end on the even hour.

4. Thursday, June 25th, 4 p.m., University Meeting in the New

Amphitheatre. These University Meetings, or general assemblies of the officers and students of the University, will be held at 4 p.m. on Wednesdays at intervals. throughout the Session. The meetings are usually addressed by one or more speakers invited for the occasion.

5. Within one week after registration, your Study Card, duly filled

out, should be returned to the Recorder.

6. To obtain a certificate of record, showing all courses satisfactorily

completed during the Session, deposit a self-addressed stamped envelope with the Recorder at the close of the Session, and a certificate will be mailed to you.


The site of the University of California, at Berkeley, California, comprises about two hundred and seventy acres of land, rising at first in a gentle and then in a bolder slope from a height of about two hundred feet above the sea level to one of over nine hundred feet. It thus covers a range of more than seven hundred feet in altitude, while back of it the chain of hills continues to rise a thousand feet higher. It has a superb outlook over the bay and city of San Francisco, over the neighboring plains and mountains, and the ocean. Berkeley is a town of 15,000 people. San Francisco is eleven miles distant by train and boat; fare, ten cents. Oakland may be reached by street car in twenty minutes.

Meteorological observations made at the University for the past fifteen years indicate that the summer months at Berkeley are exceptionally well suited for uninterrupted university work.

The mean temperature of the months of June, July, and August is respectively 59.3, 59.2, and 59.2 degrees. The mean maximum temperature (the average for the month of the daily maximum temperatures) is 71.1, 70.3, and 69.8 degrees; and the mean minimum temperature 52.7, 53.6, and 54.1 degrees. The average daily variation in the temperature is 18.4, 16.7, and 15. 7 degrees.

Only once during the last fifteen years—in July, 1891-did the temperature exceed 100 degrees. The average of the highest temperatures observed in each of the fifteen years was 91.3 degrees.

The prevailing mean temperature for the six weeks of the Summer Session is about 60 degrees, with 72 and 54 degrees as the extreme limits of variation for mean temperature. During the hottest part of the warmest day it is rarely that the temperature exceeds 91 degrees.

Although rain seldom falls during the summer months, excessive summer heat is practically unknown; a gentle southwest breeze from the Bay, rarely exceeding fifteen miles an hour, renders the climate agreeable and stimlating. During the summer months the days are either clear or fair, only about one day in three being foggy or cloudy.

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High schools, academies, and colleges or universities attended, with periods and dates of attendance; also dates of graduation, and degrees received, if any. (Answer fully):

Business or profession, and present position:


(Names and addresses of school officers or others from whom inform

ation about you may be obtained)

Specify the summer courses in which you desire to enroll:

(It is understood that this list is subject to change)

Place and date of writing this application:

7 Applications should, if possible, be filed with the Recorder of the Faculties,

Berkeley, California, on or before June 15th. They may be sent by mail. In case of adverse action by the Faculty upon an application for admission to the Summer Session, the applicant is notified immediately, by mail; in other cases no acknowledgment or other notice is sent. Additional Application Forms may be obtained by addressing the Recorder of the Faculties.

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