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ROBERT L. HENRY, Jr., J.D., B.C.L., Professor of Law and Dean of the

School of Law, University of North Dakota. MANLEY O. HUDSON, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Law, School of Law, Uni

versity of Missouri. John U. CALKINS, Jr., B.L., J.D., Lecturer in Law in the Summer Session.

The courses in law are offered to meet the needs of both the law student looking towards his law degree and of the teacher or general student desiring some knowledge of the common law or of a specific phase of the law. The work is given with practically the same thoroughness as is that of the law courses of the regular University session. The case method of work is used, although certain portions of the subjects are covered by lectures in order to give a complete view of the whole in the limited time. The course in administrative law may be taken with equal advantage by students of history, political science, and law. The course in commercial law is especially designed for those who are intending to follow a business career.

19. Commercial Law.

Dr. CALKINS. A consideration of the general principles of law governing contracts,

negotiable instruments, sales of personal property, agency, partnership. Students who are planning to take the professional course

in law are not advised ordinarily to take this course. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 8. 106 Boalt Hall of Law.

$111. The Law of Property, I. (Double Course.) Professor HUDSON. Rights in personal property; possession; acquisition of rights; transfer

of rights. Real property; nature and incidents of ownership; fixtures; waste; rights to air, support and water; easements; cove

nants. 4 units. M Tu W Th F, 9 to 11. 104 Boalt Hall of Law,

S203. Administrative Law.

Professor HENRY. Administrative power and action; discretion; form and proof of

official acts; notice; hearing and evidence; execution; relief against administrative acts; damages; specific relief; jurisdiction and

judicial control. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 10. 105 Boalt Hall of Law.

S243. The Law of Bankruptcy.

Professor HENRY. Jurisdiction of the United States and the states; who may be a bank

rupt; who may be petitioning creditors; acts of bankruptcy; what property passes to the trustee; provable claims; protection, exemp

tion, and discharge. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 11. 105 Boalt Hall of Law.


MARY E. ROBBINS, recently head of Simmons College Library School,

Boston, Massachusetts. Edith M. COULTER, A.B., B.L.S., Instructor in Reference Work in the

Summer Session. SYDNEY B. MITCHELL, M.A., Instructor in Bibliography in the Summer


This course is designed to offer a systematic outline of the essentials of library work. It will be of assistance chiefly to those having some experience in the work, but also offers an introduction to modern methods for those intending to enter the profession.

A limited number only can be admitted to the course, and those will be selected from the whole number of applicants with due regard to personal and educational qualifications and previous library experience. In order that selection may be made sufficiently early to allow accepted applicants necessary time for preparation, no application can be considered which is received subsequent to May 1, 1914. All applicants will be notified of the result of the selection on or before May 15, and those accepted should immediately fill out and file with the Recorder of the Faculties the blank form of Application for Admission which will be found in the back of this bulletin, in accordance with the general rules governing registration in the Summer Session. Note that this form should not be used for the initial application.

Only those students regularly registered for the library course may attend the classes; auditors cannot be accommodated.

The course offers both' instruction and practice work in each of the following subjects, to which time will be devoted as indicated:

1. Cataloguing and Classification, Including Shelf-listing. 30 periods. The essentials of the dictionary catalogue and of the decimal classi


2. Reference Work. 10 periods. The study of a selected list of reference books, with problems involving 3. Book Buying and Selection of Books. 8 periods. The study of the more important trade bibliographies and of printed

their use.

aids to book selection.

4. Loan Systems. 2 periods.

The comparative study of systems adapted to public library needs.

5. Binding and Repair of Books. 2 periods. Practical consideration of materials, methods and costs, illustrated

by a visit to the University bindery.

6. Library Buildings and Equipment. 3 periods. Consideration of the arrangement of shelving, furnishings and light

ing in a small public library.

7. California Library Law and Conditions. 2 periods.

Since the course is planned to fully occupy the student's time, no additional work, either in the University or elsewhere, should be attempted. Credit not to exceed six units may be granted for this course. Those who satisfactorily complete the entire course will receive certificates to that effect.

Textbooks and supplies may be purchased at the Library for about ten dollars ($10).


JAMES E. ADDICOTT, B.S., M.A., Principal of the Polytechnic High School,

San Francisco. GEORGE H. JENSEN, B.S., Instructor in Industrial Arts, Auburn High

School. HAROLD L. BOYLE, Instructor in Industrial Arts, San Jose State Normal

JAMES GEORGE, Assistant in Mechanics and Foreman of Iron Work.
GEORGE ECKERT Cox, Assistant in Mechanics and Foreman of Woodwork.
CLARA BARNHISEL, A.B., Instructor in Manual Arts in the Summer Session.
ALICE H. BRADT, A.B., Instructor in Applied Arts, Santa Barbara State

Normal School of Manual Arts and Home Economics.
LORAINE DERBY, Teacher in the Los Angeles Public Schools.
Hugh N. HERRICK, Assistant in Manual Arts in the Summer Session.

ELEMENTARY MANUAL TRAINING Correlation is the chief motive in the three courses of this group. Each project will be developed in its relation to the other subjects of the curriculum. Hand work will be taught as a eans of illustration for work in history, literature, geography, and numbers. There will be numerous expeditions to the shipping, wholesale, manufacturing and foreign quarters of the bay region, as well as to the museums, libraries, and parks. There will be exhibits of arts and crafts products, pictures and general school supples. Postcards will be shown and suggestions made for their use in education. Bibliography of the best reference material will be furnished. Students are requested to furnish their own scissors, rulers, and compasses.

1. Primary Hand Work.

Miss DERBY. A demonstration of the different lines of hand work best adapted to

use in the first, second, and third grades. Problems in paper folding, tearing, cutting, and pasting; weaving with paper, raffia, yarn, and rags. Special attention will be paid to sand table work and

its infinite possibilities. Laboratory fee, $2.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 8-10. *Berkeley High School. *The Berkeley High School is on Grove street and Allston way.

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