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JAMES E. ADDICOTT, B.S., M.A., Principal of the Polytechnic High School,

San Francisco. MARY SCHENCK WOOLMAN, B.S., Acting Professor of Household Economics,

Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts. MATIE PEARL CLARK, Head of the Department of Home Economics, Oak

land Manual Training and Commercial High School. Maud I. MURCHIE, B.S., Director of the Household Arts Department, San

Jose State Normal School. MARY PARMELEE, Instructor of Sewing, Pasadena High School. GRACE E. ALLINGHAM, B.S., Instructor in Domestic Science, Oakland

Manual Training and Commercial High School. MARY E. VOORHEES, Instructor in Household Economics in the Summer

Session, JOSEPHINE BARCLAY, B.S., Instructor in Food Preparation, Long Beach

High School. AGNES A. CARPENTER, Director of the Department of Home Economics,

Santa Rosa High School. LILA O'NEALE, Assistant in the Household Arts Department, San Jose

State Normal School, HELEN L. MIGNON, B.S., Instructor in Industrial Arts, San Jose State

Normal School.

NorE.—No students will be admitted to the practice classes in Household Economics after the initial registration. In case the classes are crowded, preference will be given in order of application and previous preparation.


1. Foods. (Elementary Cookery.) Miss CLARK and Miss BARCLAY. A study of foods, their sources, their composition and their nutritive

value. Manufactured foods, marketing and field work. Preparation, cooking and serving of typical foods. Prerequisites: Ele

mentary physics and chemistry. Laboratory fee, $2.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F; Sec. 1, 8–10; Sec. 2, 10–12. *McKinley School.

* The McKinley School is on Haste street, near Telegraph avenue.

2. Foods. (General Cookery.)

Miss VOORHEES. General survey of foods. A study of manufactured foods, marketing,

practical dietetics, planning, preparation and serving of meals. Open to housekeepers and general students. No credit will be given for this course. Two hours laboratory work daily. Labor

atory fee, $3. M Tu W Th F, 10–12. *McKinley School. 3. Foods.

Miss CLARK and Miss ALLINGHAM. Advanced cookery. A study of recipes as to types and variations.

Experimental work with food materials and processes. Advanced dietetics; preparation of meals according to caloric value. Table setting and serving. Laboratory fee, $3.50. Prerequisites: Household Economics 1 or its equivalent, normal school course, and ele

mentary organic chemistry. 2 units. M Tu W Th F; Sec. 1, 8-10; Sec. 2, 10-12. *Berkeley High School. 4. Dietetics.

Miss CARPENTER. Cookery for the sick and convalescent. Infant feeding; practical

dietetics in health and disease. A careful study of the composition of foods, their nutritive values, digestibility and suitability to special diets. This course is planned primarily for nurses, but is open to others interested in the preparation of food for invalids. The consent of the instructor must be obtained before enrollment.

Laboratory fee, $3. 2 units. M Tu W Tn F, 2–4. *Berkeley High School. 5. Organization and Administration.

Miss CLARK. Courses of study in home economics for rural, elementary and sec

ondary schools; arrangement, content, correlation. Methods of
teaching. Special problems in presenting lessons. The last three
weeks of this course will be offered in conjunction with Manual

Arts 17. See page 95. 2 units.
M Tu W Th F, 11. *Berkeley High School.

DOMESTIC ARTS 6. Elementary Sewing.

Miss MURCHIE and Miss MIGNON. The fundamentals of hand and machine sewing in the construction of

such articles as aprons, underwear and simple dresses. Pattern manipulation emphasized. Hygienic and textile consideration of

*The McKinley School is on Haste street, near Telegraph avenue. The Berkeley High School is on Grove street and Allston way.

materials in selection of clothing. Value of dress. Students will

furnish material for garments. Fee, $1.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F; Sec. 1, 8-10; Sec. 2, 10-12. *Berkeley High School.

7. Advanced Sewing.

Miss PARMELEE and Miss O'NEALE. Applied principles of dressmaking. Simple drafting of garment pat

terns for fuller appreciation of commercial patterns. Materials for garments to be furnished by students. Prerequisite: Elemen

tary sewing of normal or university standard. Fee, $1.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F; Sec. 1, 1-3; Sec. 2, 3–5. *Berkeley High School.

8. Tailoring.

Miss PARMELEE. Drafting and making of tailored garments. Study of suitable mater

ials, from practical and commercial standpoint. Materials for garments to be furnished by the students. Prerequisite: Household

Economics 6 and 7. Laboratory fee, $1.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 8–10. *Berkeley High School.

9. Millinery.

Miss O'NEALE. The simple processes in millinery. Study of materials used. Making

of simple artistic trimmings, flowers, etc. Materials to be fur

nished by the students. Fee, $1.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 10–12. *Berkeley High School.

[blocks in formation]

NOTE.The detailed announcements of courses 10 and 11 have not yet been received from Mrs. Woolman as the bulletin goes to press. Course 10, however, will deal with the purchase and manufacture of textiles; woman as the consumer; hygiene; clothing budgets; and the social, industrial, and educational aspects of the subject.

Course 11 will include a consideration of the conditions among workers; trades, skilled and unskilled; wages; practical education in Europe and America; development of industrial intelligence; better living; and other industrial and social problems.

* The Berkeley. High School is on Grove street and Allston way.


John C. ROLFE, Ph.D., Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Uni

versity of Pennsylvania. OLIVER M. WASHBURN, A.B., Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology. MONROE E. DEUTSCH, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin.

11. Cicero's Essay on Friendship.

Dr. DEUTSCH. The Laelius will be carefully read and interpreted.

Open to all students who have completed the high school Latin course, and

to others by special permission of the instructor. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 11. 11 North Hall.

12. Roman Life and Society in the Days of the Early Empire.

Professor ROLFE. This course, consisting of a series of lectures together with private

reading, requires no knowledge of Latin. 1 unit. MW F, 9. 11 North Hall.

102. Roman Satirists.

Professor ROLFE. Reading in Horace, Persius, and Juvenal, accompanied by lectures.

2 units. M Tu W Th F, 8. 11 North Hall.

NOTE.-The detailed announcements of courses 12 and 102 have not been received from Professor Rolfe as the bulletin goes to press. Some revisions may be announced at the opening of the session.

S177. Life of Caesar.

Dr. DEUTSCH. Caesar's career will be studied from the sources; Suetonius' life will

be read in class, while selections from other Latin authors will be read privately. Papers will be prepared by members of the course, dealing with particular phases of Caesar's character, or periods of

his life. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 10. 11 North Hall.

S193. Virgil from the Monuments. Assistant Professor WASHBURN. Practical exercises in interpretation of select myths from the Trojan

cycle. Many of the Virgil stories can be studied in scores of ancient vase paintings, frescoes, sculptures, etc., for which the University now possesses ample illustrative material in its archaeological journals and monographs. The course should serve to enliven one's knowledge of the background of our author and, at the same time, be an introduction to the study of Classical Archaeology. A knowledge of elementary German will be useful

to the student in preparing bibliographies, etc. 1 unit. MWF, 11. 23 Library.

201. Seminar in Classical Archaeology. Assistant Professor WASHBURN. Roman coins of a selected period of the empire will be the basis of

work in acquiring some knowledge of seminary method. 1 unit. Tu Th, 11. 22 Library.

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