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The Laboratories of Agricultural Chemistry, Viticulture, Entomology, and Dairy Practice are located in the Agricultural Experiment Station Building, and that of Bacteriology and Veterinary Science in an adjoining structure.

The Special Laboratory is devoted especially to investigations in the physics and chemistry of soils and to the rapid examination, by the Agricultural Chemist and Geologist and the Director, of agricultural and other materials sent in by farmers throughout the State.

The Laboratory of Agricultural Chemistry is devoted primarily to the prosecution of chemical researches in relation to general agriculture, such as the chemical examination of soils, waters, foods, agricultural products, natural and commercial fertilizers, etc., and the determina. tion of technical questions relating to agricultural processes or manufactures. The results of this work are reported to the persons interested; so far as they are of general interest, they are published currently in the form of bulletins.

Laboratory Instruction. Desk-room has been provided in the laboratories for twenty-five advanced students (i.e., those who have taken silicate analysis in the chemistry department) and for special students, for work in agricultural analysis.

Bacteriology and Veterinary Science. The laboratories for instruction and investigation in bacteriology and for the study of diseases of live stock are accommodated in a structure adjoining the Agricultural Building. This laboratory contains microscopic equipment sufficient to accommodate eight students at a time.

The Experiment Station and Sub-Stations of the College of Agriculture make provision for systematic experimentation in the culture of the various farm products of California. The investigations include the introduction and testing of new varieties, the study of diseases of plants and animals, the repression of animal and vegetable parasites, etc. Samples sent for examination are analyzed or tested, and reported upon by letter as rapidly as the examination can be completed. The entire technical staff of the department takes part in the experimental work. There are at present five stations at which this work is prosecuted.

HARMON GYMNASIUM. The Gymnasium, presented to the University by the late A. K. P. Harmon, is well equipped, and provides all the students with opportunities for physical exercise. Besides the main hall and athletic quarters, there are fifty-five dressing-rooms, and seven hundred lockers for the use of the students.

The exercises in the gymnasium are conducted systematically under the supervision of the Director of Physical Culture.


Hearst Hall was presented to the University by Mrs. Phæbe A. Hearst for a Women's Gymnasium. It contains the very best of modern equipment, with special facilities to overcome deformities or correct physical defects. In a separate building, and connected with the gymnasium, are thirty-nine shower-baths, supplied with hot and cold water, seventy-eight dressing-rooms, and three hundred lockers. for the exclusive use of woman students. The lower floor is used as a general gathering place for the women of the University.

Connected with the gymnasium is a large enclosed court, 150 feet long and 80 feet wide, with a seating capacity of one thousand, also the gift of Mrs. Hearst. It is used as an out-door gymnasium, as well as for basket-ball and other games suitable for women.



BENJ. IDE WHEELER, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University. LEON JOSIAH RICHARDSON, A.B., Assistant Professor of Latin and

Dean of the Summer Session.

SVANTE AUGUST ARRHENIUS, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, University

of Stockholm. REGINALD ALDWORTH DALY, Ph.D., Geologist to Canada for the

International Boundary Commission. ARNOLD ABRAHAM D'ANCONA, A.B., M.D., Professor of Hygiene,

Medical Examiner of Men. FONGER DE HAAN, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish, Bryn Mawr College. HUGO DE VRIES, Ph.D., Professor of Botany, University of Amsterdam. CHARLES HALL GRANDGENT, A.B., Professor of Romance Languages,

Harvard University. FRANCIS BARTON GUMMERE, Ph.D., Professor of English, Haverford

College. HAMMOND LAMONT, A.B., Managing Editor of the New York Evening

Post, and formerly Professor of Rhetoric, Brown University. Jacques LOEB, M.D., Professor of Physiology. FRANK MORTON MCMURRY, Ph.D., Professor of the Theory and Prac

tice of Teaching in Teachers College, Columbia University. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS MERRILL, Ph.D., L.H.D., Professor of the Latin

Language and Literature. Morris Hicky MORGAN, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Classical Philol

ogy, Harvard University. BERNARD MOSES, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of History and Political

ALBIN PUTZKER, M.A., Professor of German Literature.
Sir William RAMSAY, K.C.B., LL.D., F.R.S., etc., Professor of

Chemistry, University College, London.
William EMERSON RITTER, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology.

* With the exception of the President and Dean, the names in each group are arranged in alphabetical order.

ALBERT AUGUSTUS STANLEY, M.A., Professor of Music, University of

Michigan. HENRY MORSE STEPHENS, M.A. (Oxon.), Professor of History and

Director of University Extension. FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER, Ph.D., Director of the School of History

and Professor of American History, University of Wisconsin. JAMES WARD, M.A., Sc.D., LL.D., Fellow of Trinity College and

Professor of Mental Philosophy, University of Cambridge. EDWARD JAMES WICKSON, M.A., Professor of Agricultural Practice,

and Superintendent of University Extension in Agriculture. MELLEN WOODMAN HASKELL, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathe

matics. ARMIN OTTO LEUSCHNER, Ph.D., Sc.D., Associate Professor of Astron

omy and Geodesy, and Director of the Students' Observatory. EDMOND O'Neill, Ph.B., Associate Professor of Chemistry. GEORGE MALCOLM STRATTON, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psy

chology and Director of the Psychological Laboratory. ARCHIBALD CARY COOLIDGE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History,

Harvard University. ARTHUR STARR EAKLE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mineralogy. MYER EDWARD JAFFA, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agriculture. CHARLES ATWOOD KOFOID, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Histology

and Embryology. ERNEST CARROLL MOORE, LL.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Edu

cation. EDWARD NATHAN PROUTY, B.S., Assistant Professor of Railroad

Engineering. CHAUNCEY WETMORE WELLS, A.B., Assistant Professor of English

Composition. CHARLES WILLIAM WOODWORTH, M.S., Assistant Professor of Ento


FREDERICK GARDNER COTTRELL, Ph.D., Instructor in Physical Chem

LUDWIG JOSEPH DEMETER, M.A., Instructor in German.
ELMER EDGAR Hall, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics.
RICHARD HENEBRY, Ph.D., Instructor in Celtic Philology.
BRUCE VICKROY Hill, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics.
CONRAD LORING, B.S., Instructor in Surveying.

WILLIAM CONGER MORGAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry.
HARRY ALLEN OVERSTREET, A.B.,B.Sc.(Oxon.), Instructor in Philos-

HENRY WASHINGTON PRESCOTT, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin.
THOMAS MILTON PUTNAM, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.
MARIUS JOSEPH SPINELLO, M.A., Instructor in Italian and French.
HARRY BEAL TORREY, Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology.
GEORGE THOMAS WINTERBURN, Instructor in Drawing.

BEVERLY SPRAGUE ALLEN, A.B., Reader in English.
ELEANOR STOW BANCROFT, M.D., Medical Examiner of Women.
MILTON JULIUS BLACKMAN, Assistant in Chemistry.
ROBERT BUTLER, Assistant in Physics.
Ralph CHANDLER DANIELS, B.S., Assistant in Chemistry.
CALVIN OLIN ESTERLY, A.B., Assistant in Zoology.
CHARLES EDMUND FRYER, M.L., Reader in History.
HENRI THEODORE ANTOINE Hus, M.S., Assistant in Botany.
JOSEPH JOHN JESSUP, M.S., Assistant in Civil Engineering.
LOUISA ADELLE PLACE, Assistant in Physical Culture.
HENRY JOSEPH QUAYLE, A.B., Assistant in Entomology.
JAMES WOODMANSEE RHODES, Instructor in Physical Culture, Oakland

High School.
CHARLES GARDNER ROGERS, M.A., Assistant in Physiology.
PERCY ELLIOTT ROWELL, Student Assistant in Physics.
ALBERT NELSON SHELDON, Assistant in Physics.
HIRAM FRANKLIN SHELDON, B.S., Principal of the San Luis Obispo

High School, Assistant in Physics.
GEORGE ARNOLD SMITHSON, M.L., Reader in English.
CLAUDE SMALLWOOD, Student Assistant in Physics.
BEN RANDAL WALKER, Reader in History.
WASHINGTON Wilson, Reader in Education.

JAMES SUTTON, Ph.B., Recorder of the Faculties.

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