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Subject to revision at the opening of the session

All classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,
unless otherwise specified. Recitations and lectures last fifty-three minutes,
with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes
past the hour, and end on the even hour.

8 a.m.

Agricultural Education 105, Prof. Hummel, 22 Budd Hall.
Agronomy 1, Mr. Hendry, 2 Budd Hall.

Botany 6, Prof. Gardner, 8 Botany Building.

Chemistry $5. Mr. Rosenstein, 217 Chemistry Building.

Education 109, Mr. Nalder, 102 California Hall.

Education $127, Prof. Rugh, 110 California Hall.
English S1B, Mr. Bruce, 24 North Hall.
English 1F, Prof. Thorpe, 25 North Hall.

English S106G, Mr. Blanchard, 23 North Hall,

English $112A, Prof. Brooke, 22 North Hall.

French A (continued at 1 o'clock), Miss Dodge, 15B North Hall.

French B (2 hrs.), Prof. Clark, 16 North Hall.

Geography S1A, Mr. Reed, 105 Bacon Hall.

German A (continued at 1 o'clock), Mr. Bell, 18 North Hall.

German S106 (1) (continued at 2 o'clock), Prof. Paschall, 13 North Hall.

Graphic Art 121 (continued at 4 o'clock), Miss Powers and Miss Knapp, Architecture

Greek $40, Prof. Washburn, Museum of Greek Sculpture.

Horticulture 5, Mr. Taylor, 211 Agriculture Hall.

Household Economics 1, Sec. 1 (2 hrs.), Miss Clark and Miss Barclay, McKinley

Household Economics 3, Sec. 1 (2 hrs.), Miss Clark, Berkeley High School.

Household Economics 6, Sec. 1 (2 hrs.), Miss Murchie and Miss Mignon, Berkeley
High School.

Household Economics 8 (2 hrs.), Miss Parmelee, Berkeley High School.

Latin 102, Prof. Rolfe, 11 North Hall.

Law 19, Dr. Calkins, 106 Boalt Hall of Law.

Manual Arts 1 (2 hrs.), Miss Derby, Berkeley High School.

Manual Arts 7 (2 hrs.), Miss Barnhisel, Berkeley High School.

Mathematics B, Mr. Barker, 18B North all.

Mathematics 104, Dr. Woods, 21 North Hall.

Music 1, Miss Truslow, Hearst Mining Building.

Music 7, Mrs. Sweesy, Hearst Mining Building.

Philosophy S1A, Prof. Adams, 1 Philosophy Building.

Philosophy 113 (first three weeks), Mrs. Hicks, 206 Bacon Hall.

Physical Education 2, Mr. Chapman, Anatomy Building.

Physical Education 13, Sec. 2 (Tu Th S), Mr. Chapman and Miss Adamson, Cali-
fornia Field.

Physical Education 24 (M W F),

Harmon Gymnasium.

Political Science S1, Prof. Barrows, 109 California Hall.
Spanish A (2 hrs.), Mr. Goggio, 16в North Hall.

Stenography 2, Mr. Armstrong, 15 North Hall.

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