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4 p.m.

English 246, Prof. Kurtz, 2 Library.

Entomology 203, Prof. Woodworth, 113 Agriculture Hall.

Graphic Art 121 (continued from 8 o'clock), Miss Powers and Miss Knapp, Archi-
tecture Building.

Music S3C-D, Mr. Foote, 101 California Hall.

Physical Education 4B, Sec. 1 (M W F), Sec. 2 (Tu Th S), Miss Adamson, Harmon

Physical Education 28, Sec. A (M W F), Sec. B (Tu Th S), Miss Beveridge, Mr.
Chapman, and Miss Kingcade; men, Harmon Gymnasium; women, Hearst Hall.
Physical Education 101, Prof. Hetherington, 113 South Hall.

Stenography 5 (Tu Th), Mr. Armstrong and Mrs. Harford, 15 North Hall.

Veterinary Science 101 (lectures, Tu Th; laboratory, M W F, 2-5), Prof. Haring,
Prof. Roadhouse, and Mr. Mitchell, 2 Budd Hall.

5 p.m.

Physical Education 12, Sec. 1 (M W F), Mr. Chapman, California Field.

Physical Education 30 (Tu Th S), Mr. DeGroot, Hygiene and Pathology Building.

8 p.m.

Public Health 4 (M W), Prof. Kellogg and Dr. Snow, 101 California Hall.

To be arranged:

Agricultural Education 205, Prof. Hummel.
Floriculture 200, Prof. Gregg.

Plant Pathology 230.

Public Health 201, Miss Cunningham.

Soils and Fertilizers 127, Prof. Lipman.

Soils and Fertilizers 235, Prof. Lipman.

Zoology S113, Mr. Storer, 103 East Hall.
Zoology S224, Prof. Kofoid, 217 East Hall.
Zoology S230, Prof. Allen.


January 6-10-Matriculation examinations.

January 12-Registration for second half-year.
January 13-Instruction begins.

March 23-Charter Day.

April 27-May 9-Annual examinations.
May 13-The Fifty-first Commencement.

June 22-August 1-Summer Session.

August 6-11-Matriculation examinations.

August 14-15-Registration of new students, graduate and undergraduate.
August 17-Registration of old students.

August 18-Instruction begins.

December 9-19-Mid-year examinations.

[blocks in formation]


1. On or before Wednesday, June 3, if possible, file application with the Recorder of the Faculties.

2. Before Monday, June 15, if possible, select lodgings in Berkeley.


3. Saturday, June 20 Registration. (a) Register your college address Monday, June 22 with the Recorder, California Hall, north end of corridor, second floor; (b) obtain from the Recorder an admission card and blank study card; (c) show your admission card to the Comptroller of the University (south end of corridor); (d) pay necessary fees, and (e) have your admission card stamped by the Comptroller; (f) this card is to be shown on demand to the officers in charge of the classes, at the first meetings of the classes, or at any time during the session.

Students who can conveniently do so are advised to register with the Recorder and pay their fees to the Comptroller on Saturday, June 20, in order to gain time for consultation with their instructors and for other preliminaries on Monday. Fees may be paid from 8:30 a.m. to 12 m. on Saturday, and from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday.

The regular class exercises will begin Monday, June 22.

4. Monday, June 22, 3 p.m., University Meeting. A general assembly of the Faculty and students of the Summer Session. Announcements by the Dean; addresses by members of the Faculty.

5. Within one week after registration, your study card, duly filled out, should be returned to the Recorder.

6. To obtain a certificate of record, showing the courses elected during the session and the grade attained in each, deposit a self-addressed stamped envelope with the Recorder at the close of the session, and a certificate will be mailed to you.


The Dean of the Summer Session will keep office hours daily, except Saturday, 11-12, Room 207, California Hall.

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[Application Form on reverse side]

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