Slike strani

5. The Birds of California.

Mr. CHANDLER. Laboratory and field work, with collateral reading. A study of birds

in the field, their identification, nesting habits, general ecology, etc., supplemented by laboratory work along similar lines, includ.

ing taxonomy. One conference per week. 2 units. M Tu Th F, 8-11; W, 8. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

6. Vertebrate Fauna of Yosemite Valley.

Mr. CHANDLER. An excursion for two weeks at the close of the Summer Session will

be made (in conjunction with the Department of Botany) to Yosemite Valley for the study of the vertebrate fauna, especially the birds and mammals of the Sierras. Open for registration without prerequisite, but to obtain credit in this work the student must have had courses 4 and 5, or their equivalent. 1 unit.

201. Embryology.

Dr. LONG. A course in comparative embryology. Lectures dealing with the

fundamental facts of reproduction, the early stages of develop-
ment of vertebrates, the formation of organs, and the foetal mem-
branes of mammals, including man. Laboratory study of prepara-
tions of amphibia, chick and pig embryos. Demonstrations. 4 units.

Laboratory fee, $2.50.
M Tu W Th F, 8-12. East Hall.

202. Research in Cytology and Mammalian Embryology. Dr. LONG. For those who wish to work either independently or in coöperation

with those already engaged in the above research. ('redits and hours to be arranged. Laboratory fee, $2.50.


Abbott, Raymond

Berkeley Instructor, U. C. Adams, Daniel

Ogden, Utah Principal, H. S. Adams, Edna

Springville Student, Washington State College Adams, John F.

Berkeley Teacher, Clinton H. S., Oklahoma Adams, Marion

San Francisco Settlement worker Adamsen, Edith

Berkeley Student, Mills College Adamsen, Olive

Berkeley Student, Mills College Adamson, Jessie A.

Berkeley Student, U. C. Affolter, Rose

Longmont Teacher, Trinidad H. S., Colorado Akers, Ethel

Berkeley Student, U. C. Albee, Frances

Pasadena Student, U. C. Alcott, Mary Elizabeth Tacoma, Wash,

Teacher, Tacoma H. S. Alderman, Marguerite

Berkeley Clerk Alderman, Mildred C.

Pomona Teacher, Pomona Alderman, Mrs. Rupert Globe, Arizona Alexander, Crissie

East Bakersfield Teacher, Taft. Alexander, Evalyn

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles G. S. Alexander, Helen

Berkeley Teacher, Placentia G. S. Algeo, Amy 0.

Fresno Teacher Algeo, Oba

Pacific Grove Teacher, Pacific Grove G. S. Algeo, Agnes

Alameda Nurse Allee, G. G.

Santa Maria Teacher, Santa Maria H, S. Allen, Alma

Coleville Teacher, Antelope Union Sch., Coleville Allen, Cecyl Elizabeth Fallon, Nevada

Teacher, Fallon School, Nevada Allen, Chester A.

Alameda Student, U. C. Allen, Edith M.

Oakland Music Teacher, Oakland Allen, Ernest

Coleville Teacher, Antelope Union Sch., Coleville Allen, Gerald

Livermore Student, U. C.

Allen, Grace Bromley Westtown, Penn.

Teacher, Friend's School, Westtown Allen, Nell B.

Hoquiam, Wash. Teacher, Hoquiam G. S. Allen, Nellie

Sutter Creek Student, Stanford Univ. Allen, Ray M.

Berkeley Student, Berkeley H. S. Allen, Richard

Alameda Student, Alameda H. S. Allender, William

Oakland Student, White's Academy American, Sarah

New York Teacher, New York G. S. Ames, Mary Annie

Napa Teacher, Napa G. S. Ames, Mary D.

Oakland Student, Oakland H. S. Ames, Nell M.

Hoquiam, Wash. Teacher Hoquiam H. S. Amundsen, Edward 0.

Berkeley Student, U. o. Anderson, Anita

Centerville Teacher, Winters G. S. Anderson, Chloe

San Jose Teacher, Los Gatos G. S. Andrews, Esther

Whittier Teacher, Whittier H. S. Anschutz, Evangeline Goldfield, Nevada

Teacher, Goldfield H. S. Appel, Leslie

San Francisco Student, U. C. Applegate, Annie

Berkeley Teacher, Grand Island H. S. Armoar, Electra M.

Seattle, Wash. Teacher, Seattle G. S. Arnold, Edwyn

East Oakland Student, Fremont H. S. Arrington, Mabel

Berkeley Student, U. C. Ashbrook, Elinor

San Jose Student, San Jose H. S. Ashley, Blanche

Berkeley Music Teacher Ashley, Mabel

Goldfield, Nevada Teacher, Goldfield H. S. Atkins, Marianne

Oakland Teacher, Oakland G. S. Atkinson, Julia

Tucson, Arizona Teacher, Tucson H. S. Augur, Irving

Los Angeles Student, U. C. Austin, Margaret C.

Oakland Teacher, Collegiate Inst., Woodstock

Austin, Sister Mary

Oakland Teacher, College of Holy Names Ayer, Charlotte

Sebastopol Teacher, Pleasant Hill Ayers, Etta

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles G. S. Aylwin, Josephine

Berkeley Music Teacher Backlund, Hemmie

Lasita, Kansas Teacher, Denair G. S. Backlund, Hattie

Lasita, Kansas Teacher, Johnson School, Turlock Badgley, Ella

Grand Island Music Teacher, Meridian Bager, Mrs. W. E.

Berkeley Bailey, Bessie

Santa Cruz Teacher, Santa Cruz H. S. Bailey, Henry Page

Berkeley Dentist Bailey, Lydia

San Pablo Student, St. Francis School, Oakland Bailey, William

Berkeley Pharmacist Baird, Arthur

Berkeley Student, U. C. Baker, Alwyn

Anderson Laborer on U. C. Campus Baker, Nehemiah A.

Eureka Minister Balch, Albert

Fresno Principal, Emerson School, Fresno Baldwin, Laurin B. Corvallis, Oregon

Instructor, Oregon Agricultural College Ball, Everett

Porterville Student, U. o. Ballagh, Ahlida

Bakersfield Teacher, Washington G. S., Berkeley Ballard, Claudius

Berkeley Student, U. C. Ballou, Laura

Oakland Teacher, Fern Bandmann, Charles

San Francisco Student, U. C. Bangs, Edward Geoffrey

Oakland Student, U. C. Bangs, Franklin

Oakland Clerk, Idora Park Banks, Elizabeth

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Banks, Katherine 0.

Williams State Mgr., Home Publishing Co. Bantz, Alice

Riverside Teacher, Fullerton H. S. Bardellini, Delos

Oakland Student, Fremont H. S. Barkley, Lena

Chico Teacher, Chico State Normal S. Barnes, Lucy Rowena

Seattle, Wash. Teacher, Seattle H. S. Barnes, Paul De Witt

Berkeley Student, Hahnemann Medical College

Barnett, Mrs. Alice

San Francisco Vocalist, San Francisco Barnett, John W.

Berkeley Student, U. C. Barnett, Nellie M. Bellingham, Wash. Domestic Science Supervisor, Bellingham

schools Barnhart, Earl W.

Berkeley Teacher, San Diego H. S. Barnum, William F.

San Jose Teacher, San Jose H. S. Barrett, Mary Emily Tacoma, Wash.

Teacher, Tacoma H. S. Barron, Mary

Berkeley Student, U. C. Barry, Marcella

San Jose Teacher, San Jose Barry, May Ellen

Watsonville Student, U. c. Barth, Florence Edith

San Andreas Student, U O.. Bartine, Helen

Philadelphia, Penn. Principal, Ryer's School, Philadelphia Bartlett, Bertha Elsie

Oakland Student, U. C. Bartlett, Mrs. Emma

Beaumont Supervisor of Music, Beaumont schools Bartlett, Lester

Berkeley Teacher, Dayton H. S. Bartlett, Margaret C.

Alameda Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Bartlett, Paul

Berkeley Student, U. C. Bartram, Clara

Los Angeles Teacher, San Dimas schools Bassler, Alice

San Jose Teacher, State Normal S., San Jose Batdorf, Sam. F.

Anderson Teacher, Anderson Union H. S. Bates, Alice

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Batman, Donald

Randsburg Civil Engineer Battles, Myron Horace

Berkeley Student, U. c. Baugh, Arline

San Jose Student, State Normal S., San Jose Baum, Alma

Berkeley Private Music Teacher Baum, Blanche

San Francisco Student, Livermore H. S. Beadles, Marion

San Francisco Teacher, San Diego Beal, Flora E.

San Jose Teacher, State Normal S., San Jose Beard, Ethel

Berkeley Student, U. C. Becker, Charles August

Berkeley Sergeant of Police Becker, Mrs. Sallie Insley

Selma Teacher, Selma schools

Berkett, Alice M.

Anaheim Teacher, Imperial schools Beebe, Alice

Berkeley Teacher, Berkeley grammar schools Beebe, Nina Agatha

Corona Teacher, Corona H. S. Bell, Lucille

Los Angeles Student, Los Angeles H. S. Benedict, Newton

Oakland Student, St. Matthew's Sch., Burlingame Benignus, Sister M.

East Oakland Teacher, Lourdes Academy Bennett, Bessie P.

Pasadena Teacher, Pasadena public schools Bennett, Ella K.

Berkeley Teacher, Tehachapi Bennett, Ellen Louise

Chico Teacher, Chico schools Bennett, Mary Pearl Bellingham, Wash.

Teacher, Bellingham H. S. Bennett, Paul

Phoenix, Arizona Foreman, Phoenix Lumber Co. Benson, Jennie

Upland Teacher, Upland schools Berger, James B.

Berkeley Teacher, Castle Rock Berger, Minna

Hanford Music Teacher Berry, Irwin C.

Berkeley Student, U. c. Berry, Rose V.

Berkeley Teacher, Berkeley Bethune, Ella

Agua Caliente Student, Rafael College Bettoli, Rudolph William San Francisco

Student, U. C. Biedenbach, Elise

Berkeley Student, U. C. Biehl, Leda

Berkeley Teacher, Lincoln G. S. Bien, Beulah

Los Angeles Student, U. of S. California Biggs, Hannah

Bakersfield Teacher, Panama School Billings, Hattie

Portland, Oregon Teacher, Portland public schools Bingham, Millisent B.

Orland Teacher, Orland H. S. Binkley, Merle Edna

Berkeley Student, Mills College Binkley, R. P.

Hollister Teacher, Olinda Birdsall. Harriet E.

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Bishop, Mrs. Dora M.

Oakland Blake, Harriet

Berkeley Student, Miss Wests' School, San Jose Blanchard, Ada Elizabeth

Covina Teacher, Charter Oak Blanchard, Elizabeth

Santa Barbara Blanchard, W. Everett

Covina Teacher, Holtville

Blaner, Emma

San Jose Student, Stanford Univ. Blewett, Myrtle

Los Angeles Teacher of Music, L. A. State Normal S. Blind, Linniam

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Bliss, Charles

Seattle, Wash. Teacher, Seattle H. S. Bliss, Howard H.

East Oakland Teacher, Heber Institute Bloch, Frederick

Berkeley Student, U. c. Blood, Vera

San Jose Student, San Jose State Normal S. Bloodgood, Mrs. Harriet Port Huron, Mich.

Proofreader, Port Huron Times-Herald Blowski, Camille

Oakland Music Teacher Blum, Daisy

Monoma, Iowa Teacher, Mitchellville H. S. Bogan, Mrs. Phebe

Tucson, Ariz. Student, Univ. of Arizona Bohna, Marianna

Bakersfield Teacher, Blake Boling. Oleata

Corona Teacher, Primary grades. Bolton, Florence

Palo Alto Teacher, Stanford Univ, Boke, Mrs. Julie

Napa Music Teacher Bonham, Jessie Gertrude

Gonzales Teacher, Gonzales H. S. Bonnifield, Anna

Reedley Teacher, Windsor schools Bonnifield, Lydia

Chico Student, Chico state Normal S. Booth, Charles

King City Principal, King City H. S. Booth, Mrs. Libbie C.

Reno, Nevada Principal, Orvis Ring School, Kern Bosworth, Ethel

Riverside Teacher, Waterford H, S., Pa. Boudinot, May

Corona Teacher, Corona G. S. Bow, George

Grass Valley Student, Grass Valley H. S. Bowden, Bethel

San Jose Student, Stanford Univ. Bowen, Laura

San Jose Student, Univ. of the Pacific Bowers, Blanche

Oakland Teacher, Mt. Eden G. S. Boyce, John

Berkeley Student, Theological Seminary Boyers, Luther M.

Palo Alto Student, Stanford Univ. Boydstun, Elsa

Chico Teacher, Davis Boyle, William

San Rafael Student, Stanford Univ. Bozarth, Bess

Hanford Teacher, Hanford schools

Brace, Alfred

Instructor, Pomona College
Braden, George Walter Los Angeles

Physical Director, Occidental College
Brauer, Easton

Teacher of Manual Training
Brauer, Leslie

Teacher, Turlock G. S.
Bray, Florence

Carson City, Nevada Student, Univ. of Nevada Bray, Julia

Woodland Teacher, Woodland schools Bray, Lola

Woodland Teacher, Woodland schools Bray, Mildred

Carson City, Nevada Student, Univ. of Nevada Breneman, Fay Alice

Martinez Teacher, Byron schools Breslauer, Annette

San Francisco Student, U. C. Brewer, Alice

Boise, Idaho Teacher, Boise schools Brewster, Frances Louisville, Kentucky

Student, Columbia Inst., Tennessee Brey, Frances

Oakland Teacher, Porterville H. S. Briggs, Jessica

San Francisco Brincaird, Mrs. K. A.

San Mateo Teacher, San Mateo schools Brinker, Mrs. Lucian

San Jose Britton, Jane

Berkeley Student, Convent of St. Vincent, N. Y. Brock, Mrs. Amander Washington, D. C.

Teacher, Norway Liberal Inst., Maine Brodie, Opal

Calaveras Teacher, Calaveras Bronwer, Alice

Los Angeles Bookkeeper Brooke, Vera

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Brooks, Clifton

Oakland Student, U. C. Brooks, Dealsy Ione

Fresno Teacher of Expression Brooks, Ida

Oakland Music Teacher Brooks, Pearl

Fresno Student, Los Angeles H. S. Brown, Ada L,

Los Angeles Teacher, Inglewood Brown, Ara Harris

Berkeley Teacher, Saito Brown, Carl O.

Lemoore Principal, Stratford G. S. Brown, Corris M.

Los Angeles Teacher, Los Angeles city schools Brown, Everett S.

Oakland Teacher, Santa Barbara H. S. Brown, Florence

Berkeley Teacher, Reno H. S.

Brown, Guy E.

Teacher, Lemoore H. S.
Brown, Mrs. John P.

Los Angeles
Brown, Josephine

Spokane, Wash.
Teacher, Spokane, Wash.
Brown, Josephine Adelaide

Grand Island, Neb.
Teacher, Grand Island H. S.
Brown, Lester

Brown, Lillian

Student, U. C.
Brown, Mabel E.

Santa Ana
Teacher, Santa Ana
Brown, Margaret B. Everett, Wash,

Teacher, Everett H. S.
Brown, Ruey Ellen

San Diego
Teacher, Albany H. S.
Browning, Frances M.

Los Angeles
Teacher, Los Angeles city schools
Bruckman, Betty

Student, Berkeley H. S.
Brunk, Chris

Brunk, Ethel

Student of Music
Brunsman, Joseph

Street Car Conductor
Bryant, James

San Jose Teacher, San Jose H. S. Bryson, Jennie

Placerville Teacher, Placerville Bryson, John A.

Gardena Principal, Sierra Madre School Buchholz, Charles Fletcher

Student, U. C.
Buckham, Mary

Teacher, Los Angeles city schools
Buckley, Hannah

Teacher, Oakland schools
Bugbee, Kenneth

Student, U. C.
Buhmann, Richard

San Francisco
Bullette, Nellie

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Teacher, Turley
Burbank, Helen Allison

Student, Mills College
Burdette, Edythe

Burdick, Dow

Teacher, Selma H. S.
Burgess, Dora

Tacoma, Wash
Teacher, Tacoma H. S.
Burk, John

Teacher, Paso Robles H. S.
Burk, Mrs. Lillie

Burke, Helen

Spokane, Wash. Teacher, State Normal S., Buffalo, N. Y. Burke, Sara

Redondo Teacher, Los Angeles city schools

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